Technology Knauf drywall wall and partitions: sheets mounting GCR, system and device

The Knauf mounting system differs little from the standard installation procedure. However, there are some differences, they will be discussed below. Along with the plasterboard material, Knauf brought special technology and general recommendations for the installation of partitions.

When laying Knauf plasterboard, you need to keep track of cross-shaped seams, which should not be When laying Knauf plasterboard, you need to keep track of the cross stitches that should not be

They look like this:

  1. Each set of partitions has upper and lower rails and racks. These racks can have a different width, which depends on the height of the room where the installation is supposed, as well as on the weight of the overall structure.
  2. To attach the guides, it is recommended to use dowels, it is necessary to fix at least 3 points.
  3. To install the rack profiles, a distance of 600 mm should be observed, in some cases the distance can be reduced.
  4. To fix the racks, you should use the method of "cutting with the bend", it is allowed to use special Knauf self-cutters.
  5. To attach the device to a false ceiling, it is necessary to comply with the fire resistance class.
  6. Mineral wool can be used for soundproofing.
  7. For the installation of sheets, a "butt" method should be used, that is, lay them without a gap.

In addition to the above recommendations, it is necessary to take into account the installation features of the frame. To ensure that the whole system has served for a long time, it is necessary to ensure that the joints from the GKL-partition above the opening of the door are not located on the posts attached to the box.

In addition, the seam should be made so that it is in the part of the intermediate guide that is above the horizontal beam. The horizontal beam serves as the upper boundary. Adherence to these recommendations will help you make a long-lasting quality design.

Qualitative partitions from GKL on the Knauf system: what will affect the choice of the

kit There are different types of partitions that are suitable for different room parameters. At the moment, there are about 25 sets for installation of partitions on the Knauf system. All sets are marked with the letter "C", which is combined with a certain number of the set.

Before you prepare tools for installation using Knauf technology, you need to study the parameters of the living room Before preparing tools for mounting with Knauf technology, it is necessary to study the parameters of the housing

To select the suitable installation kit, consider the following factors:

  • Room or room height;
  • Desired sound level;
  • Possible load on the wall in the form of furniture or appliances;
  • Availability of communication systems;
  • Door type or missing;
  • Desired partition height;
  • Temperature in the room and humidity level;
  • Type of room and its function( bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room).

Once you have defined the parameters of the room, it will be much easier for you to choose a partition. For example, a bedroom adjacent to a kitchen or living room requires a high degree of sound insulation, so the installation kit should be chosen appropriate. If the bedroom is adjacent to the wall of the neighboring apartment, the more so the partition should be with a high degree of protection from unwanted noise.

Modern technology Knauf and drywall: walls and partitions( video)

Gypsum plasterboard partitions Knauf is a worthy and reliable way to build a wall in the desired location. Simplicity and ease of use, installation will help make the installation process easy and enjoyable. With this technology, the issue of excessive noise will be forever closed to you.