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Wallpaper beige shades are perfect for living room, bedroom or hallway Wallpapers of beige shades are perfect for living room, bedroom or hallway. Correctly selected design not only decorates the room, but also makes it more comfortable and cozy. It is also proved that the design of the room has a significant positive effect on human health. The choice of wallpaper color is one of the most important moments in determining the design of the room. In this case, the color and shade depends on the room - its dimensions, purpose, frequency of stay, etc. Considering all the factors, a competent designer will be able to pick the right color and pattern of wallpaper.

    • Beige wallpaper in the interior and their use
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Especially worth mentioning beige wallpapers. This pleasant "light" color allows you to create a pleasant atmosphere and improve the mood of the person staying there. They are suitable for almost any furniture and will allow to smooth obvious "screaming" and not fitting in the interior shades and shapes. Therefore, this color is one of the most common among designers and among manufacturers, which is not surprising - demand creates supply. Below, let's look at some of the nuances of creating interiors with wallpaper of this color( and its shades), as well as some nuances of combining beige with others.

Beige wallpapers in the interior and their use

Despite a number of advantages that beige wallpapers have, many consider them rather dull and boring. In this case, you can slightly dilute them with brighter tones, but for this you need to find out what wallpaper for walls are combined with beige color.

So we should highlight several variants of different colors that will harmonize in the interior with the main beige color.

This combination is perfect for an expressive interior. They allow you to make the room more dynamic, but do not get too carried away - black color should not be much and it should not prevail over beige. The best option is the option that black bars will act as shadows.

Beige wallpaper in the interior of the apartment will delight and refresh the room Beige wallpaper in the interior of the apartment will delight and refresh the room.

Allows you to create an interior in the style of baroque or classicism. In this case, the beige color is the background color of the wallpaper( the predominant one), and the golden color should be the patterns on the wallpaper. Then the golden patterns will beautifully shimmer in the sunlight, creating a romantic atmosphere in the room.

Some variants of design interiors include brown-beige wallpaper. In this case, the beige color prevails, and the brown one should emphasize this or that decor element. Often they are used for "inclusion" in the interior of furniture, for example, beige-brown color is suitable for decorating the walls of the sofa.

Have a calming effect on the human psyche, so use these shades is recommended for the decoration of bedrooms, children's rooms, rooms for rest and relaxation.

You can use beige-green colors to give the room a more natural natural "atmosphere".So light green will create a warm and bright atmosphere, and dark shades will create a sense of balance in the room.

Combination with shades of red

Interior with beige as main, and pink or red tones, as diluted, give an opportunity to create a romantic atmosphere indoors. But do not overuse these colors too much. They are best to allocate window openings( shading the room), various decor elements( furniture, etc.).

Wallpaper beige color can significantly increase the visual space of the room Beige wallpapers can significantly increase the visual space of the room

In the process of selecting furniture for the premises, preference is given to furnishing furniture with a light outer covering.

Beige, milky, peach and other colors are the best in beige wallpaper. At the same time, it is possible to furnish furniture with turquoise or blue( electric) shades to give a highlight to the interior.

What curtains are suitable for beige wallpaper

An important role in determining the interior design is defined by curtains that are used indoors. Curtains are an important element of the decor, which should carry a practical function - to close the windows from light and prying eyes. Therefore, it is important to choose the right curtains in the room with the main beige color of the walls.

When selecting curtains, one should follow personal preferences. However, there are some limitations that are set by the beige color of the wallpaper. So it is not recommended to buy curtains of too bright tones, for example, poisonous-yellow, bright-green and other colors.

Pick up curtains to wallpaper beige color is not difficult, because they are suitable for curtains of almost any light tones It is not difficult to choose curtains for beige wallpaper, because curtains of almost any light colors are suitable for them.

It is permissible to take curtains with patterns. The curtain pattern should not be too large and alabatic - a preference should be given to an easy and not eye-catching pattern.

Tulle is better to take a single-color soft tones. For not breaking the design of the room, tulle can be in a large strip. For example, with a curtain width of 80 cm, the best option would be large strips of 20 cm wide.

The appointment of a room plays a very important role in the selection of curtains. So the kitchen is better to make a bright and visually expand the space, using curtains of light pink or peach color. The same applies to the nursery, where soft colors of curtains should be used to make harmony. Living rooms and halls are also recommended to visually expand, using light colors. But "official" premises, such as a study, a reception room or a classroom, should be made more strict. For this use black, red, burgundy and other dark shades.

With which wallpaper beige wallpapers

are combined. If in the previous sections a combination of a single-colored beige color with other colors was considered, then we will consider a combination of drawings. So to give the room a more colorful and cozy look, you can use wallpaper with a texture.

Beige wallpapers perfectly combined with rich and vivid colors Beige wallpapers perfectly combined with rich and bright colors

Typically, the texture of the main( beige) wallpaper has neat and not attracting attention. The same should be followed when selecting a picture on other wallpapers.

However, we should not forget that it's too bad to rush to extremes too - too small a drawing( for example, small peas) will also look negatively against a background of monotonous beige color. The best option will be patterns that occupy about 80% of the total wallpaper area.

How to apply gray-beige wallpaper

Recently, when decorating studio apartments, designers began to actively apply gray-beige tones. Usually wallpaper in similar tones glue to the whole wall, often imitating Damascus and other Middle Eastern landscapes.

Under beige wallpaper is perfect for furniture brown Beige furniture is perfect for brown furniture

In order to make a room in this style it is recommended to use bright colors - bright red or bright yellow shades. It is better if these colors are used in furniture, small decor elements and accessories. Thus, the interior will look like a "Middle East" style.

You can also use wallpaper with medium-sized gray shades to dilute the beige background. The best option would be waves or snowflakes.

Beige liquid wallpaper in the interior( video)

In conclusion, we note that in order to harmonize the room, if the furniture has a color different from that of beige, decor elements with beige color( panels, pictures, photosWithin the framework, etc.).

Beige wallpaper in the interior( photo)