Water heater: flow water heaters for an apartment, how to choose a storage electric heater

The water heater, in addition to its basic function, can serve as an additional source of heat for the person during the off-season period The water heater, in addition to its main function, can serve as an additional source of heat for the inter-season period The water heater becomes more and more popular, replenishing the lack of heat at the time of switching off the central hot water supply. These devices provide citizens with the necessary amount of hot water. Affordable costs, low power consumption and easy installation make the equipment attractive.

    • Advantages and disadvantages of flowing water heaters for the apartment
    • Furnishing of the apartment: how to choose a water heater
    • Storage system: water heater
    • How does the DHW cylinder
    • work? Gas or electric: which water heater is betterBuy in a private house
    • Tips from experts: how to choose a boiler
    • How to choose the right water heater( video)

Inusa instantaneous water heaters for apartments

Periodic disconnection of hot water makes the water heater to get that help provide comfortable living conditions. Today there are several kinds of water heaters on the market: flow, storage, liquid and combined.

For backup use in apartment buildings, the flow water heater is ideal. It does not take much space and can provide the necessary heat, without waiting for a long heating.

Electric flow type heater:

  • Pressure;
  • Non-pressure variants.

Pressure cuts into a water pipe. Such a system can provide several sources of water analysis. Insert the device after the filter, providing a longer service life. The electric heater is able to heat the water to the required temperature within a few minutes.

The principle of operation is simple. Tap water from the pipe passes through the heated tan, heating to a certain temperature, and then enters the tap. At the same time, electricity is spent only at the moment of switching on.

Flow heaters for apartments have their advantages and disadvantages Heating flow heaters for apartments have their advantages and disadvantages

The pressure water heater requires separate wiring, or connection to electricity intended for an electric stove. Models can be single-phase 3 - 12 kW and three phase from 3 - 30 kW.

Non-pressure versions have less power, and only one point of parsing. They can be installed on walls near the faucet and connected with a hose to a water pipe.

The main advantages of flow devices:

  • Miniature dimensions;
  • Putting directly to water analysis, reducing heat losses;
  • Electricity consumption only when the crane is opened;
  • The economical price;
  • Instantaneous water heating.

These devices are equipped with water-tap valves and are used only with guaranteed water pressure, a bad pressure will disable the device.

Furnishing an apartment: how to choose a water heater flowing

Buying a flow-through water heater for an apartment, you need to pay attention to some features. You need to make sure of the necessary power. The device should heat water up to 40 degrees per 1 minute at a flow rate of 2 liters.

When choosing an electric heater, it is necessary to pay attention to the housing of the device. Negative external factors and the impact of detergents can spoil the appearance. Therefore, it is better to choose the device with a special protective layer.

The built-in anode will help extend the service life, which will protect the tan from scale.

When choosing a flow-through water heater, it is necessary to pay attention to its capacity Choosing a flow-through water heater, you should pay attention to its power

More expensive options are equipped with additional functions. Electric water heater can provide economic current consumption. For this, a special sensor is installed on it. With prolonged parsing, it reduces the head and temperature of the water.

The built-in thermostat allows prolonging the service life, preventing overheating of the device. The temperature accuracy sensor will allow you to regulate the required heat with an accuracy of 2 degrees. Such a device will allow you to take water procedures without fear of a temperature drop in the crane.

Correctly selected hot water prototypes can create the necessary comfort and save money for the owners.

Cumulative system: water heater

For permanent interruptions with hot water supply, it is better to buy a storage heating system.

Such devices are of 2 types:

  • Electric;
  • Gas.

The first option is more secure and does not require special permission. Connection is via an ordinary outlet.

Such designs are suitable for private houses without gas supply. They do not require reinforced wiring and are easy to install.

Electric boilers - the so-called sealed tank, with the inside of the heating element. Modern models are equipped with a thermostat that regulates the temperature. For maximum heat preservation the tank is protected by a layer of thermal insulation.

The storage heating system is of two kinds The heating storage system is of two types:

The hot water tank is connected to the mixer. Under pressure, the boiler is filled with water. Tan heats the water to a certain temperature and turns off. When water is analyzed, titanium is filled with cold masses. The heating is switched on automatically. Having typed the necessary temperature, the unit again is disconnected.

Manufacturers produce water storage appliances of various capacities. The parameters range from 5 to 120 liters. When purchasing the unit, it is necessary to take into account the required water consumption. To take a shower 1 person needs about 30 liters of water. Based on the number of people in the family, you can calculate the required volume of the boiler.

Advantages of the boiler:

  • Easy installation;
  • Connecting several sources of water;
  • Requires no additional wiring;
  • Security.

In a small apartment the installation of a volumetric tank may not be possible, therefore some are limited to small dimensions.

Principle of operation of flow-water heaters

Flow-through storage water heaters can operate from electricity or natural gas. In the design of the device there is a storage device that serves as a reservoir for the storage of hot water. If the flow rate increases, the flow heater is automatically turned on.

Some models require a separate electrical connection. Less powerful, plug into an ordinary outlet. The manufacturer produces a storage device from 5 to 30 liters. Such boilers are ideal for an apartment, when it is not possible to install a flow-through version due to the condition of the networks and there is simply no place for installing large titanium.

The principle of operation of flow-storage water heaters Operating principle of flow-water storage heaters

The electric storage heater has its advantages:

  • It is capable of operating in 2 modes;
  • Small size;
  • Simple installation;
  • Ease of operation.

For domestic needs or showering is the best solution. The prices for the water heater of the flow-cumulative type are very acceptable. Yes, and electricity will not be spent much.

Gas or electric: which water heater is best to buy in a private house

The private house allows you to supply more overall energy-saving heaters. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what kind of water-heater. Suitable electric boilers or gas options.

Gas appliances are of two types:

  • Flow rate;
  • Cumulative views.

Just buy a heater and install it will not work. It will be necessary to coordinate the possibility with special services, as well as install a chimney.

The gas column is operated by a burner, which maintains the required temperature at the outlet of the water. Modern models are equipped with an electric ignition and are started when the crane is opened. Watermelons are produced in different capacities: small, medium and maximum 28-30 kW.The more powerful the water heater, the more amount of hot water the user of the living quarters will get.

The gas column is an excellent choice for daily use of hot water Gas column is an excellent choice for daily use of hot water

The gas column is an economical choice for daily use of hot water. It does not take much space and will be an excellent solution for the private sector. The price depends on the power of the column, it is comparatively higher than the flowing electric version, but when operating it is obvious that there will be savings on gas fuel.

If we compare the storage options, gas boilers have great capacity. Therefore, making a choice between gas and electricity with equal access to energy resources, preference should be given to the first option. For example, a tank for 150 liters of gas heating design will bring to the desired temperature for an hour. Electro-boiler to cope with the task for 3 hours.

Which option of heating water to choose in a private house, the user decides on the basis of technical capabilities, and the number of family members.

Tips from specialists: how to choose a boiler

A boiler is a storage tank for storage of water. Dimensions vary from 3 to 300 liters. The heating tank is released for installation in a horizontal and vertical position. If the opportunity allows you to better choose the vertical option. It is more energy efficient.

Special attention should be paid to the material of the tank. Boilers with a steel coating are more reliable than stainless appliances. The best option - a titanium enamel or a tank of stainless steel, which will last a long time.

It is advisable to choose a model having a special core inside the system, a magnesium anode that protects the heater from corrosion. In some models, the tan is surrounded by a special bulb that does not allow water to touch, increasing the service life of the water heater.

The best version of the boiler material is titanium enamel or stainless steel tank The best version of the boiler material is titanium enamel or stainless steel tank

Before buying, you should pay attention to the reverse and safety valves. When the water is turned off, they will not leave the tank without liquid.

Some models are equipped with electronic control, and have memory and mind. Remember the preferences of users and automatically adjust the temperature, saving electricity.

Rating, which includes the best brands of manufacturers:

  • Ariston, an Italian company that produces more than 300 models of heating devices of various types;
  • Swedish manufacturer Timberk, famous for its quality and reliability;
  • German brand AEG, distinguished practicality, compactness, reliability;
  • Elektrolux, the most economical option in the ratio of price and quality.

How to choose the right water heater( video)

When choosing a water heater, you need to be guided by common sense. Too powerful option is not needed for backup use, at the same time for daily procedures attention should be stopped on more powerful and automated models. Yandex market can orient on the prices of water heaters to know what to build from.