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Any hallway can be made unique if you approach the issue of design with fantasy Any hallway can make a unique, if we approach the issue of design with fantasy Repair even a small entrance hall can become a huge problem. After all, the entrance hall meets and escorts guests, and its interior can be safely called the "face" of a house or apartment. Creating a unique repair in the hallway is not such a difficult task, the main thing is to approach this case with the mind and then everything will turn out exactly.

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interior design hallway

Interior hallway, as well as the entire apartment should sochetatXia of colors and styles, or turn the whole room knows what, and only confuse their views. Design in the house must be selected carefully, so do not rush.

Each season dictates its own rules for design design, so that not to chase after novelties every year and do not re-do everything several times, it is better to lean towards the choice of a classic interior that never goes out of style.

The hallway should be easy to clean The hall should be easy to do the cleaning

For example, it is important to comply with certain rules when you make an entrance hall interior design:

  • necessary to choose water-resistant materials and furniture( cork is not suitable, for example, the floor is betterMake of tiles);
  • Another important aspect is the ease of cleaning( the importance of this point is clear and without further explanation);
  • Strength of materials that can withstand even mechanical stresses;
  • Use only environmentally friendly materials( this item is also relevant for the repair of all rooms, not just the hall or the nursery).

Start design better from the ceiling. In the hallway, do not load it with all sorts of tiers and textures, it is best if the ceiling is laconic and modest. An excellent solution will be the choice of a conventional white hinged or stretched ceiling. Installation of such ceilings requires some time and professional skills, but their durability and durability are worth it. Do not neglect the choice of ceiling type, as well as its color, because usually an anteroom of small sizes, and therefore hide the flaw in this room is not so easy.

Interior hallway in the apartment:

color scheme Hallway capable of hitting the guests and create a first impression about the house, so there is every detail from the ceiling and down to the smallest of shelves. After the ceiling is already installed, you need to start decorating the walls. In this issue, there are certain rules and recommendations. As with the design of the whole house, and the hallway, it is better to choose monochrome and not bright colors.

A fashion trend is the combination of several colors in the finish Fashion trend is the combination of several colors in the decoration

So, the most suitable for the finishing of this room fit the following colors:

  • White;
  • Gray;
  • Black;
  • Beige;
  • Sand.

All these colors can create a foundation that you can decorate with the most incredible details. In the last season, the actual design of the walls is a different combination. You can mix as wallpaper of various colors, as well as a variety of finishing materials.

For example, you can decorate the bottom of the walls with decorative tiles or panels, and cover the top part with wallpaper.

Tiles or panels will provide additional strength to the walls, and protect them from possible mechanical influences. Covering the wallpaper for the walls in the hallway is actual and current, which can not be said about the living rooms and bedrooms, here the designers advise painting the walls. Also the last squeak is the installation of panels for walls that mimic a wooden covering, or resemble raw materials simulating a stone covering, concrete or brick.

Interior of the hallway in the house: we make accents

Any interior, both in the hallway and in any other room should not be boring. Monochrome walls will be much more profitable to look, if they decorate with some interspersions, which will add an extra charm and become the very highlight. The colors of the impregnations should also be taken into account and not rush into the whirlpool with the head, decorating the walls with acid colors.

Make the hallway lighter will help additional lamps on the ceiling Additional light fixtures on the ceiling will help to make the entrance light more

The following colors are most suitable for creating inclusions:

  • Pink;
  • Lavender;
  • Scarlet;
  • Green;
  • Blue.

It is the inclusions of such colors that will give freshness and uniqueness of the hallway and will certainly surprise and please the guests. It is worth noting that the most fashionable color for the design of halls and hallways is black and white, but it should be remembered that such an interior must be "diluted" with bright details in order to give it relevance.

Often there is very little light in the hallway, so this fact should also be taken into account and installed with sufficient light on the ceiling.

You can also increase the lighting by an additional installation of sconces. Floor or corner lamps should not be chosen, as they will occupy additional space, which is in short supply. In addition, if the apartment has pets, then installing floor lamps is unprofitable, since they can easily knock down and break this part of the interior.

Practicality of interior design of the hallway in the apartment

When decorating the hallway design, it is necessary to take into account the floor covering. After all, often the floors in the hallway are deformed because of their minimal resistance to mechanical damage, which can be caused by shoes, heavy bags, strollers and the like.

The floor in the hallway should be chosen with high resistance to mechanical damage and abrasion The floor in the hallway should be chosen with high resistance to mechanical damage and abrasion.

The main requirements for the finishing materials of the flooring are:

  • Moisture resistance;
  • Pollution resistance;
  • Resistance to mechanical damage.

The most advantageous solution will be the choice of tiles as a floor covering.

It is of two basic types:

  • Ceramic;
  • Stone.

In which of the types to stay is a matter of individual preferences. They are very similar in properties. The floor covering from ceramic or from a stone tile will perfectly be entered both in a classical interior, and in practically in any other design decision.

It is worth noting that this coating is not only beautiful and durable, it is also very durable, and caring for it does not take much time and effort.

Many of the designers recommend also installing a laminate flooring. However, this coating does not differ in its moisture resistance, and if you forget to wipe the spilled tea, it will easily absorb into the surface, which will lead to its swelling. But even for such a case, its own solution has been invented, some of modern designers suggest combining laminate with a stone coating. At first glance it is difficult to imagine what it can lead to, but if the zone at the entrance is laid out with a stone, and the rest of the cover is of the same color as the laminate, it will look very stylish.

Do not forget about the flooring, it is also perfect for the floor in the hallway. Of course, the parquet has the same disadvantage as the laminate, but do not forget about the principle of combining, it is perfect for parquet. It should be remembered that with such combinations it is necessary to choose as close as possible the tones and texture of both coatings, otherwise there may be a complete nonsense.

Perhaps the most recent trend is considered to cover the floor with a 3D image. Such a coating can give a relief to the floor covering and, if necessary, visually reduce or enlarge the room. Such a floor covering can be made and made to order with an individual pattern, which will be the only one of its kind. Maybe a kind of outdoor photo gallery.

Interior items for the hallway

In the interior of any room is important not only the design of walls, ceiling, flooring, but also interior items that will give completeness. Unfortunately, many design solutions and projects assume the presence of a huge hallway, where you can arrange a small sofa, and all kinds of shelves for shoes and clothes hangers. But if you take into account the actual size of the room, which are found in the average apartment, then the main requirement is the maximum versatility and roominess of furniture.

A convenient and roomy closet is a necessary element of the hallway Convenient and roomy cabinet is a necessary element of the hall

With a small hallway, chic design solutions may not be suitable, but with the proper imagination, you can create a very cozy and comfortable room with minimal furniture and other decorations, becauseShow all the beauty of the hallway, you can not only decorating it with sofas and soft poufs.

So, in order to create a refined style of the hallway and at the same time save space, it is necessary to install the following furniture:

  • Cabinet( not wide, the main thing is that there are departments for shoes for clothes hangers, the remaining space can be adapted for storing cleaningMeans for clothes, shoes, umbrellas);
  • Bench( can be installed on the opposite side of the cabinet, it can be supported when training);
  • Rug( required to absorb droplets from the shoe and to delay debris directly at the door).

Wall mirror( it can be installed on one of the doors of the cabinet and beat, for example, stylize it under the window - it will be very stylish).

Beautiful halls: interior, furniture and decoration ( video)

As it turned out, decorating the interior in the hallway and making it unique is not so difficult. The main thing to remember is that any design decision does not have to be kept to the smallest detail, you can choose the best from it and implement it.

interior hallway in an apartment( Photo Design)