Repair of washing machines with their own hands: how to disassemble the pump and repair, photo, how to repair the machine

All parts for repairing the washing machine can be bought in a specialized store or on the Internet All parts for repairing the washing machine can be bought at a specialized store or on the Internet. The days when the styalka was something inaccessible, the subject of everyday life, which not all could buy. Nowadays, a washing machine, a household item, is familiar, necessary and indispensable. Therefore, when the styralka breaks down, it is felt immediately, and it requires the fastest possible solution. In such a situation, it's understandable to call for help from a household appliance repair professional who will solve any problem, though, having spent a lot of money. And it is possible to disassemble and fix the stick itself. In order to facilitate this task, it is necessary to first understand the structure of the machine, and only then to repair it.

    • How to fix the washing machine: the device and the principle of operation
    • Instruction: how to disassemble the washing machine
    • Description of repairing the washing machine pump by yourself
    • Reasons for the breakdown and repair of the washing machine programmer
    • Tips: How to disassemble the automatic machine LG
    • Means for the prevention of the washing machine with their own hands
    • Repair of the washing machine Vestel with their own hands( video)
    • Examples of repairing washing machines(Photo)

How to fix the washing machine: the device and the principle of operation

The principle of the machine is quite simple. All automatic washing machines operate according to the same principle. They are different only in software and design. Stiralka Indesit, Desna, Atlanta machine gun or any other model consists of 20 knots.

The first thing to do is to accurately determine the breakdown of the washing machine and decide how to do repairs The first step is to accurately determine the breakdown of the washing machine and decide how to repair the


  • Valves for water;
  • Handles with which the program is installed;
  • Intake valves;
  • Hoses;
  • Stationary tank;
  • Detergent dispenser;
  • Suspension Springs;
  • Water level regulator;
  • Drum that rotates;
  • Teng;
  • Drive Belt;
  • Electric motor;
  • Pump;
  • Water collector;
  • Drain riser;
  • Exhaust hose;
  • Sunroof;
  • Latch for the hatch;
  • Seal of sunroof;
  • Feet.

The classics work just fine. First of all, water is pumped into the machine through the intake valve, in the right amount. Then, as the water level set by the regulator of the programmer is dialed, the valve closes. The next step is heating the water.

If there is no temperature sensor in the stylus, the heater switches off the timer.

Then the engine starts to function together with the heater. At the same time, it does not rotate at full power. At this point, the drum rotates at different time intervals in both directions. Further, the dirty water leaves by means of a pump and the drum is refilled. Then the electric motor starts and rinses the clothes at low speed. Then the electric motor is switched off, and again the water is pumped out. And finally, the electric motor operates at full capacity: the laundry is squeezed out. The pump is switched on during the entire wash cycle.

Instruction: How to disassemble the washing machine

When the instrument is prepared, you can start disassembling the home appliance at home. To perform self-analysis of front-loading washing machines, you will need tools.

To disassemble the washing machine, it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with its design To disassemble the washing machine, it is worthwhile to first familiarize yourself with its design


  • Plus screwdriver;
  • Minus screwdriver;
  • Wrenches for 19, 8 and 9;
  • Clamps for clamping yokes;
  • Standard pliers;
  • Combination pliers;
  • Bent long pliers.

Disassembly is performed in order. The first thing to do is to remove the panel from the top. Using a positive screwdriver, unscrew the screws holding the top panel. The next step is to dismantle the control panel by removing the detergent dispenser. Then, unscrew the 2 bolts holding the distributor and move the left side of the control panel to 90 °.Further, it is necessary to disengage the electrical panel from the mounting pawl.

It is necessary to apply the service hook in order to expand the electrical panel by 180ᵒ, and hang the panel on the side of the stylalk wall.

Next, you need to remove the service panel, open the hatch, remove the clamp using a screwdriver, remove the cuff and remove the center panel. The central panel is dismantled together with the window of the machine and the hatch lock connector is disconnected. Next, using pliers, you need to remove the hose from the hatch cuff, yoke, cuff. Assembly must be carried out strictly in reverse order.

Description of repairing a washing machine pump by one's own hands

One of the often failing accessories of a washing machine is a pump( drain pump).To start repairing the styralka, you should prepare the pump in a specialized store, and drain the remaining water from the machine. This is done quite simply.

It is recommended to clean the pump of the washing machine regularly and to replace parts that are subject to wear

To drain the water from the non-working washing machine, it is necessary to twist the drain hose and lower its end into the low basin so that the hose level is below the stick of the washer.

As a result, the water comes out of the washing machine almost completely. After the non-working pump is removed, it is necessary to put in its place the item purchased in the store, collect the styralka in the reverse order, and check the operation of the unit.

The following procedure should be followed:

  • Unscrew the pump filter cover;
  • Remove all contaminations;
  • Twist the drain pump.

So it is not difficult to repair the machine Gorenje( Gorenje), Vestel, Rheinford or another model yourself. It is important to pick up the pump to your model of the machine, you can call the company and find the necessary detail, the master will always tell you.

Reasons for the breakdown and repair of the programmer of washing machines with their own hands

The programmer is one of the main components in the styalka, which is responsible for selecting the desired washing mode. This part is also called a control device or a timer, it is used in most machine washers and looks like a forward-facing round handle on the control panel that switches programs.

A failure of the control device can occur due to the following reasons:

  1. 1 of the control unit and the programmer failed, including.
  2. During the run, the program gets bogged down, the time is not what was selected.
  3. In some models of styaroks, the external indicator of breakage can be the flashing of all indicators on the control panel.

If you do not have the experience of repairing the programmer, it is better to seek help from specialists If you do not have the experience of repairing the programmer, it is better to ask for help from

. The commander, despite its reliability, can also fail after 10 years of operation. The main reason, which is called professionals, improper maintenance and poor handling of household appliances. So, for example, if during the washing period, the toddler will turn the knob, then because of this the commander may break. Also the part may break due to power surges.

In addition, penetration of water into the part can also cause damage.

Well, marriage is not excluded when creating an element. Repair should begin with the correct disassembly of the part. The problem is that each model has its own nuances. Consider the features of the disassembly of the command-and-control apparatus by the example of Ariston's styralki. It is necessary to remove and disassemble the programmer. When the lid is removed, you can see the card under it, it needs to be removed. Then you need to check the gears and, if there is garbage, remove it. If there are burnt elements or tracks on the board, they will need to be re-routed. If there are no burnt places, then we need to take a multimeter and measure the resistance on the contacts of the board, something, yes, there is. Next, you need to remove the gears and get the core motor. Then you should see if all the elements are intact, wipe the device with alcohol and collect in reverse order.

Professionals do not recommend repairing the Miele or Siemens programmers on their own. And in Gorenie washers there are controllers with soldered control board. Repair in this case should master.

Tips: how to disassemble the machine machine LG

The first thing to do is remove the cover from the top of the stylalki. This is not difficult, you have to twist the 2 screws at the rear of the unit. Next, you need to remove the panel from the bottom of the stylalki, it stands on the latches and is simply removed. Then, the control panel is removed. It is bolted, which is located under the detergent tray.

The panel must be hung on the hook or put on top of the unit.

To disassemble the machine LG, you need to unscrew the fasteners To disassemble the machine machine LG, you need to unscrew the fasteners

Next, you need to remove the front panel along with a door for loading. Then remove the cuff, unscrew the screws and remove the hatch. The next step removes the back wall. You just need to unscrew the bolts. Next, disconnect the water heater, the wires from the motor. From the tank you have to twist the counterweights and dampers - and that's it, he's ready to leave the stylalko.

To remove the tank, you must disconnect:

  • Hoses pressure switch;
  • Hose coming from the powder receptacle;
  • Inlet hose;
  • Drain connection.

You can then take care of removing the engine. The principle of operation is the same. Assembly should be carried out in the reverse order. In principle, you can learn to parse independently, but if you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to contact the workshop.

Means of prophylaxis of the washing machine with their own hands

To prevent the machine from breaking for a long time, prevention must be carried out. In general, labor costs for the systematic cleansing stiralki from scale and dirt are not so big and, in fact, do such work 2-3 times per 12 months very easily. Especially if you consider that this will save you from the costs of repairing the washing machines or, worse, from buying new home appliances. As for the impoverish, there is not much prevention.

In order for the washing machine to last a long time, it is sometimes covered with citric acid or a special remedy to washing machine served for a long time, it occasionally necessary to fill citric acid or special means

Experts identify 3:

  1. Mitigating water - buy a special flask, which will act as a filter, Filled with salts. It is worth it is not cheap and this method works only if you start using it right away, as the machine will be installed.
  2. Cleaning the filter of the washing machine. Systematically it is necessary to clean the filter, it will relieve of an unpleasant smell and from a dirt.
  3. Descaling. It is necessary to start the machine, having previously poured into it a special remedy for scale or citric acid.

Repair Vestel washing machine with his own hands( video)

Before cleaning is best to consult with a specialist. Prevention is effective if performed regularly. As can be seen, repairs can be carried out independently, but as already noted, if there is no confidence in their abilities, it is better to trust professionals.

Examples of repair washing machines( photo)