Design of a small bedroom 12 sq.m. M photo: real interior, ideas of meter rooms, a classic renovation project

Correctly chosen interior, even a small bedroom will make a cozy and stylish Correctly selected interior even a small bedroom will make cozy and stylish When repairing a small room, there are many problems. It is necessary to fill the room functionally, while not losing the comfort and not turning the bedroom into an even smaller and cluttered room. Bedroom - lounge, private space. Despite the fact that the bedroom is more intimate and the guest's view rarely penetrates there, do not forget that the atmosphere created in your bedroom will set the tone for your mood.

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Real bedroom design 12 sq. M.M: photo

In the bedroom we come to retire, relax, spend time with your loved ones. The first thing we see after awakening is our bedroom. Feeling of the ease of the room, should remain even after the completion of the repair and placement of all accessories and accents. You can always change something, even the smallest room after the completion of a thoughtful repair will become a favorite place for solitude.

Make the bedroom interior harmonious with practical furniture and beautiful decor elements To make the bedroom interior harmonious with practical furniture and beautiful decor elements

To make the interior of the bedroom succinct and modern, you need to choose:

  • Style;
  • Colors;
  • Required furniture.

The bedroom design can be anything, it can be created by the designer, based on the wishes of the client, or the owner of the room, it does not matter. The main thing to remember is that whatever style of the future room was not chosen, all recommendations for repairing small bedrooms are mandatory for execution.

Before starting the repair, it is necessary to take into account all the parameters of the future bedroom. First, who will be the master?Will it be childish?Or the room of a teenager?Or will the room be a fortress for the family hearth of a young couple?Secondly, the shape of the room is very important. It can be a narrow rectangular, maybe square. Thirdly, whether there will be a bedroom with a balcony or a loggia. Will there be an opportunity to expand the room.

Color bedroom design 12 sq. M.M in a successful style

The simplest way to make a small bedroom of 12 m2 practical, cozy and functionally filled is zoning. A classic way of zoning your home is to design walls with different styles. Light shades can be present in the area of ​​the cabinet, and more passionate shades, for example, red, in the zone of rest and sleep. It is possible to decorate the style in beige color. The one-tone bedroom in beige design looks stylish.

The most successful little bedroom will look in beige color The most successful small bedroom will look in beige color

The blue color will make the atmosphere in the bedroom on the south side cooler, while the azure notes will expand the space.

Soft green shades, herbs are traditionally considered soothing. The sleeping area in this color is not bad for relaxation. The color of passion is red and its hues, despite the fact that they are dark, simply have to be present in the interior of the bedroom, if the host and hostess of the room are passionate natures.

A romantic and natural design suits the pink and purple bedroom design. Different flower shades. Highlighting different lighting squares is an effective way to separate the different zones of functionality. It is possible to use dividing structures, partitions, but when using them, it is necessary to pay attention to the material from which they are made. All materials used are preferably chosen for light structure. It is necessary to avoid heavily bulky and massive structures.

Bedroom design ideas 12 sq. M.M: competent repair

The main ideas of the design of the twelve-meter bedroom are aimed at a visual, and perhaps real expansion of the room.

Visually expand the space in the bedroom you can use mirrored surfaces Visually expand the space in the bedroom with the help of mirror surfaces

The main color rule is light increases and the darker reduces:

  1. Cold shades are preferable, for example, blue, space expands, And orange will reduce it.
  2. You can use straight lines, dark spots, contrast space to cut. The visually correct rectangle of the room is divided into parts that are mutually exclusive.
  3. Avoid too obvious color contrasts. One contrasting detail can negate all efforts to expand space.

Use to increase your home - light. Light will not only create a cosiness in the bedroom, but will also reveal the entire space of the room. If sunlight does not come in sufficient quantities, pay attention to artificial lighting.

Get rid of the trash. Especially memorable things, of course, you can leave, but do not try to fill every free centimeter with trinkets. Minimum of details.

Significantly help to increase the bedroom bright floor and ceiling. Using a single color policy in the design of walls and ceiling, you expand the room. The mirror space will be expanded. Get furniture from glass and mirrors, cover the wall with a mirror tile, and you will see a miracle.

Cozy design of a narrow small bedroom of 12 sq. M.M

The problem of the shape of the room can be added to the problem of a small area. The room is rectangular, narrow, elongated even more aggravates the situation of a small area. The only way out is to divide the narrow room into two functional areas. This method seems real, but is suitable for a large room.

Beautiful and high-quality lighting devices can make the bedroom more comfortable and comfortable Beautiful and high-quality lighting fixtures can make the bedroom more comfortable and comfortable

Some design techniques can help to save the situation, with the help of which space becomes cozy. The main task is to make a square shape from a rectangular shape. Just remove the accents from the long walls and select short ones.

Ideas for design:

  1. Sofa-sofa. This method divides the room in half, assembled in combination with a coffee table, the room turns into a living room. If the sofa is disassembled, then part of the room becomes a bedroom. If you combine with a computer table, you get an office. The necessary office equipment simply should be placed on it.
  2. Color zoning. The use of joyful and juicy colors in the bedroom area, and cream and beige in the other zone, visually differentiate the space.
  3. Lighting. Less illuminated side of the bedroom is highlighted with a bright and bright, monophonic wallpaper with a small pattern. Lighting of the dark side should be maximum.
  4. Light parquet. To maximize the effect of light-colored floors, parquet panels must be laid perpendicularly to long walls.
  5. Furniture along short walls.
  6. Podium. Build the podium, with a retractable storage system at the bottom. This design can also become a real bed, just lay a mattress and decorate the design with pillows.
  7. Photo wallpapers, as an accent must be placed on short walls. Long walls let remain neutral.
  8. Mirrors. Do not get carried away with mirror surfaces, because from a cozy room, the room can turn into a dance hall.

Interior of a small bedroom in a private house 12 sq. M.M: photo

Happy owners of a private house can afford to use the bedroom as intended. There is no need to accommodate in a small area the functional purposes of several rooms. To store things in the house plan, as a rule, separate rooms are allocated. The project of a private house originally implies an individual approach.

When decorating a bedroom, you need to pay attention even to small details of the interior, in order to make the atmosphere in the room homely and unforgettable When designing a bedroom, you need to pay attention even to small interior details in order to create an atmosphere in the room of a home and unforgettable

Accordingly, the number of rooms and their functional purpose are planned in advance.

Bedroom in such a house can be decorated with a style different from the general atmosphere. In such a room it becomes possible to realize all your fantasies, because there is no need to visually try to maximize the room. It is enough to make the room light, cozy, laconic.

How to decorate a small room 12 meters

We have already discussed the basic principles of design, but what about furnishing your home, and not spoil the effect of a thoughtful decor?

For a small bedroom, experts recommend choosing a compact but functional furniture For a small bedroom, experts recommend choosing a compact but functional furniture


  • Maximize space. We use chandeliers and built-in lamps, not bedside lamps and massive floor lamps.
  • Multifunctional furniture. The modern market provides various models of furniture. If you do not pick up anything in the mas- market, any fantasy furniture will be custom-made for you. For example, attach a shelf to the wall, which can be used as a bedside table.
  • Small room - for small furniture. Forget about the massive wardrobes, huge corner sofas with armchairs in the kit.
  • Make the most of the space. For example, outside the door of the room you can hang some things, simply by attaching hooks.
  • The bed is better to choose, so that it was not only a sleeping place, but also a way to store things, at least bed linens and pillows. Or that the bed is neatly arranged, or hid, for example, moved out of the niche. Avoid the massive headboard by the bed.
  • The air mattress is very convenient to use as a sleeper. Just blow it when it's not necessary.
  • Desks can be screwed to the wall and used for their intended purpose or as shelves for storage.
  • Cabinets can also be mounted at height.
  • Shelves and furniture choose angular so that each corner of your home is functionally filled.
  • Instead of a massive wall-to-wall cabinet, use simple hangers to store things.
  • Curtains should frame the window, especially if it is large. Replace the dense fabric with a light tulle.

Minimalism in the environment will also help. Do not use too many small parts.

Fabulous design of a children's bedroom 12 square meters. M: ideas

When creating an interior design in a small nursery, it is necessary to decide whether you will increase the room in fact( maximum space release) or it will be a visual increase. If you decide to use a strip in the interior, remember that the horizontal visually increases the length, and the vertical width of the room. Bright spots can eat all visually free space.

The children The children's bedroom can be decorated in a fairytale style, decorating the room with bright decorations

However, the children's bedroom does not accept boring beige, white tones. The design of the children's bedroom, albeit small, should contain bright spots, juicy pictures, adhere to the logic of using color and visually look at the result. Bright elements will add vitality to the interior and make it interesting.

When choosing colors and furniture in a child's bedroom, do not forget about his age.
For the baby, warm, calm shades are recommended. Dense curtains on the windows block too strong sun rays. Interior for a baby at the age of about 3 years requires a soft and warm mat. To the baby was comfortable crawling on the floor.

At an age when a child begins to study the world, it is necessary to remember his safety. Choose furniture with rounded edges. A huge joy for the child will be the creative zone, the ability to draw on a large canvas, perhaps on special wallpaper or stands.
Designing an interior for a child of school age, with great attention should be taken to the working area of ​​the child. The area where the child spends the maximum amount of time doing lessons, reading, developing, should be well lit. Chairs are better to choose with adjustable legs.

In the design of rooms for girls can be present butterflies, flowers, hearts. Blue and blue are considered optimal for boys. The theme of the cosmos is auto and marine design - it is traditionally considered suitable for boys.

We design a small bedroom 12 sq.m. M( video)

If you do not clutter the room with furniture, use color combinations correctly, the bedroom area of ​​12 m2 can be considered sufficient for a bedroom of one, and possibly several children.

Design of a small bedroom of 12 sq. M.m( interior photos)