Meters for water: what is best for hot water for cold water, choose meters, set in apartment

Installation of measuring instruments on water, as a rule, significantly reduces the payment of bills Installing measuring devices on the water, as a rule, significantly reduces the payment of accounts. For some time, water meters have become a necessity, as it allows more accurate calculation of water consumption in each apartment and saving the money of living families. Since the norm of water used to be multiplied by all inhabitants of the house, the result did not always correspond to the expectations of the owners, because, in fact, there can not, for example, a large family spend the same resources as a couple living together.

    • How to use water meters
    • Types of water meters
    • Connecting a cold water meter
    • Features of a hot water meter
    • Qualitative water meters: which one to choose
    • Domestic and foreign water meters:What are the best
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What are the water meters for

Water meters are needed primarily for those who use it, Living in apartment buildings or in the private sector.

Counters provide significant cost savings, since the payment is made at the actual expense The counters provide significant cost savings because the payment is made at the actual flow rate

At the same time, the family gets certain advantages:

  • Water meters can significantly reduce the cost of utilities;
  • After installation, it is possible to plan the costs of hot and cold water and do not overpay for it;
  • You do not have to pay for water resources during your absence, as it happened before - it concerns both an apartment and your own house.

Water meters measure the amount of water in cubic meters. The owner can control the flow according to his needs. Usually, this approach gives a positive result in the form of savings of up to 40% of monetary investments.

In order to install the device, it is enough to contact the employees of the branch of the water canal in their area. If you fulfill certain requirements, and also registered properly, you can install devices.

Variety of water meters

In addition to the fact that water meters are different, both domestic and industrial, they can also depend on the power grid or work with the help of batteries. But there are devices that do not require electrical power.

The most popular inexpensive tachometric counters The most popular inexpensive tachometric counters are

. Their views differ not only in energy consumption, but also in their internal device:

  1. The tachometric counter is the most common. Such mechanical devices are arranged simply, the basis of them is a turbine or an impeller - an impeller, for different pipe diameters. They are quite suitable for use in an apartment, despite the low accuracy. In comparison with single-jet, multi-jet instruments are able to show measurements more accurately. They do not need a power source.
  2. Electromagnetic devices operate by magnetic induction and are more suitable for installation for the entire house.
  3. In multi-apartment buildings where the accounting system is fully automated, it is better to install a water meter with a pulse output, although it is rather expensive in cost, because of the use of innovative technologies in the device.
  4. In industrial facilities it makes sense to set the type of vortex, volumetric counters, and also instruments using ultrasound.

When installing the water metering device in a private house, a sealed street well is used, where the water meters are located.

The bottom and walls of such a well must necessarily be dry, although the model is equipped with a protective casing.

Sometimes the device is placed in a well outside the house, as directed by the water canal department, and its length is determined by special services.

Connecting a cold water meter

You can install water meters on cold water yourself. To do this, you need to know the overall design of the device.

You can install the counter yourself, but you must notify the controlling organization You can install the meter yourself, but you must notify the monitoring organization

Basic components:

  • Household water meters consist of a shut-off valve that must be installed against the flow of water;
  • The filter, which is a grid, is designed to hold small particles that can cause clogging;
  • To ensure that the water meter reading is not "unwound", there is a non-return valve.

In addition, there are cases when there is a water intake device in front of the shut-off valve. Then you have to call the masters, who will find a solution to this problem. After all, the appliance should be located close to the outlet of the pipe into the apartment.

If, after some time, the water pressure has greatly decreased, this may mean that the water meters are clogged. In order to clean the filter of the device, qualified help is required, since the installed counter is being sealed. In general, its service life is up to 16 years.

Features of the hot water meter

The device for the calculation of hot water is necessary, if only because there are situations when cold tap water can flow for a long time from a hot tap. This process can be influenced by a certain water disposal, the size and condition of the pipes, and much more. A total of 10-15 minutes of pouring can be used up several liters of water, for which you still have to pay. To avoid this, you should choose a device with a special thermal sensor, and then the problem will be solved.

To save on hot water will allow a meter with a temperature sensor It is possible to save on hot water with a counter with a

temperature sensor. Such a device detects the temperature of the water used. If it is higher than +40 degrees, it is paid as hot.

The new models introduced in this market allow the installation of intermediate temperatures. Warm and hot water is not the same, and in such cases, prices for unheated water will be much lower.

In order to mount the meter, it will be necessary: ​​

  • Close the water taps;
  • After this, a part of the pipe is cut off after the blocked hot tap;
  • The rotation speed of the filter is calculated so as not to damage the tap in the future;
  • The nozzle is mounted, after which a water meter is installed on the bottom, it is attached to the back valve;
  • Next, ensure its tightness using the connecting part of pipes and glue, or by sealing.

After installing the corners and clamps, it is necessary to check the device to ensure the reliability of its operation.

Qualitative water meters: what to choose

When buying water meters, you can get lost, since both Russian and foreign brands are in demand.

As a rule installers offer their devices, which are somewhat more expensive than those purchased independently As a rule, installers offer their devices that are somewhat more expensive than those purchased independently

Of the most popular models are:

  1. Mechanical, prototypes;
  2. Electronic devices with liquid crystal display, in addition, the meter can be remote, that is remote;
  3. Digital constructions, allowing, when taking indicators, send them by e-mail.

You can buy non-magnetic models that are safe for health, and when operated, there is no problem with confusion. Reviews about neodymium magnetic devices repeatedly confirm the inexpediency of their acquisition.

When choosing, it is necessary to know which meters are suitable for indoor premises, and which are suitable for street wells.

It does not hurt to inquire about the features of the chosen model, what material the body is made of and what the service conditions are.

Domestic and foreign water meters: which is better

Choose a quality device is difficult, because the recommended names can not say anything. In this case, consumer feedback will help.

Domestic meters have a more attractive price Domestic counters have a more attractive price

Gradually a certain rating of water meters has been developed, which enjoy the well-deserved trust:

  1. Viterra devices from the German manufacturer are high-quality products that are highly accurate. Can be applied, both in a private house, and in an apartment.
  2. Siemens is well known in various fields of technology, it also produces water meters using the latest developments.
  3. The Russian models are represented by the companies Betar and Meter. These devices are of high quality, and a wide choice is not limited to home appliances.

In addition, many models can be bought for a long life and at a very affordable price.

How to choose a counter for water( video)

The practicality and reliability of the device depend on a competent choice. Expensive products do not always guarantee quality, so you should pay attention to the reviews of real people. You can purchase the device at a very reasonable price, if you plan all the details of the purchase in advance. Having studied and evaluated all the pros and cons of different products, you can avoid many disappointments in the future.