Sets for patchwork: ruler and billet, tool material, cotton for patchwork, knife and sewing machine

To date, sold a huge number of interesting patchwork kits, which you can choose yourself To date, a huge number of interesting patchwork kits are on sale, you can choose which ones yourself In the trading network there are various sets for patchwork, including a large number of items. Make an informed choice between them is not easy not only for the beginner, but for the needlewoman with experience. In most cases, it depends on the correctness of the choice, how much the result will please the eye. To get out of the predicament will help recommendations, starting from which you will not have to regret about wasted money.

    • Origin technique patchwork
    • select materials for patchwork
    • Tools for patchwork
    • sets of patches for patchwork: how best to choose
    • review set for patchwork( video)

The origin of the patchwork technique

To ensure that multiple patchwork kits are not misleading, it is not unreasonable for a beginner to learn about the essence of the technique itself. The more information on this issue a person has, the easier it is for him to "cut off" unnecessary options. The patchwork came to Eastern Europe several centuries ago. The name itself comes from the words "flap" and "work".Thanks to this it is easy to understand that this is the technique of patchwork sewing.

The work uses multi-colored shreds, which are combined in a certain way. It is important to remember that the chosen colors should be harmoniously combined.

Thanks to the patchwork technique it is possible to make a lot of fascinating things, including stylish pillowcases for small pillows

On the one hand, a colorful mosaic should rejoice the eye. On the other hand, it should not be a campaign for clown's decoration.

If everything is done correctly, then thanks to the patchwork technology, you can implement the following projects:

  • Blanket;
  • Bedspread;
  • Pillowcases;
  • Duvet cover;
  • Curtains;
  • Rugs and stuff.

As it follows from the above, to work in this technique you need pieces of cloth, thread and various tools, for example, a knife that allows you to separate or connect tools. It is not necessary to trust the assurances of the manufacturers of kits that promise to include there a lot of different supposedly useful elements. In most cases, the customer will only overpay for unclaimed items.

We select materials for patchwork

For work not only a quality tool, but also a fabric is necessary. For a long time our grandmothers collected everything from acquaintances, neighbors and relatives literally in pieces. As the specialized trade developed, the situation changed for the better. Regardless of whether a citizen should contact a real or virtual store of goods for needlework, it is necessary to ascertain the quality of the fabric.

Before buying, you need to touch and inspect it. In most cases this will help to form the initial presentation.

When choosing a patchwork kit, it is always necessary to check its quality and basic characteristics When selecting the patchwork kit, it is always necessary to check its quality and basic characteristics.

Masters with experience recommend paying attention to the following characteristics:

    Attractive appearance;
  • Texture with necessary parameters;
  • No traces tear along or across;
  • Presence of a hygienic mark - this parameter is mandatory if the finished product is planned to be used for sleeping or covering a table.

From the functional point of view, it is recommended to use cotton in pure form or cotton( CB) fabric as the main material. This is dictated by their advantages. First, it is almost impossible to crumble the HB.Secondly, the process of cutting is quite simple, and in subsequent processing the material does not shrink. In addition to HB, the following materials are used: wool, viscose, leg and silk.

Patchwork tools

In order for properly selected material to turn into a masterpiece, it must be processed with no less properly selected tools. The advantage of the patchwork technique is that it does not require significant practical skills. Even a beginner will cope with the job, provided that he has chosen the tools taking into account the technical characteristics of the material.

Even beginners can perfectly sew the original thing, using ready-made sets for patchwork Even novice craftsmen can easily sew the original thing using already ready patchwork kits

The list of tools required for work, according to the reviews of many craftsmen, looks as follows:

  1. Sharp scissors.
  2. Sewing machine - is selected taking into account the expected density of the material. If it is a question of thin fabrics, too fast movement of game only will do much harm. In this case, a machine will do.
  3. Several needles.
  4. Iron - used to give the pieces of cloth the necessary shape.
  5. Board for work.
  6. Threads required colors and shades.
  7. Slot ruler is a special surface on which the knife passes. In addition, this ruler should be used to accurately cut the flaps, according to the required size.
  8. Decorative elements - are chosen taking into account the creative concept.

Patchwork patch kits: which one is better to choose

The price range of the variants presented in the trading network varies significantly, so do not take the first thing that comes to hand. To begin with, you need to objectively assess your skill level. If it is a question of the beginner in this case the minimum adaptations for work will approach. Now we need to learn the basics of technology and work out some techniques.

The required set includes the necessary templates containing already prepared workpieces.

Buying a set for patchwork, be sure to pay attention to the presence in it of all the necessary tools for work When buying a patchwork kit, be sure to include all the necessary tools for operation.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the following parts:

  • Mat is a functional sub-base for operation, Allowing confidently cut and sew the fabric;
  • Tools for cutting and cutting;
  • The presence of a set of rulers and several step-by-step illustrations is mandatory;
  • As far as professional development, attention can be paid to products containing an expanded list of tools.

Overview of the patchwork kit( video)

The patchwork technology is available to everyone due to its simplicity. To get started, you need to purchase a kit and find the required materials. It is not difficult to do this in a nearby needlework store. In the selection process, it must be remembered that such equipment is selected taking into account the professional level of the performer. Otherwise, the probability of wasting money is wasted.