Curtains with your own hands: decor and photo ideas, curls of graphics and decorations, what is the braid, how it looks

Curtains with their own hands can be sewed easily and simply curtains can sew their own hands to easily Textiles is a connecting element between the surface finishing, furniture and fittings. Using curtains, you can visually change the space of the room, expand it or increase it in height. Many do not like to buy ready-made curtains in stores. The reason is not at all in their cost, but in the non-original models designed for the general user. Curtains with their own hands will look original and extraordinary. The main thing is to choose the right fabric and curtain model.

    • Independent sewing curtains for the living room of the fabric "Curls" graphic
    • Pick up decorations for curtains
    • How to decorate the curtains with his hands: photo
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Independent sewing curtains for the living room of the fabric "Curls" graphic

living is a kind of center of the apartment. Its interior is a reflection of the taste preferences of the owners and their lifestyle. Decor curtains plays an important role in decorating the living room. The way the window opening looks, affects the appearance of the interior in general.

If you have any ideas about the independent sewing curtains need to consider a lot of nuances: experience in sewing, the right choice of fabric, style choices for curtains and its harmony with the overall interior design.

When choosing textiles for decorating a window in the living room, it is important to take into account the dimensions of the room, its level of illumination, the peculiarities of style design. If the living room is small, for its decoration it is best to use curtains made of light types of fabric. Such a decision will have a great effect on the general appearance of the hall.

In order to sew the curtains in the living room, you need to take into account the size of the room In order to sew the curtains in the living room, you must take into account the dimensions of the room

How to sew a straight curtain:

  • To calculate the length of the cornice.
  • Determine the optimum length for curtains.
  • For beautiful folds on curtains, the width of the fabric should be increased by 2 or even 3 times. It is important not to forget to add centimeters to the allowances( 6 cm for the sides and 15 to 20 for the top and bottom sides).
  • The fabric must be prepared for cutting. It must first be sprayed with water, then allowed to dry and iron.
  • On a flat surface, you can start making patterns of the required sizes.
  • Seams need to be ironed for the beginning, then stitch.
  • The curtain tape is sewn on top of the canvas.

After sewing curtains must be beautifully draped, and then weighed. Without curtains curtains will not look very nice, so you can immediately begin to tailor it. Unusual decorative paintings, decorated with curls, will be a real decoration for the living room. It is interesting that a stencil is usually used to apply curls to the fabric.

Pick up decorations for curtains

curtains in the living room give a sense of security, comfort and convenience. Designers divert curtains very important role in the formation of the interior. Beautiful curtains do not have to be pretentious. But the original jewelry can make them original and unique, designed for a specific interior.

Sometimes, when the window is decorated with simple, unremarkable curtains, the owners of the apartment want to decorate, update and refresh them.

Make simple curtains and stand out against the background of the general interior, you can simply pick up the original accessories to them. To decorate the curtains, you can decorate the fabric or apply additional decor elements in the form of brushes and flounces. Beautifully on the curtains will look ruches, made by yourself.

To curtains you can choose the original accessories Curtains can be matched with original accessories

Master-class for decorating curtains:

  1. Sew a lambrequin. They make the curtains elegant and give a general atmosphere of solemnity. Lambrequin is sewn from the fabric from which the main curtains were made.
  2. Bando. Sewing it yourself will be difficult. Bando is made of a dense material that allows you to keep the shape.
  3. Decorate curtains with svagami. They have a large number of beautiful folds, smoothly hanging from the curtains.
  4. Use of pick-ups. They allow you to adjust the position of the curtains. With their help, the interior can be given a strict or playful mood.
  5. Brushes. Great for Greek and Roman style in curtains. It is important to choose the right shape and color of brushes.
  6. Decorate with lace. It is necessary to work with lace when decorating the curtains yourself very carefully, as it can easily be damaged.

It is not difficult to sew the curtains. But for their decoration will need more ingenuity and design skills. Finished curtains can decorate a flower or a butterfly. Such accessories for curtains can be found in any curtain salon.

How to decorate the curtains with your own hands: photo

You can list the options for decorating curtains for a long time. Of course, it's easier to show once how to make this or that decoration for curtains. That's why on the expanses of the Internet you can find a lot of different training videos about decorating curtains.

Decorative finishing of curtains is an important stage for those who decided to make curtains themselves.

Types of accessories amaze with their variety: cords, fringe, brushes, ribbons, garters, all kinds of applique. Decorative decoration can be divided into two types: sewn and sewn. Sewing finish is characterized by the presence of a smooth edge. A sewn - a decorative component.

Curtains can be decorated in several ways Curtains can be decorated in several ways

Original tips:

  • Decoration of curtains with ribbons and lush bows.
  • Create original pick-ups.
  • Sew a twisted fringe.
  • Use a braid decorated with brushes or pom-poms.
  • Kant and ruches for braid.
  • Decorating curtains with a twisted cord.
  • Create a romantic image with lace.

During the decoration of curtains, it is important not to forget that the cornice can also be decorated, for example, with beautiful tips. The original design of curtains give the atmosphere of unusualness in any room: in the kitchen or in the living room. With fashionable types of decoration can be found on specialized websites on the Internet.

Flowers from tulle with their own hands

A simple, unremarkable curtain can be decorated with a flower made from old tulle. Such an accessory will help beautifully decorate the curtains, make them elegant and elegant. Decorating the curtains with your own hands is a fascinating process, especially for those who like design.

Interesting ideas on how to make flowers from old cloth can be found on the Internet on specialized websites about interior design.

Decorative flowers can be very diverse. Careful and painstaking work will create a flower that will look as realistic as possible. There are a lot of technologies for carving, making and coloring flowers.

From tulle you can make beautiful flowers with your own hands

Types of flowers:

  • Lotus;
  • Astra;
  • Rose;
  • Peony.

Before starting to compose the flower itself. It is necessary to make patterns. Materials for flowers can be selected depending on their type, as well as on the material from which the curtains are sewn. Flowers from tulle look gentle and elegant, and make them simply if you follow the instructions of the master. Ornaments made with their own hands, look much more beautiful than those purchased and pleases the eye.

How to sew curtains with your own hands( video)

To decorate window openings, many use the traditional method of decoration - curtains. Many people prefer to sew blinds themselves. If the curtain is sewn on its own, it looks simple and unpretentious, it can be decorated with various accessories and decorative elements. Curtains can decorate a bow or small bow, different brushes made of cloth or leather, fringe, etc. Often used to make accessories old fabrics from old curtains or clothes. Self-made jewelry will bring joy and satisfaction.

design and décor curtains with his hands( photo ideas)