Wardrobe room in the house: furniture in private, at home, photo how to do it yourself, in the cottage

Many people dream about the dressing room, especially women, because it is really very convenient and practical Many people dream about the wardrobe room, especially women, because it is really very convenient and practical. There are many ways to arrange a convenient and reliable storage system. The most convenient way is still considered a dressing room. Do not think that the dressing room is the prerogative of exceptionally luxurious large houses. Even a very modest footage is enough to make a cozy dressing room for the whole family.

      • How to use a dressing room in a private house
      • Choose furniture for a dressing room
      • Dressing room in a wooden house
      • How to make a dressing room at home
      • Make a dressing room in the house( video)
      • Design of a dressing room in a private house( interior photo)

Why do I need a wardrobe in a private house

In most cases, people do not think about the advantages of a wardrobe in front of a standard systemThe theme of storage from cabinets and chests of drawers. However, there are many advantages!Read them so that your motivation for creating a dressing room was sufficient. Only the anticipation of a beautiful and comfortable dressing room will make you show maximum effort and effort to make the dressing room really wonderful!

  • In contrast to the closed storage system( cabinets and chests of drawers) in the dressing room it is easy to find things, inspect themAnd distribute in the right order.
  • The dressing room, taking up no more space, is able to accommodate more items, since storage goes from floor to ceiling, and also occupies all the niches without a remainder, because the design takes place according to the individual dimensions of the room or part of it.
  • In the dressing room you can place not only things themselves, but also related items. Often in the dressing rooms you can find a washing machine, dryer, ironing board and the like. Thus, the rest of the house will be free from red tape with clothes and linens.
  • You can choose the design of the dressing room, as well as its contents, independently, which will allow you to enter the room both in your style at home and in your principles of storage of things.

The dressing room is much more convenient than the cabinets and chests of drawers.

We choose furniture for the dressing room

Furniture for the wardrobe is chosen strictly individually, unlike other rooms, the content of which differs little from home to house. Cloakroom is an intimate zone of a person, where his individual characteristics and needs manifest.

For the dressing room you can buy ready-made stuff, but it For the cloak room you can buy ready-made stuff, but it's much more reasonable to think out your own needs and order all items according to your sketch.

The filling of the dressing room depends on the following factors:

  1. Number of people who use the dressing room. The more users, the more and the place is occupied by the dressing room. It is desirable for each person to have his own area in the dressing room.
  2. Gender and age of those who use the room. On this depends the number and size of mirrors, the presence or absence of children's storage systems and other small things.
  3. The size of the house and the number of functions that the wardrobe room must fulfill. If for some people the dressing room is simply a shelf behind a curtain, then for others - a separate room, necessary for personal care and things.
  4. The style in which the house is executed. It's great if all rooms are united by one style decision or at least echoing directions that rhyme in a single composition, harmonious and correct.

Before you start designing a wardrobe room project, reflect on the above factors.

Depending on the characteristics of your home and family structure, the dressing room can be of different size and configuration.

The following items and wardrobe elements can be placed in the dressing room:

  • hangers;
  • boxes;
  • open shelves;
  • rods;
  • special compartments for ties, belts and other accessories;
  • organizers for small items;
  • dressing table;
  • mirror;
  • washer;
  • dryer;Ironing board and iron;
  • ;
  • sports equipment.

Sometimes the functionality of the dressing room is expanded with an exercise bike or any other sports equipment. The presence of a large mirror and a small amount of free space allows you to perform sports exercises without interfering with anyone and concentrating on the process.

Wardrobe in a wooden house

A wooden house outside the city is a place where you can relax with your body and soul, so all the components of the house should be pleasant to use, beautiful and comfortable. The exception is not a dressing room.

In addition to quality eco-friendly shelves and cabinets, in the dressing room it is advisable to think over the ventilation system and special lighting In addition to quality eco-friendly shelves and cabinets, it is advisable to design a ventilation and special lighting system in the dressing room.

The dressing room in a wooden house can be made in accordance with the following principles:

  1. Environmentally friendly. For a wooden house a special charm is the naturalness of all materials used to create an interior. Therefore, the dressing room, executed in the best principles of eco-style, will nicely complement the style of the house.
  2. The lower part of the dressing room is reserved for the placement of shoes, the middle part is the largest for actual clothes and linen, and the uppermost shelf under the ceiling is given to things stored before the onset of their season. Such a system will make the best use of space. All questions concerning the arrangement of the dressing room mainly concern the middle part.
  3. Be sure to consider the light in the dressing room so that each corner can be seen without tension. This is important, because in the dressing room there are no "unimportant" sections of the room.
  4. If your closet is closed with a door or a thick curtain, then ensure that it is well ventilated so that things have a fresh smell and dries quickly, if this is implied in your storage system.

For a wooden house, try to choose natural materials and take care of good ventilation.

How to make a dressing room at home

Arrange the dressing room yourself - it's easy!After all, the dressing room consists of components that are easy to assemble with their own hands.

The dressing room will help you not only to lay down your things comfortably, but also bring a lot of positive emotions The wardrobe room will help you not only to lay down your things comfortably, but also bring a lot of positive emotions.

There are 2 basic ways to arrange a dressing room:

  • Currently, many shops that sell goods for home, Are also engaged in accessories for wardrobes. If you have the spirit to independently design a dressing room, then you can use the services of different stores of goods for the house.
  • You can also use the services of designer-designers who will design a dressing room and will transfer the sketch to the skillful hands of the collectors who will make furniture for the dressing room at your request.

You can make a dressing room yourself or use the services of professionals, saving your strength and patience.

To make a cloakroom yourself, use the following tips:

  1. It is better to store underwear in a drawer at least 1 m above the floor.
  2. With a wardrobe room you can place 2 bars, one above the other!This is suitable for short things.
  3. Drawers do not have a level higher than 120 cm. This will be convenient for positioning things.
  4. Do not place the upper bar higher than 2 meters from the floor. Otherwise, you will have difficulty using the barbell.
  5. Do not allocate too much storage space for shoes. A long narrow shelf on the lower tier will exhaust your needs for storing shoes. It is better to take out shoes that are not top-of-season in the box and hide them further away.
  6. If you have many accessories, then take care of their distribution.

Making a dressing room in the house( video)

The dressing room in your house or cottage is beautiful. Its location can vary depending on the needs, as well as on the style of the house. The curtain will be ideal for Scandinavian style, and for the oriental one - a sliding door. Any style can find its embodiment in a comfortable dressing room!

Design dressing room in a private home( interior photo)

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