How to choose curtains for the interior of the photo: the right color for the room, under which the curtains, header and straw

Correctly selected curtains will help to emphasize the design of the room Properly chosen blinds will help to emphasize the design of the room designers in one voice say, that the curtains have a crucial role in the interior of modern apartment. It really is!After all, it is textile that gives the design of the premises a finished appearance. Properly selected curtains are able to unite all parts of the interior. Today we will tell you how to choose the right curtains for the interior of a particular style, and also reveal some secrets of successful combinations of colors.

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Beneath curtains that pick

So as curtains play a crucial role in the final form of the interior, It is very important to know what exactly they are picked up. After all, how well the window opening is properly designed, depends on how harmoniously the room looks.

It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally. After all, many factors can influence the curtain of the curtains.

Curtains should be harmoniously combined with the style of the interior curtains should be in harmony with the style of the interior

Factors influencing the selection of curtains:

  1. interior style. A very important factor in the selection of curtains is a style of interior spaces, you must understand that in the English room will fit the metal shutters, and the French curtains or does not decorate a modern hi-tech.
  2. Colors used to decorate the room. The color of the room also plays an important role. Curtains should be combined with every shade present in the room.
  3. Technical characteristics of the room. Do not forget when selecting curtains to take into account the moisture, temperature and pollution level of the room. It should be understood that for the kitchen and the living room you need to consider completely different options.

These are the three main factors that you need to pay attention to when choosing curtains for your interior. If you neglect at least one of them, then the design of your apartment will look unprofessional, tasteless and even ridiculous.

A little about how to choose the right curtains: choose the colors

The color of curtains plays a very important role. Parteres should be combined in color with other parts of the interior, or be a bright spot. In the second case, they will need to be supplemented with one bright piece of furniture or cushions of saturated color.

Gray drapes on the windows look stylish and unusual Gray curtains on the windows look stylish and unusual

Also, choosing the color of curtains, must take into account the degree of brightness of the room. For rooms with windows facing the sunny side, curtains of cool shades will suit, and for dark rooms it is better to pay attention to warm tones.

Universal shades are considered neutral. They are combined with any colors, and fit into all the interiors.

What curtains are neutral:

  1. All shades of white perfectly fit into modern and practical interiors. These colors include pearl, milky, snow and cream. Beige curtains can also be called universal. They perfectly match all existing colors. The most successful combination is brown and beige "coffee with milk."
  2. Gray curtains with the right combination look stylish and informal. Grayscale includes graphite, wet asphalt, metallic, etc.
  3. Despite the fact that the black color is quite active, it fits perfectly with all colors and fits into all the interiors.

If you do not know which color is right for your interior, choose one of the neutral shades. Thus, you will not spoil the design of the room.

Curtains for the color of the walls look stylish and unusual. This method is most suitable for small rooms, because it visually expands the space. You do not have to choose curtains of the same shade as the walls you can look at darker or lighter models. Also, it is not forbidden on such curtains unobtrusive ornament, it should not be very different from the background color.

Curtains for the color of the interior make room space simply limitless. Such rooms are usually decorated in different shades of the same color. You can play with this option of finishing the apartment. However, it is important not to overdo it and not to turn an apartment into a monotonous dull spot.

Contrast curtains will become a bright spot of your room. Such a design move will revive the room, making it less boring. However, it is very important that bright color curtains complement small textile or decorative elements.

Multicolor designs are usually made from transparent fabrics. For this method you need to purchase a multi-tier cornice. Shades of curtains should be combined with each other. For example, a combination of white and blue curtains is considered a successful combination.

Materials curtains or blinds to choose the interior

Also of considerable importance in the interior playing material from which sewed curtains. Here you need to consider not only the style of the room, but also its functional purpose.

Transparent fabric curtains gives the interior ease and allows you to enjoy the view from the window Transparent fabric curtains gives the interior a light and allows you to enjoy the view from the window

Fabrics can be light and heavy, dense and transparent, simple and specially coated. All these factors need to be considered when designing the window opening.

Types curtains tissues:

  1. Tulle, organza, chiffon and veil look air and easily. These fabrics are translucent, and therefore add space to the space. Such options are acceptable for the living room or children's room.
  2. Satin and silk curtains add to the interior of grace. These options are most appropriate in the bedroom or living room.
  3. velvet, brocade and jacquard curtains fit perfectly in classic interiors of libraries, living rooms and bedrooms.
  4. Linen, satin, wood, cotton and straw curtains look very environmentally friendly. Such curtains are an ideal solution for children's rooms.
  5. Plastic and metal are suitable for decorating kitchens. They are resistant to adverse factors in the form of high humidity and temperature changes and are very well cleaned.
  6. The header is suitable for decorating the window opening of any room, except the kitchen.

Fabrics curtains also need to choose according to the style of the interior. So for the provence are characteristic flax and chintz variants, and modern hi-tech prefers plastic and metal.

How to choose curtains in rooms with different style

Depending on the style of interior to choose the form and kind of curtains. Here you need to approach each room individually.

Curtains should complement the general idea of ​​design of a premise, instead of to be looked on by themselves Curtains should complement the general idea of ​​the design space and not look themselves

Laconic modern interiors well with blinds, Roman blinds and Japanese. They look minimalist and very easy to use.

Romantic styles such as Provence or Country prefer plain curtains made of natural materials. For such designs are typical curtains with checkered or floral prints without excessive decor.

Classic interiors can not do without the pretentiousness and pomposity, so for such facilities should choose heavy curtains with lots of pleats and plush lambrequins.

Classic interiors have many subspecies. However, all of them are characterized by an accentuated luxury.

The easiest option, which fits all interiors are ordinary long curtains with a few straight folds. By choosing the right color and pattern, you can no doubt be able to fit such a model into your room.

designer Answer: how to pick up drapes to the interior( video)

Blinds in the interior play is very important. They give the room a finished look design, combining all the elements into one. It is very important to take into account all factors when choosing curtains!

Examples: how to choose curtains for the interior( photo ideas)