Curtain tape: types of folds, photos of braid, protections for the cornice, varieties and application, what is it?

Curtain tape is a very important component of textile design Curtain tape is a very important component of the textile decoration Beauty room interior depends not only on the quality of finishing and correct statement of the furniture, but also on how properly selected textiles. The most important textile component of the apartment is the curtains, because they occupy most of the wall on which the windows are located. But to buy beautiful curtains is still half the battle. It is much more important to hang them so that they hang down in beautiful and even folds. In this you can help curtain tape.

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    • Types Curtain tape
    • Tape for curtains and kinds of wrinkles
    • How to sew the ribbon to make folds in the curtain
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What tape for curtains

process design window curtains plays an important part in the creation of an interior room. Previously, this work took a lot of time, but now, thanks to the availability of different accessories, you can hang the curtain in the shortest possible time.

One of the most important elements required to hang curtains is an adaptation, which is called curtain tape. Due to it there is no need for manual sewing of loops to the curtains. Also, only in the presence of such a tape can create a perfect and unusual folds of curtains.

Curtain tape - this is a braid, through the entire length of which several laces are worn, and also hinges are made. It is for these eyelets that the curtain is hung on the hooks of the cornice. Laces carry a different function: pulling them, you get curtains in beautiful even folds.

Curtain tape, is made of natural and synthetic fabrics. Often, such a device to the touch is quite rigid, due to which it perfectly keeps the shape. The curtain ribbon performs several functions.

Tape for curtains performs several functions at once Curtain belt for several functions

Use of curtain tape:

  • With curtain tape, you can quickly and easily process the upper edge of the tulle or curtain;
  • Curtain tape simplifies the suspension of the fabric to the cornice, since it has hinges, now you do not need to use metal trimmers;
  • This braid allows you to get the most different types of folds on the curtain.

Curtain tape is sewn not only on the top edge of the curtains, it can be located in other places. Thanks to this, it is enough just to pull all the strings off, and the entire surface of the curtains will be evenly covered with attractive folds. If you need to wash the linen, then before washing it will be necessary to untie the laces and straighten the tape.

As you can see, the presence of a special ribbon on the curtain greatly simplifies the process of decorating it with a window. You can sew this important element with your own hands or carry the curtains in the atelier.

Types Curtain tape

To get to the folds of the curtains of your dreams, you must select the appropriate tape. This task is not as simple as it may seem. The fact is that there are a lot of varieties of curtain tapes, to understand which can be very difficult.

Basically curtain tapes are divided into types according to shape, type of fastening, material and width. For each curtain is chosen a separate option.

What are the material of curtains varieties from which they are made:

  1. Band of fishing line used for decorating tulle, voile and organza. It has excellent transparency, and therefore almost does not appear through thin fabrics.
  2. Ribbon for thick fabrics made of polyester or cotton, less often made of paper. This tape is more rough and noticeable, it perfectly copes with the assembly of massive curtains.

follows from the above that the transparent tape used to thin transparent tissue, and opaque - heavy and dense. It is much more difficult to determine the fastening for the curtain suspension on the cornice.

Curtain tapes come in several types Curtain tapes come in several varieties

Types of curtain tape fasteners:

  • Tape with hinges for fastening to the hook:
  • Modern tape with fastening for eyelets;
  • Adhesive tape, fastened to Velcro;
  • Combined tape, which has both velcro and loop;
  • Drapery tape for string cornices;
  • Tape with fastening on pipes of various diameters.

With what kind of fastening tape is right for you, depends on the type of your curtains, and on whether they will be closed with a lambrequin or some other element of the interior. Examples of curtains for which this or that tape can be used, you will be provided by a sales consultant in a sewing shop. Also it is worth paying attention to the width of the curtain tape.

The width of the tape can be very different. The standard braid varies between 2.5-10 cm. At the same time, 2.5 and 6 cm tape are considered the most popular.

Narrow strips can be used if the upper part of the curtain goes to the ceiling or is covered with a lambrequin. Wide ribbons allow you to create beautiful creases. They are also great for decorating curtains, with an open cornice.

Curtain tapes and types of folds

Very much influences the interior of the assembly of curtains. It is provided with strings of tape, which can be sticky or equipped with loops.

Choose the type of folds is easy enough. For laconic modern interiors suitable for curtains, or falling soft waves of the canvas. Tulle for pompous classical interiors can have the most intricate decor, it will look great curtains with unusual folds.

To use the curtain tape, you need to determine the type of folds that you want to see on your curtains. This is quite simple, but first you need to study all possible types of such decor.

Choose the type of folds on the curtains is simple enough Choose the type of folds on the curtains is simple enough

Types of folds on the curtains:

  1. Classic pencil folds - this is the simplest kind of assembly. This curtain is convenient to use, and you can hang it in a matter of minutes.
  2. Bufvovye folds( they are also "butterfly") are formed in the form of rhombuses. To achieve this effect, you need to choose a tape with four cords, along which you need to build four lines.
  3. Curtains with French folds are tightened in the form of a fan. Usually they have three folds and two pockets. The depth of the pockets can reach 14 cm.
  4. The folds-glasses look very bulky. To create them, you use a tape that has two pairs of cords.
  5. The counter or trellis fold consists of two protectors overlapping each other. These tapes have three strings and three lines along them.

Curtain tapes should be selected depending on the types of folds that you want to get. Also, when choosing a decor, you need to consider the style of the interior of the house.

How to sew a ribbon to make folds on the curtain

You can buy ready-made curtains or order them in the atelier, but you can achieve the best effect by sewing such an element of the interior with your own hands. These works will not take much time, you will only need to correctly calculate the necessary fabric and calculate the length of the curtain tape.

In order to make curtains, you just need to have a good sewing machine. If you do not have such a device, then you can independently make calculations and outline all the elements, then carry the workpiece in the atelier. A few lines that will make the master, will cost you cheaper than sewing curtains "from a to I".

To calculate the required length of the curtain and curtain tape, you have to multiply the product of the length of the cornice and the coefficient of the curtain assembly, and add another 15 cm to the result. For most types of folds, the build factor is 2, 2.5 or 3.

Having a sewing machine, a tape for curtains can be sewn on its own With a sewing machine, the blind tape can be sewn on its own

Curtains sewing guide:

  • Open the piece of fabric according to the measurements you have made;
  • Process the bottom and side edges on the sewing machine;
  • Fold the upper edge of the curtains by 2.5 cm and press it;
  • One of the edges of the curtain tape should also be bent 2 cm and ironed;
  • Cords are drawn from the wrapped edge;
  • The tape is applied to the curtain at a distance of 1 cm from the upper edge of the curtain and is swept or fixed with pins;
  • The second edge of the curtain tape is turned by 2 cm, cords are pulled out;
  • The tape is traced along the lines marked out.

All the lines must be made in one direction, otherwise the shroud may form puffs. The number of lines should be proportional to the number of cords, but in some cases, the lines can be larger. This happens if the tape with two cords has a width of more than 6 cm.

To make folds on the curtain, pull the straps of the sewn tape. The protruding ends of the threads are not cut off, but neatly hiding.

How to use curtain tape( video)

Curtain tape allows you to quickly hang a curtain, forming on it at the same time beautiful and neat creases. If there is no such element on your favorite curtain, then do not be discouraged, you can easily sew it yourself. You only need to correctly calculate the length of the tape and choose the right one for you!Examples

curtain tape( photo)