How to put a bed in the bedroom with respect to the door: feng shui rules, mirror and photo, the location is correct

In the bedroom it is recommended to put the bed in the opposite corner with respect to the door so that it does not interfere with comfortable movement around the room The bedroom is recommended to put the bed in the opposite corner relative to the door so that it does not interfere with comfortable movement around the room. The bedroom is the most intimate place in an apartment in which you need to create a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. According to statistics, we spend about a third of our lives in this room. Therefore, it is very important to create positive energy in it. The rules of feng shui will help. With their help you can arrange a bedroom with all the nuances.

    • Feng Shui bedroom: like this
    • Ideal bedroom for feng shui: rules and recommendations
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    • The location of the bed in the bedroom relative to the door
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Feng Shui bedroom: like this

The vast majority of people, conceiving a repair or a small room transformation, Not at allyvayutsya about the smallest detail, which play a key role. According to the philosophy of feng shui, even trifles in the interior carry a certain energy and are able both to attract and repel success, wealth, happiness and prosperity. On how to properly equip a bedroom for feng shui, read on.

Positive energy, called in Chinese science - Qi, is created in a room equipped according to all the rules. Everything is taken into account: from choosing a color solution to the smallest accessories.

Purple color is great for a bedroom made by Feng Shui Purple color is great for a bedroom made with feng shui

The bedroom interior is thought through very carefully. From the choice of the location of the room depends on the overall emotional state between two people sharing one bed. It is important to create a comfortable and tranquil environment, which has for the intimacy of the moment and solitude. In Feng Shui this room is given a lot of attention.

Amulets and symbolic figurines are only welcome. The main thing is to choose the right talisman for the bedroom. The money amulet for the intimate zone does not fit in any way. To find the ideal symbol for a couple will help specialists in stores selling relevant attributes.

Ideal bedroom for Feng Shui: rules and recommendations

Positive energy Qi, which is the basis of all the teachings of feng shui, remains only in the room that is equipped according to all the rules. If you intend to think over the design of a bedroom taking into account all aspects of Chinese science, then the tips given below will help you correctly arrange furniture and competently furnish the room.

The rules for a bedroom in Feng Shui are:

  • Room decoration - soft and calm shades.
  • The bed is located in the right place( read more about this).
  • The furniture items in the room are not angular, but bent.
  • Required order in the room.
  • The bedroom is located as far as possible from other people's views( deep into the apartment).
  • The furnishings symbolize the fullness and harmony without a single hint of loneliness.
  • Reflection of desires through objects and accessories( paintings, figurines).
  • Correctly selected lighting.
  • Romantic atmosphere created by the details of the interior.

In the bedroom on Feng Shui you need to place a minimum number of decor elements that harmoniously fit into the interior and give it a completed look In the bedroom for Feng Shui, you must place a minimum number of decor elements that harmoniously fit into the interior and give it a complete look.

The above rules apply to the interior design of the living room. To increase the positive energy in this room it is recommended to install a fireplace. But it is worth remembering that the corners in the room are unfavorable zones in which the negative accumulates. The fireplace will reflect a bad energy, spreading around the house an atmosphere of comfort and coziness.

A small recommendation - the design of the bedroom does not imply the presence of an aquarium. By feng shui, water is a symbolic sign for the flow of money and concomitant luck. The aquarium in the bedroom is not recommended because this room is designed for relaxation and relaxation. It is best to put it in the living room, kitchen, office.

Avoid a large number of plants in the room. Ideal - Sheffler and Nephrolepis. They help to increase the humidity in the room and perfectly cope with cleaning the air of harmful impurities coming from the street.

Mirror in the bedroom by feng shui

Mirrors. .. Should they be in the room and can anyone imagine a design without them?In fact, the choice regarding the use of mirror surfaces in the room is purely individual. If you go to the issue from afar and be guided by feng shui, then there must always be one full-height mirror in the apartment. Thus you make it clear to yourself that you are a single whole, unbreakable and united.

The mirror for the bedroom, according to Chinese philosophy, must meet the requirements:

  • No angular shapes. The mirror should be strictly round, as it calms the energy of a person.
  • The mirror surface must be enclosed in a frame. Otherwise, the positive energy will not be retained in its reflection.

The size of the mirror can be any. Depending on the size of the room, its parameters you choose, based on your own wishes. But, remember the angular forms!Mirrors should not "heavier" the room with their presence, so use no more than one in the room.

In the bedroom on Feng Shui you need to place a mirror of circular shape In the bedroom of Feng Shui, you need to place a round mirror

When looking at yourself in a mirror surface, be sure to smile. Such a gesture will adjust to positive and raise self-esteem.

As for placing the mirror in the bedroom, there are some rules:

  1. The mirror must be placed opposite the family photos. Thus, positive energy from pleasant memories will be reflected not only in the mirror glass, but throughout the room.
  2. You can not place a mirror in front of the input openings. Positive energy will volatilize through the open doors.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to place mirror surfaces opposite the bed. From the point of view of the philosophers of Chinese science, this is very dangerous, since mirrors are considered conductors in parallel worlds.

Specialists involved in the arrangement of rooms, taking into account all the rules of Chinese science, recommend to "hide" the mirror. The correct location is in the cabinet door. In such a place it is ideally hidden from prying eyes and does not overload the space.

The arrangement of mirrors positively affects the mood and self-esteem.

The location of the bed in the bedroom relative to the door

If you intend to make your love corner in the style of Chinese philosophy, then pay attention to the main object in the room.

Initially, it is worth considering the location of the bedroom in the apartment and arranging a corner of love better away from:

  1. Bathroom or toilet room.
  2. Kitchens.
  3. Entrance door.

Bed in the bedroom on Feng Shui should have a headboard to the south A bed in the Feng Shui bedroom should be positioned with a headboard to the south.

The layout of the sleeping area must also take into account an important point, such as the location of the bed. Having it in the wrong place, there will be constant problems with sleeping or disagreements in family life. Develop the future design of the room, taking into account the recommendations of Chinese philosophers.

Feng shui is not recommended to put a bed in the bedroom:

  1. At the beginning of the room.
  2. Between the window and the front door.
  3. Opposite the mirrors.
  4. Next to the working area.
  5. The headboard to the entrance door.

The location of the bed in the bedroom relative to the through opening is described not only in Feng Shui. Even for personal reasons, it is not recommended to put a bed in front of the door, as strangers will see the intimate place of solitude.

The most advantageous arrangement of a bed in a bedroom is in the south. This place contributes to the activation of vitality and energy flows. The intimate life of young people will noticeably change, bright colors and long-forgotten emotions will again prevail over stiffness and discontent.

Tips: how to put a bed in the bedroom relative to the door( video)

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy aimed at creating a harmonious existence of man and nature. Thinking over the design of the bedroom, taking into account all the rules, you can achieve tremendous changes in the emotional background of the family and draw positive energy into the house.

Design bedroom by feng shui( Photo Interior)