Curtains in country style: photos in a rustic style, curtains in a cage on the cottage, on the kitchen window with chic with lace

Make the interior cozy and beautiful with elegant country-style curtains Make the interior cozy and beautiful with elegant country-style curtains Country style is often called a village style. It fits perfectly into the interior of suburban and country houses, but it can also become a highlight of your apartment. In the city, sometimes you want to feel the tranquility of suburban life, and country can not help it better. Despite the apparent simplicity of village styles, every element in such interiors should be carefully thought out. Today we will talk about what kind of curtains in country style should be.

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    • Choosing curtains for the country house in a rustic style: photo-examples
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Benefits of curtains in rustic style

The country style has been popular for quite some time. Such a simple and natural style is the best for rest and peace. However, some mistresses are afraid to use such designs for their apartments, thinking that they will adversely affect the perception of their home.

Do not neglect such a simple and cozy style, like country. It must be used wisely. This interior is suitable for the design of the bath, and it will perfectly fit in the cottage and kitchen of the city apartment. Curtains in the country style have a sweet simplicity.

You will not find in this interior pompous French curtains or long heavy porter. Curtains, decorated in the style of country, have a lot of advantages.

The advantage of curtains in the rustic style is that they are simple and incredibly stylish The advantage of curtains in the rustic style is that they are simple and incredibly stylish

The advantages of country-style curtains:

  1. Curtains in country style should not have a fancy large decor. Therefore, such curtains are ideal for decorating windows in small rooms.
  2. This style involves the use of bright colors. Hanging in a room in the country style bright curtains, you definitely will not spoil the interior.
  3. Ideal materials for country-style curtains are cotton and linen. Such interiors are very environmentally friendly and maximally bring us closer to nature.
  4. Short simple curtains in country style are very easy to make by yourself. In addition, thanks to the prostate of such products, you do not have to spend a lot on fabric and other elements of decor.

The interior in the country style fills the house with comfort and comfort. For such rooms is characterized by comfortable furniture and bright curtains in the tone of the tablecloth. Rural motives will help to make the city apartment more cozy.

Choosing curtains for a country house in a rustic style: photo-examples

To make a room in the country style look harmonious and beautiful, you need to carefully choose curtains. In such interiors inappropriate will look curtains with a fanciful and voluminous decor.

Special attention should be paid to the materials from which the curtains are made. Since the village styles are classified as eco-friendly interiors, it is better to choose natural fabrics for window decoration.

What fabrics can be curtains in a rustic style:

  • Cotton;
  • flax;
  • Chintz;
  • Batista;
  • Silk.

You can easily see the curtains in the rustic style on the Internet You can familiarize yourself with rustic curtains on the internet

These materials are elegant and simple. They can have a variety of prints and shades. The window, decorated with such curtains, will look cute and natural.

Also do not forget about prints that decorate such curtains. Incorrectly choosing images on the curtains, you run the risk of turning a stylish rustic interior into a tasteless premise.

Curtains in country style should not have large and catchy drawings. For this interior will fit curtains with gentle small motifs, reminiscent of suburban life.

You should pay attention to curtains with a pattern in the form of small cornflowers or chamomile. Also you can choose unusual variants decorated with depiction of field grasses, for example yarrow and plantain.

Very popular for such interiors are considered curtains in a cage. In this case, the color of such curtains can be any. A distinctive feature of curtains in this style is that bright squares are always printed on a white or beige background.

Can be used for the design of this interior and monochrome curtains. It is desirable that they have the effect of burnt color. The edges of such curtains can be decorated with a narrow knitted lace.

Not all kinds of curtains are suitable for rustic design. To design a wooden house or apartment in the country style modern blinds and Japanese curtains will not do. Also in such an interior, the fancy chic of French, Italian and Austrian curtains will not be appropriate.

For the country style, short curtains and Roman curtains made from natural materials are best suited. Of course, you can use long curtains, but then they should be as simple as possible.

Curtains in a cage in the interior design

A safe option for a country house or kitchen decorated in the style of a country is a curtain in the cell. They look simple, but at the same time graceful.

Excellent in the interior in the country style will look curtains in a cell Excellent in the interior in the country style will look like curtains in the cell

Such curtains on the window look straight as in the picture. They perfectly match with simple furniture and do not hide the free space of the room.

Excellent options for curtains in the style of country you can find in the salons of the line "Nika".These stores will offer you a lot of surprisingly stylish options.

You can supplement the checkered curtain with a thin beige lace. At the same time, such a decor should look rather rude. It is better if it is bound from a strong thread.

Such curtains can be hung on a simple plastic cornice in white. Or a more expensive wooden product.

How to sew yourself curtains-country

You can buy country-curtains in salons of curtains or make them yourself. The self-manufacturing of such decor for windows does not take you much time, but will save a lot of money.

Sewing curtains begins with the choice of fabric. We have already said that for such interiors it is best to choose natural materials with a bright, but simple pattern. The perfect solution will be a cloth with a red cage on a white background.

To sew curtains in country style with ease it is possible independently, if to think over their design and to prepare a fabric for sewing You can sew your country style curtains yourself if you think about their design and prepare the fabric for sewing.

How to sew country style curtains:

  1. Measure the curtain length. The most popular size is the curtain just below the windowsill. The width of the curtains should go beyond the window frame to the wall by 5-10 cm on each side. Thus, you need to add 15 cm to the width of the window opening. To the height of the curtains, you will need to add only 10 cm.
  2. Carry out two rectangles according to the measurements. Also you need to cut a piece of cloth equal to the width of 40-50 cm, and the length of the window frame to which is added 45 cm.
  3. Sew the sides of the curtains and the long rectangle. From top to curtains sew a curtain tape. From the top edge of the wide rectangle, retreat 15-20 cm and also sew a special tape forming simple warehouses.
  4. If desired, you can decorate the edges of the product with a narrow lace. It is desirable that the lace was the same shade as the light squares.
  5. Pull the curtains to the size of the sub-guard.

The country-style blind is ready!You only need to pull the curtains to the size of the window and hang them on the cornice. In this case, the first to hang curtains, and then wavy lambrequin.

Home country style curtains( video)

Curtains in country style look simple and cute. Thanks to them in your home will reign rustic comfort and harmony. Design your kitchen in a country style, and your house will be filled with the atmosphere of summer days in a country house.

Curtain design in country style( photo in interior)