Curtains for the bedroom: beautiful curtains on the eyelets, photo short to the window sill, curtains with their own hands

Curtains are an integral part of decorating rooms Curtains are an integral part of the decoration of rooms No room in the apartment can not do without curtains. Especially it concerns residential rooms, such as a living room, bedroom. Choosing curtains in the bedroom has a lot of nuances, because this room is designed for sleep and rest. Therefore, its design should contribute to the most comfortable pastime. How to choose attractive curtains that will help to relax - read below.

    • Curtains and curtains: types
    • Short curtains in the bedroom to the window sill: photo
    • Choose curtains in the small bedroom
    • How to make curtains in the bedroom with your own hands
    • How to choose curtains for the bedroom(Video)
    • Design of beautiful curtains on the eyelets to the bedroom( photo in the interior)

Curtains, curtains and curtains: types

Curtains - this is the general name for the lengths of fabric that adorn the window. In order to approach the choice of paintings in the bedroom, you need to understand what models exist for today, and how they differ.

A variety of models of curtains will emphasize the style of the room The variety of curtain models will allow to emphasize the style of the room

So, modern manufacturers offer the following curtains:

  1. Curtains are light curtains of simple cut. Most often, this word refers to straight fabrics of fine fabrics, simple short curtains, threaded decorative items. Use such curtains is possible only if the window is also curtained by a shading element or has shutters blocking the path to sunlight.
  2. The curtains of will be an excellent addition to light curtains. Curtains are tight, shadow curtains made of fleecy( velvet, chenille) and light( cotton, linen, taffeta) materials that hold sunlight.
  3. Curtains are used with a decorative function: they do not block the light, but only slightly dissipate it. Most often, tulles are used to make curtains. As additional to such curtains, you can pick up heavy curtains.

The designer advises to combine light curtains with more dense and heavy, to create a cozy and finished interior. As for color, then it is better to combine colors that are on the color wheel next to each other: they will not irritate the eye and excite the psyche. It will be better if you give up saturated red cloths that excite the nervous system. A combination of black and white is considered classic.

Short curtains in the bedroom to the window sill: photo

Short curtains are gaining more recognition each year: they are practical, look modern and attractive. It is the short curtains used in bedrooms with a balcony, because such curtains open access to windows and radiators of heating.

Short curtains do not cover heating devices Short curtains do not cover the heating devices

The optimal curtains are the length to the window sill or the models that make up ¾ of the window height.

The choice of short curtains in the bedroom depends on the style in the interior, the color design of the room. So, for modern bedrooms in the style of minimalism, straight curtains are suitable. Colors, while it is better to choose monochrome, and materials - natural.

Roman curtains can be used as shadow curtains for the bedroom. At the same time, they should be either lighter or darker than decorative ones.

For rustic-style bedrooms, the best option will be curtains on the eyelets. It is better if they are with tack and more flounces. As for colors, you can choose as monochrome models of natural shades( for example, green curtains, olive or yellow curtains), and curtains with prints. For classical bedrooms and rooms in the style of the shebbi-chic, a curtain with a lambrequin decor is suitable. In this case, the element itself can be both from tulle and lace.

An interesting option will be curtains with photo printing, which are suitable for thematic bedrooms.

Photo-blinds can have a diverse embodiment: to be located on the cornice and to mask the window, creating the appropriate atmosphere, or to cover only the glass part, creating the illusion of the landscape outside the window.

Choosing curtains in a small bedroom

Choosing curtains in a small bedroom has a lot of nuances associated with visual perception of the dimensions of the room. So, for example, in a small bedroom it is not necessary to select burgundy curtains, which visually make the room even smaller. Especially it concerns those rooms in which there is a lack and natural lighting( for example, bedrooms that go to the north side).

Narrow curtains visually increase the height of the ceiling Narrow curtains visually increase the height of the ceiling

In addition, designers recommend when choosing curtains in a small bedroom:

  • Do not choose dark curtains for small windows. This will give the impression of a black hole in the wall that will divide it, visually cutting the area.
  • Do not select narrow models. It is better if the curtains are wide, from one wall to another: this will visually increase the space.
  • Do not choose multi-layer models with an abundance of decorative elements that will overload the interior. If you like draperies, then it's better to choose oblique and asymmetrical curtains, which can be placed in one of the corners of the window.
  • Discard the curtains in a fine drawing. Minor details will visually "eat" the area.
  • Choose either monochrome curtains in a vertical strip, or dilute a plain cloth with curtains of a different color. In this case, you need to look at a combination of shades: curtains of two colors should be selected, relying on the location of shades in the color spectrum.

You can decorate sufficiently reserved monochrome curtains if you hang on a cornice a bead composition on a beaded wire or threads of different length. In order to create a harmonious interior, you can choose to tone the curtains of the bedspread.

How to make curtains in the bedroom with your own hands

Beautiful curtains in the bedroom can be sewn without professional help, most. To do this, you need to determine the type of the future product, choose the right color and material. It is better for beginners to choose short curtains for sewing. How to sew models with flounces can be viewed on specialized sites. In order to sew multi-piece products, you will have to manufacture each section separately and then connect the elements. For the work of lambrequins it is better to choose a variety of tulles, veils.

Tight curtains in the bedroom allow you to enjoy a long sleep on a day off Tight curtains in the bedroom allow you to enjoy a long sleep on a day off

The most important thing in tailoring your own curtains is to correctly calculate the amount of material and make a pattern for the future product.

So, in order to calculate the amount of fabric for simple single-section curtains, the length of the cornice should be multiplied by 1.5, for complex products with flounces - by 3.5.For sewing direct curtains with drapery it will be sufficient to take the fabrics based on the length of the cornice and the processing of slices.

The material should be cut with a margin of 100-150 mm on the sides and 300 mm in length.

It is better to use chalk or laundry soap to mark the cutting lines. The markings should be carried out on a flat surface. Before you start the machine line, the fabric is advised to iron out and place the seams with a thread: this will make a smooth seam.

How to choose bedroom curtains( video)

Curtains play an important role in any design: they can emphasize the style of the interior, visually adjust the space. Using the above recommendations, you can easily pick up the finished products, or create your own, attractive models that will perfectly harmonize with the design of the room. Interesting ideas for creativity you can draw from the presented photo selection, specialized magazines, and ready-made novelties - found in the catalogs of famous manufacturers.

Design beautiful curtains on the grommet into the bedroom( the photo in the interior)