Bedroom in Scandinavian style: interior photo, design Swedish ready

The bedroom, executed in the Scandinavian style, looks elegant and at the same time strictly The bedroom made in the Scandinavian style looks elegant and at the same time strictly The interior of the bedroom in the Scandinavian style is distinguished by a kind of warmth and a cozy atmosphere. Simple lines and forms, uncomplicated color scale, discreet furniture and interior objects - this is the mysterious attraction of this trend in design. We can say that the Scandinavian style is a kind of combination of minimalism with special functionality, which is so appreciated by modern people. This direction finds many admirers from all over the world, therefore there is enough photo with the interior in this subject.

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Scandinavian bedroom style: a general characteristic of

Often people try to pile up rooms unnecessary objectThere are shelves, shelves, numerous sofas and tables, carpets and paintings. In the design of the room the Scandinavian style operates the rule "the simpler, the better."This is the special attraction of the direction. Thanks to the skillful combination of furniture, accessories and exterior finishing, a very beautiful interior is obtained.

The design of the bedroom in the Scandinavian style assumes:

  1. The predominance of natural shades for decoration or furniture( white, pink, mint, blue, green, blue, brown, beige).
  2. Bonding the wall, which has the head of the bed, contrasting wallpaper with floral motifs.
  3. No curtains or curtains for illumination by the light of the entire room.
  4. Use only natural materials( fabrics, wood).
  5. The presence of large mirrors in the room.
  6. The predominance of minimum shades.

In the interior, made in the Scandinavian style, often prevails white Scandinavian style is often reflected in the interior of an apartment of natural and natural textures. The interior is made in Scandinavian style, white is predominantly

.The color scheme of the premises is the most modest, but overwhelmingly white and beige shades predominate. They set the tone for the whole room. The bedroom made in this style will turn out to be the most romantic, despite the absence of exciting and passionate shades( red, burgundy, brown).

Doing repairs in the bedroom under the Scandinavian style is a pleasure. The design is uncomplicated to the point that it is not difficult to implement it in any apartment. White walls and a ceiling, in a combination to wooden floors, give an unreal number of opportunities for realization of any ideas.

The bedroom or other room, made in the Scandinavian style, has no age restrictions. Fans of this direction are both young virtuosos, and adult personalities. Absolutely everyone can find a reflection of this style in their home, because the decisive details are furniture and accessories.

Putting a large cabinet with a lot of boxes is a big crime for this direction. In the Scandinavian style, the parts play a greater role than decoration, so give preference to small chests of drawers.

Those who can not boast of large dimensions of the apartment, trying to make the space functional and comfortable. Living-bedroom is an excellent alternative. Zoning is easy to do with a fabric curtain or a small wood partition. This method is reflected in the studio apartments.

Decorative bedroom decoration in Scandinavian style

Each direction in the design corresponds to certain color combinations. For the Scandinavian style, the key shade was white. He overwhelmingly prevails in the room, resembling a blank canvas of paper. With the help of accessories and furniture, original strokes are introduced, like strokes in a painting. This analogy allows us to accurately represent this direction.

As decor elements for the bedroom, which is made in the Scandinavian style, wooden figures of animals or soft ottomans As the decor elements for the bedroom, which is made in the Scandinavian style, wooden animal figures or soft ottomans are suitable.

The bedroom decoration in the Scandinavian style is subject to certain rules:

  1. The walls must be white. For this, decorative plaster, paint or wallpaper is suitable.
  2. One wall should be different from the others by gluing in contrasting wallpapers with a light floral or natural print.
  3. The floor is lined with laminate or parquet board with imitation of wooden texture. In extreme cases, you can use linoleum.
  4. The ceiling, as well as the wall, must be white. For its implementation are suitable as suspended structures from gypsum board, and stretch glossy or matt canvases. Some designers make the ceiling wooden using decorative beams. This option is also welcome.

Despite the fact that the basic color in the Swedish design is white, the special charm and beauty of the room is added by the details of the interior. They make finishing touches, allowing the room to be called a complete incarnation.

White is the most common color in Scandinavian style. It is used everywhere: when decorating the ceiling, walls, floors, furniture and even accessories.

Special attention deserves the introduction of Scandinavian style for the attic. A dark shade of a parquet board with a combination of white walls is a continuous aesthetic pleasure!When transforming into an attic, try to make as many windows as possible. A lot of sunlight and bright lighting are "chips" of Scandinavian style. Even a small attic, once with an unpretentious appearance, will play with new colors!Independently implement the Swedish style will help photos on the Internet and video, thanks to which you can podcherpnut ideas and start to implement!

Interior of a bedroom in Scandinavian style: photos and ideas

"Northern" direction in design is gaining popularity. It enjoys special love in Europe: almost every third resident can find an apartment or a house using the Scandinavian style. The excitement is connected with simplicity, bordering on functionality.

The Scandinavian style will perfectly fit a bed with forged metal residents The Scandinavian style perfectly fits a bed with forged metal backgrounds

Thanks to the Internet, you can admire a few hundred or even thousands of photos, which clearly shows the introduction of Scandinavian style in the bedroom. The combination of several designs in one project, the embodiment of northern motifs according to all the design rules, unusual design solutions. The finished bedroom design with Scandinavian style visually shows the location of all the interior details and the correct use of materials.

Bedroom in Swedish style

The Scandinavian style embodies serenity and pacification. Swedish design is the second name of the direction. The double name is due to the fact that this style originates in Norway and Finland. However, it is based on traditional Swedish design options for the room.

Due to the fact that the history of the Scandinavian style begins in the north, the design recommendations are based on bright premises and the addition of a huge number of light sources. The use in the bedroom of a lot of lamps, chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps and other lighting devices in the Swedish interior has a positive effect, creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

A cozy bedroom in the Scandinavian style( video)

Scandinavian style - restrained, sometimes even gloomy and harsh, which may seem at first glance. In fact, with a skillful combination of accessories, lighting and furniture, a very nice and cozy room is obtained, in which you want to spend more time. This direction for the bedroom - the ideal solution, because the style sets a certain romantic atmosphere because of the many lighting devices and related details.

design bedroom Scandinavian style( interior photo)