Topiary for men: as a gift photo, man's own hands, birthday from coffee, February 23

A gift to a man can be made with his own hand, choosing his choice of topiary gift a man can make his own, opted for Topiary Manly, stylish and creative - qualities that characterize a good topiary for men. Make it easy on your own, the main thing is to choose the right direction. A gift to the boss, husband or colleague, a new decorative element for the home - each of the listed options has features. That is why at the preparation stage, possible nuances should be considered. The more accurate this is done, the less it will be necessary to correct errors later.

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Select Topiary man:

design recommendations for a future gift to loved destination reqOne should think over the options for its execution. What are the hobbies and habits of a stronger sex?Do you like the sea or the financial aspect of life?Depending on the answers received, a choice is made in favor of one or another option. A certain help in the selection will have a photo of the finished projects. Even if the idea has matured in your head, it is not superfluous to look at other possibilities.

Creating a topiary, consider the preferences and interests of men Creating Topiary, consider the preferences and interests of men

Depending on the direction, designers suggest three main categories of crafts handmade:

  1. Marine tree - like travelers or just those men whoAttracts the sea romance. To create it you need small pebbles, shells, souvenir mugs, sifted river sand. If there are souvenirs brought in after the holiday at the sea, they can also be used to create the composition;
  2. Coffee sapling - speaks about home comfort and family values. Such a souvenir on February 23 will appeal to men, for whom the family is in the first place;
  3. Monetary tree - business people are not accustomed to waste time, would gladly accept such a gift. Every day it will be a reminder of financial well-being;
  4. New Year's tree - in all senses a versatile composition. Whether the main holiday is approaching in a year or a birthday, such a gift is always welcome.

Topiary for Men: Secrets of Material Selection

Even the beginner can make a composition by himself. The main thing is that reliable materials are used in the work. Many of the necessary things are easy to find at home, for example, in a closet or on a balcony. Various decorative elements will provide a store of goods for needlework. Even before the trip there must be a detailed plan, which indicates the required number of even the smallest details.

The basis of the topiary is a pot and a trunk, which must be both flexible and durable at the same time. In the first case, a small pot is suitable. If there is no such house, then the problem is solved by going to the store or to the market.

Before creating a tree, you must prepare all necessary materials in advance Before creating a tree should prepare in advance all the necessary materials

In addition, you need the following materials:

  1. beads and sequins;
  2. Twine or twine;
  3. Adhesive gun;
  4. Acrylic paint for decorating the pot;
  5. Paint or decorative tape for decorating the stem of a future tree;
  6. Decorative base - selected according to the approved concept. Coins, coffee beans and the like must be found in the required quantity. Designers are advised to take with a reserve, so that during work there are no forced stops;
  7. Polyfoam or plastic base for the top of the structure. The first option is suitable if it is planned to create a New Year or coffee tree. For more severe decorative elements, a plastic variant is suitable.

Currency topiary as a gift to a man

In the last few years, representatives of the stronger sex have been given a monetary topiary. The universality of the gift lies in the fact that it suits the boss, friend or husband. Due to its shape, the tree will fit into the interior of any room without any problems. The main thing is to style it stylistically. First you need to find the right number of coins or bills.

You can use real or souvenir. Here everything depends on the capabilities of a particular person.

A great gift for a beloved man will be a monetary topiary An excellent gift for the beloved man will be the money-topiary

The following procedure is as follows:

  • Put the prepared ball on the base;
  • Tie a stem-base with a satin ribbon, which is 1-2 tones more contrasting than the whole composition;
  • To paint a ball in color, which coincides with coins or bills( depends on what exactly from the 2 listed variants it is planned to use);
  • Allow the paint to dry for 2-4 hours;
  • Fix with glue( coins) or pins( banknotes) of the workpiece onto the composition;
  • If coins are selected, they are fixed on the surface in staggered order;
  • The barrel is fixed in the pot with liquid gypsum;
  • The flowerpot is decorated in the tone of coins or bills.

We create a topiary for men with our own hands: the secrets of skill

White sheet frightens a beginner, but this fear needs to be overcome. A creative gift for men is easier to create than it might seem at first glance. As it was said before, you need to think carefully before starting work. Male psychology is constructed in such a way that the functional component of the gift is placed at the head rather than the aesthetic one.

With the creation of a beautiful and original topiary, even the beginner will cope The beginner

will create a beautiful and original topiary Designers and stylists call for the use of male traditions in the production of creative compositions:
  • Do not overload it with a large number of decorative elements;
  • It's better to give up too bright color spots;
  • The size of the topiary should be at an average level;
  • It is advisable to make a choice in favor of durable materials;
  • When choosing an adhesive, it is recommended to stop on a heat-resistant version.

How to create a "male" coffee topiary( video)

A beautiful and functional gift for a representative of the strong half of humanity will help create photos of ready-made variants. After viewing them, it is easy to select 1-2 possible projects. Having stopped the choice on one of them, it is necessary to make the detailed project. It takes into account the step-by-step execution and the required amount of materials. During work, the plan should always be before the eyes of the person. This helps to avoid mistakes.

unusual topiary for men( photo)