Bonsai with my own hands: how to do it in stages, from pine and money tree, master class, from ordinary step-by-step, making

Beautiful bonsai organically fit into any interior, creating an atmosphere of coziness Beautiful Bonsai organically fit into any decor, creating a cozy atmosphere Grow Bonsai their own hands - a complicated and lengthy procedure that requires experience and attention. The key to success of the project is the right choice of plants. It is carried out in accordance with climatic features and content requirements. Gardeners with experience choose as a basis coniferous and deciduous varieties - pine and maple, which require minimal maintenance. The main thing is to provide the minimum necessary temperature regime.

    • How to make bonsai: practical advice
    • Making bonsai gradually and properly
    • bonsai pine with their hands
    • How to make a bonsai from the money tree
    • How to make bonsai own( video)
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How to make bonsai: practical advice

There are some guidelines for creating bonsai.

Those wishing to create their own beautiful composition can use the following green plantings as a basis:

  • Sprouts of ordinary lilac.
  • Siberian larch.
  • Pine.
  • Siberian spruce. Growth of juniper.
  • .
  • Kalina.
  • With the azalium.
  • .
  • Almond low.
  • with Ussuri pear.
  • Purple barberry.
  • Variety chubushnikom and other.

Garden ficus, almond low, topinarium also proved to be well established. You need to start by selecting a suitable container with humus. An ordinary flower pot will fit. When choosing the soil it is worth studying its becoming. It is recommended that it ensure drainage and retention of the minimum amount of moisture required.

To create an interesting composition, you can use a variety of plants and materials To create an interesting composition, it is possible to use a variety of plants and materials at hand

According to these criteria, taken in equal parts of sand, clay and humus. To plant a tree you need a secateur, which forms a line of crowns, a spatula, sticks, a sieve, a watering can. Spraying is effected by a spray gun. If there is a specialized store in the village, the sapling is bought there.

After this, the bonsai is grown to the required size. Further, depending on the plant variety, crowns are formed at a certain time. If time and experience allows, you can create bonsai from purchased seeds, each kind of which requires certain conditions. Another way to make a flower arrangement is to use bends, cuttings and houseplants.

Making bonsai and correctly phased

first necessary to determine the size composition that ranges from 5 cm to 2 m. With large trees easier to work, but little more spectacular. In the average apartment it is reasonable to grow for a bonsai tree within 35-45 cm. If there are no ideas in the head yet, you can visit the designer master class, where they will tell and show possible options. It will be useful to see the photos of completed projects.

The grower allows the tree to grow itself, but only to a predetermined limit. The growth process closes the top.

Master classes will tell in detail how to properly make bonsai own hands Workshops will talk in detail about how to make bonsai with their hands

In the future, it is recommended to adhere to the following course of action:

  • Traumatic green plantation works are performed strictly during the swelling of the kidneys.
  • Branches - the skeleton of the crown, remain almost completely.
  • If the plant in the garden forms the appearance under the influence of the environment, then in the room conditions the appearance of the miniature ficus or the thujus should be formed independently.
  • Stepwise, artificially deform the individual elements of plants will help the copper wire, which winds ¼ of the diameter of the branch.
  • If it is a soft tree, for example, a maple tree, then the use of threads is allowed instead of the wire.
  • The branches fit tightly to each other and to the bark, but this does not mean that the trunk must be pinched.

The formation of curved forms of birch twigs takes about 3 months. For oak will take more time - 5 months. Regardless of the timing, you need to do this step by step. In this case, if the birch easily takes a new shape for itself - then with the oak will have to tinker. Step by step it is possible to form a tree in 2,5-3 years, after which it is transplanted from a temporary pot made of plastic bottles into a permanent one. The use of a pallet is allowed. In the future, you must strictly follow the rules of watering.

Bone pine bonsai

It is recommended to place a composition of pine in a container of irregular shape, the bottom of which is adorned with driftwood. If the lightness of the forms is placed at the forefront, then in this case a pot or tray of light shades and grass is used as a decorative element. After this, you need to carefully separate the smallest scales from the trunk of pine. To ensure that the needles look aesthetically, they need to be grouped into small bundles.

Bonsai pine can be decorated with snags and decorative green grass Bonsai made of pine can be decorated with driftwood and ornamental green grass

Further manufacture of the green pine composition follows the following scheme:

  • It is recommended to buy a slightly twisted seedling.
  • Before planting, check the core root.
  • For planting, it is advisable to use the same soil in which
  • has grown. Add it with a substrate that passes moisture.
  • Choose a style that will help thematic video.
  • Trimming and shaping the crown begins in the spring.
  • The formation of curved forms is best done with strong threads that do not damage the structure of the tree.
  • The weakening of the carcass density is made as the barrel thickens.
  • All twigs are cut at a preselected angle.
  • Slightly prune roots every 3-4 months.

The shape of the crown is adjusted with sharp scissors, allowing you to quickly get rid of excess. Placement of the craft is carried out with orientation to the sun. As it develops, a coniferous tree requires a large amount of natural light.

How to make bonsai from a mint tree

There are many ways that you can make a bonsai from a fat woman called a "money tree".The key to success is hidden in the control of growth and the formation of the crown of the money tree. To stop further growth can be pinching, conducted as the plant reaches the required size.

Bonsai from a mint tree can perfectly decorate a drawing room or office premise Bonsai made of mint tree can perfectly decorate the living room or office space

If you plan to go all alone, you can buy seeds from the store. In this case, 1 seed is planted strictly 1 seed. Step by step then it should be watered, but not too much.

Seed is well established, so additional care is not needed, however, some recommendations are required:

  • The depth of the pot exceeds 1/3 the maximum length of the root system.
  • You can grow in an aquarium, but then the shape will be curved.
  • The lushness of the composition is formed by creating at least 2 sprouts from 1 kidney.
  • Extra kidneys are removed with tweezers.
  • Pruning is carried out according to a pre-planned plan.
  • You can decorate the composition with decorative elements made from foiramane.
  • If the main holiday of the year approaches, the New Year's mood will form a white foiraman.

How to make a bonsai with your own hand( video)

Miniature bonsai compositions decorate offices and living quarters. With proper care and timely pruning, the bonsai is formed in 2-3 years. After that, the gardener should closely monitor the composition, maintaining the splendor of the crown and the shape of the branches. Wire or thread is used for these purposes. Pruning is performed no more than 1 time every 4-5 months. The exact time depends on the type of tree.

original version of beautiful bonsai( photo)