Plasterboard walls: finishing with own hands, design and layout, how to put, pros and cons, step by step instruction

Quickly change the interior of the room can be done with the plasterboard walls Quickly changing the interior of the room can be done with the plasterboard walls Drywall walls are mainly used for repairing apartments and private houses in order to make the walls smoother, more straight and smoother. This is required due to the fact that earlier when building multi-storey construction, builders literally had no idea what level walls were. There are several options for alignment. In particular, by applying a plurality of plaster layers along the beacons. It's a great way, but long enough, expensive and dirty. Staining of walls with GKL sheets is a more optimal way out of the situation, since it is not required to carry out roughing and finishing works, since everything is done on a dry one.

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Scheme of a wall from gypsum board

It is worth noting that the scheme for building a wall of plasterboard is standard, regardless of what it is used for: decoration, re-planning or alignment, as it requires the purchase of rack and rail profiles, screws and sheets of GKL.To transform the room through gipsokartonnyh sheets with their own hands, you need not only a step-by-step instruction, but also interesting decor options, so that the wall was unusual, original and stylish.

Before proceeding with the installation of plasterboard walls, it is necessary to think in advance of where the door and window openings will be placed Before proceeding with the installation of gypsum board walls, it is necessary to plan in advance where door and window openings will be located.

For example, you can:

  • Create a niche or a compartment under the backlight that creates a 3D volume;
  • Make artificial window openings, decorating them with photo wallpaper, which visually expands the space;
  • Make a wall with a circular opening;
  • Form a relief wall covering;
  • Round the ends and remove corners from the gypsum board wall turning from a semi-circular shape.

All this can be done with gypsum boards and metal profiles.

GKL is considered a very plastic canvas, with a competent approach. The options for creating a wall in form and configuration are simply an unlimited number, and the choice depends on the owners of the house.

Wall finishing with gypsum plasterboard

Once the framework has been prepared from the guides and rack sections, it is possible to start decorating the wall with GKL sheets.

In order to make the wall strong and practical, one should choose high quality gypsum plasterboards In order to make the wall strong and practical, it is necessary to choose high quality gypsum boards

From where exactly the structure is located, in particular:

  • In the middle of the room;
  • Along the wall;
  • At the top of the room.

The material of the relevant marking must be selected. The usual GCL material is considered standard, and it is desirable that it is moisture resistant. The main thing is to properly install the first cloth, since it depends on it the whole form of the structure. It must be mounted as tightly as possible to the side of the room. You can use a construction knife to cut the canvas.

Preparation of sheets is carried out in accordance with the size of the room and the elements of the opening. Where joints between the canvases, you need to make a bevel, the angle of which should not exceed 20 degrees.

Sheets can be fastened to self-tapping screws in the size of 3,5-35 mm. First, the angle of the GCR is fixed, and then the edges, then the middle of the canvas. This technology allows you to put the sheet as accurately and smoothly as possible.

Where the walls are made of drywall

There is far from the correct opinion that the walls of plasterboard can be installed only in single-story buildings.

Gypsum cardboard wall is capable of stylish and beautifully complement almost any interior The gypsum cardboard wall is capable of stylishly and beautifully adding to almost any interior

But in fact, with the help of such structures, the following is done:

  • Premises in cottages on any floor;
  • Apartments in multi-unit panel houses;
  • Office Rooms;
  • Shopping centers and similar buildings.

With GKL sheets it is possible to create beautiful and original interiors with re-planning of premises. It is important that it is possible to install or demolish gypsum walls without coordination with the BTI, as they are not load-bearing structures and can not affect the integrity of the slabs or their destruction. In other words, this process can not be called a capital redevelopment.

Finishing of walls with plasterboard by one's own hands

It is possible to lay gypsum board on a structure in various ways.

As a finishing finish gipsokartonnoy wall you can use a beautiful wallpaper or decorative plaster As a finishing of the gypsum board wall, you can use beautiful wallpaper or decorative plaster

In particular:

  • On one side of the frame;
  • On both sides of the frame;
  • In two layers on each side.

In order to make a wall from gypsum board it is required not only to carry out the installation, but also to carry out the final work. It is the final or in other words the finishing finish allows you to create a full-fledged view of the composition. Namely, the places where the chamfers are located, are filled with reinforcing tape, smeared with glue and left to dry completely.

It is worth noting that in this way the GCR surface is smoothed with seams and becomes a single whole coating without defects. As soon as the joints dry out, it is necessary to lay the finishing filler, which finally smoothens the seams, as well as the location of the screws or screws.

The application of the finish layer is an opportunity to perfectly prepare the coating for subsequent work, such as:

  • Wallpaper gluing;
  • Decorating with decorative plaster;
  • Wall cladding with artificial or natural stone.

Design of walls from plasterboard

Design of walls from GKL, no matter where in the hall or in the bedroom, can be both original and standard. Drywall sheets can take a variety of forms, including curved ones. To do this, they are wetted in water, and while they are wet, they are fixed to the structure in the desired form. To bend the canvas is to buy special arched varieties of canvases, which are much thinner than usual.

Select the design of plasterboard walls, taking into account the size and features of the room The design of the plasterboard wall must be selected taking into account the size and features of the room.

The design of the walls in the room can be with:

  • Arch;
  • Niche;
  • Shelf;
  • Cabinet.

Ideas of creating directly in the plasterboard wall of the curbstone are one of the most creative options for decorating a room. Especially if the wall is pastel tones, the curbstone is slightly darker by two three tones, and is decorated with LED lighting, and not light but, for example, neon, green or completely pink. To create additional elements in the wall, you need to pay attention to the creation of the drawing, as well as the calculation by the number of profiles, during the design phase.

If the partition is to be projected tightly along one wall, then it is necessary to lay electrical wires inside and immediately take out the sockets, switches and cables.

There must be lights on the wall, both wall-mounted and built-in point lights. This is how a fabulous, pleasant atmosphere will be created that will allow you to stay in a room with comfort and coziness.

Drywall walls: pros and cons

Like any material, drywall sheets have both pros and cons. Initially, it is necessary to determine what is drywall. Some masters call it a building sandwich, as it consists of several layers of different sheets. The stuffing is gypsum, and the shell is a strong cardboard. Working with plasterboard is one of the most popular today, as the material is not whimsical, not fastidious and it does not require professional special preparation for installation.

Advantages of plasterboard wall is that it is environmentally friendly and safe for health Advantages of the gypsum wall are that it is environmentally friendly and safe for health

Advantages of the direct GKL are:

  • Environmentally friendly and therefore safe for health;
  • Possibilities for the minimum amount of time to make a change of space;
  • Strength and durability;
  • Easy mounting on metal frames;
  • Capability to carry out installation without a frame;
  • Tom, that he is just cut;
  • Volume that the canvas can take any shape;
  • Optimal and affordable cost;
  • Quick installation work.

Unfortunately, the presence of negative qualities is also possible, but against the background of many advantages, most masters simply close their eyes to them.

This is:

  1. Friability. When transporting the paintings you need to be as careful as possible, since one slightest movement can lead to deformation of the sheet. Basically, the edges break and the corners crumble. If after mounting the wall it is planned to mount shelves or flower pots, then the base of the wall should be a strong metal frame.
  2. The material practically does not tolerate a low temperature and if the room is less than 10 ° C, then the installation work is prohibited.
  3. When the wall is made of GCR, the space of the room is reduced by at least 5 cm.

Ideas of plasterboard walls in the apartment

As it was mentioned before, the structure of gypsum board can take various forms.

Drywall is a fairly flexible material, so it allows you to make walls or arch of any shape and size Drywall is a sufficiently flexible material, so it allows you to fabricate walls or archs of any shape and size.

Basically, they create integral walls or partial, for example:

  • Niche for TV;
  • Niche under the curtain;
  • Niche for hidden lighting;
  • Niches instead of thumbs beside the bed.

Very stylish looks room in which the multistage plasterboard ceiling smoothly passes into the wall covering. This decoration allows you to visually expand the space and make the room more attractive in appearance.

It is the drywall that is the most ideal material for redevelopment and decoration of the room. The popularity is growing every day, new ideas, designs and even mounting options appear.

We do it ourselves: plasterboard walls( video)

With such material it is possible to realize the most cherished dreams for creating a unique and creative interior. The peculiarity of the paintings is that they can be applied on a variety of decor, even tiles, though heavy wallpaper or liquid wallpaper. Depending on the chosen method of finishing, you only need to properly prepare the surface, for example, use a strong adhesive or a primer to increase strength. Learn to work with this material will be able to even the person who previously had no idea about such decoration and redevelopment of the premises. Examples

clearance plasterboard walls( photo of the interiors)