Blinds in the toilet photo: how to close the pipes in the bathroom, the sewer pipe, hide the niche beautifully

Blinds in the toilet will help mask the pipes and other structures Blinds in the toilet will help disguise the pipes and other structures The toilet room is the space that occupies the smallest area in the house. It should look attractive, and at the same time be comfortable, functional. Sometimes some non-aesthetic designs that are present in the toilet, you must hide it, so as not to spoil the general appearance of the room. You can buy special blinds, which are designed specifically for this. The modern market today, can provide a wide selection of blinds for toilets and bathrooms.

    • Modern shutters in the bathroom and WC: their varieties
    • How to close the pipes in the toilet: photos from the best masters
    • Consider how to close the sewer in the toilet with sanitary roller shutters
    • Interesting blindsFor the bathroom: their advantages
    • How to hang the blinds in the toilet( video)
    • Design blinds in the toilet( photo in the interior)

Modern blinds in the bathroom and WC: their varieties

ntehnicheskie blinds in the bathroom or toilet available for the price, they are very easy to install and easy to use. With the help of them you can beautifully seal up or hide in a niche different pipes, a sewer riser, meters for water and even close a large water heater.

Blinds in the bathroom and toilet - this is the right solution for those who care about their comfort. This kind of blinds will look very stylish, if they are correctly selected and correctly installed.

Taking into account that the complex conditions are created in the bathroom: high humidity and a sharp temperature drop, it is not recommended to purchase blinds from expensive materials. They will quickly lose their original appearance. It is best to give preference to simple but practical models with a better skeleton and a reliable deployment system.

Blinds for the bathroom can be made of different materials Bathroom blinds can be made of various materials

Blinds material:

  • An excellent solution is to install metal blinds. They are not prone to deformation, they are durable, as they are coated with a special compound that protects against corrosion.
  • Installation of wooden blinds will cost you much more. However, these models are environmentally friendly, able to provide quality noise insulation and have a diverse palette of colors.
  • The advantageous option is the purchase of plastic blinds. They have a low price, they are easy to take care of, do not deform and do not attract dust.
  • A truly economical solution is the installation of blinds made of fabric. Such a cloth curtain is very hygienic, it is easy to take care of it with the help of usual detergents.

The most common form is the role of curtains. This is a very reliable design, thanks to it you can hide the various elements of sanitary ware, boiler. The cost of sliding curtains is much higher than for conventional standard blinds. They are made of wood or metal. Roller blinds are durable and will last for a long time.

How to close the pipes in the toilet: photos from the best masters

Doing repairs in the bathroom and toilet, the question arises as to how best to hide water and sewage pipes. After all, open pipes look completely unattractive. Today, the market can provide a huge selection of different devices and designs for this.

How do I close the pipes in the toilet?Photos of these designs can be found on the Internet. You can do this in many ways, it all depends on your imagination and possibilities.

You can sew pipes in the toilet with a box or a special sanitary cabinet. To make such a screen is very simple from plasterboard or laminated board. The door for the cabinet can be made by yourself or simply purchased in ready-made form. Everything is very simple. Advantages of such a cabinet in its functionality. Another simple way is a plasterboard or plastic box. It is very easy to do this without too much effort.

Sewing pipes in the toilet can be in several ways You can sew pipes in the toilet in several ways

Let's take a brief look at the progress of the work:

  • First you need to install the framework. It should be located from the pipe at a short distance, about 5 - 10cm.
  • If the box comes out large, then its box needs to be reinforced with cross bars of wood or profiles.
  • In the end - to embroider with PVC material( panels).

This method is the least expensive and does not require special skills and knowledge. You can also close the pipes with plastic panels. However, in order not to build various structures, you can simply close all the communications with special shutters for the toilet and bathroom. The installation of such blinds takes very little time, with virtually no construction debris left. This option is suitable for small rooms where it is not feasible to build a box or cabinet.

Consider how to close the sewer stand in the toilet with sanitary roller shutters

Aluminum shutters are now very popular, which can be installed in the toilet. This is the best and most convenient option for hiding the pipes in the toilet or bathroom. The huge advantage of such blinds is that when they are installed there is no need to break the wall, if it is necessary to repair the pipe. It is enough to lift or just lower the canvas, and then it will be possible to easily reach the desired pipe.

How to close the sewer in the toilet so that it does not spoil the aesthetic appearance of this room?This can be done with rolls. They are very convenient and take up small dimensions.

These shutters are made of aluminum, so they are not corroded or rusted. They are also covered with special paint, and then with varnish, due to this they can withstand high temperatures and remain at the same time as new ones. The palette of colors of blinds is diverse, you can even meet with a beautiful pattern. They can be vertical or horizontal, as well as with a visible or hidden box.

Roller shutters are great for bathroom and toilet Roller shutters are perfect for the bathroom and toilet

The progress of the installation of this type of shutters:

  • Preparation. First you need to do all the measurements of the opening where the roller blinds will be mounted.
  • Assembling the frame.
  • Installation of the box.
  • Fastening of control elements.
  • Installation of the fabric.

Most often, roller shutters are installed behind the toilet on the back wall. In this case, they can cover the entire wall from the ceiling to the floor( the wall will look well-groomed).If the drain tank or the sewer stand interferes, then the roller shutters made of two parts will go to the rescue. The lower part will be fixed, but the upper one will be able to open and close with a simple movement of the hand. Fix this design will be at the level of the tank special latches. Rollets themselves look very nice, so they are often used in the bathroom and toilet.

Interesting bathroom blinds: their advantages

The blinds in the bathroom or toilet are an excellent and modern element of the decor. They not only serve to decorate this room, but also perfectly can disguise different pipes and valves. Blinds are usually installed in small, tight bathrooms. Blinds for the bathroom are a great solution.

They are used in modern apartments, country houses, offices. On the market you can find many varieties of models that differ in their structure and color.

Blinds in the toilet are able to revitalize and give this room a charm and grace. Picking up a suitable model, you will not only give glamor to this room, but also add a secluded corner where you can hide various care products.

Blinds will help to make the bathroom more interesting Blinds will help to make the bathroom more interesting

Advantages of the blind:

  • They are made of a material that is resistant to moisture and temperature extremes, it does not start mold and fungus;
  • Their design can be quickly installed or removed, it does not require special care, does not wear out;
  • This design saves a lot of space, its work does not interfere with various communications, and it provides a convenient approach to pipes and valves;
  • The variety of models pleases buyers with its design.

All these advantages make the blinds popular and widely in demand. They can be purchased on the market in ready-made form and set up in the right place in a short time.

How to hang blinds in the toilet( video)

This kind of decor is not only an ornament, but also an excellent masking device. He will be able to hide the various communications that remain visible. Blinds for the bathroom and toilet are a great choice, for those who like order and comfort.

Design blinds in the bathroom( photo in the interior)