Water pump with your own hands: make homemade water, centrifugal and membrane water, pump and pear for pumping out

All materials for the water pump can be bought on a flea market or in a specialized store All materials for the water pump can be bought on a flea market or in a specialized store The main disadvantage of factory pumps is the need to connect them to electricity. But both in private cottages and in villages, electricity is often not. The factory electric pump is good, but you need to have a spare option in case of power failure.

    • How to make a centrifugal pump by yourself
    • We make the membrane pump with our own hands
    • Why do we need a water pump: we create a pump housing for ourselves
    • We recommend the following: pear for pumping
    • Make a water pump with your own hands( video)

How to make a centrifugal pump by yourself

You can make a centrifugal pump yourself in a few days. It is a pump in which the water flow and pressure are created by centrifugal force. It occurs when the moving blades of the wheel act on water.

The principle of centrifugal force is widely used in pumps. The hearts of the entrails can be marked with a spiral shape and the presence of a shaft on which the impeller is mounted.

To make a centrifugal pump with your own hands, you need to have the relevant knowledge and experience To make a centrifugal pump by yourself, you need to have the relevant knowledge and experience.

The wheel is of two types:

  • Open type;
  • Closed type.

In the open type, blades are placed on the disc. In the closed type, the blades are located between the rear and front discs. They can be located from the direction of the wheel.

To make a centrifugal pump with your own hands, you must put a valve on it for the end of one side of the water hose. Put this end into the water and fill the whole system with water.

If you do not have a free valve at hand, but there is an old washing machine, you can remove the valve from it. In old washers there are test tubes that are suitable for closing excess holes in the pump mechanism.

For proper design, it is recommended to draw the pump in two projections so that you understand the mechanism of the pump. To create it, you need to find blades to create a centrifugal force. It is desirable to choose them from strong materials, so that they do not break under the pressure of water flow. Preferably choose in favor of the metal. They are put inside the main round case, from which water will pour. It can be made from a plastic or iron barrel. Just need to reduce its size.

To create a diffusor for the flow of water, you can take plastic materials. Through it will flow a stream of water. The diffusor should be placed at an angle to the round body.

These are the basic elements that are needed to create a centrifugal pump. It can be collected from improvised means. The main thing is that the materials are quality and without cracks. If you make a pump with your own hands, then it will be able to fully provide you with water.

We manufacture the membrane pump with our own hands

For perfect watering, the membrane pump will be an excellent choice. It is a water-producing unit, which is made on the basis of cast iron.

The pump has a special element - the piston. It is needed in order to do the cleaning yourself of dirty water. This is an important nuance that plays in its favor in the selection of pumps for dachas. Self-cleaning allows not to accumulate dirt, sand, grass inside the pump.

The membrane pump can be used for pumping water that contains insoluble fractions. Sometimes it is used for pumping feces.

Before manufacturing a membrane pump, you need to watch the training video Before manufacturing a diaphragm pump, you need to look at the training video

The main element of the pump is the membrane. The membrane pump is well used in dachas where electricity is constantly cut off. In such a device, water is pumped through valves in the number of two pieces.

In order to do it yourself you will need material for:

  1. Membranes;
  2. Valves;
  3. Branch pipes.

First you have to prepare a working chamber - the space where the main pump will work. For this you can take a small metal container. You can use plastic materials. Membrane many summer residents recommend buying. This is due to the fact that it must be sealed and vacuum. Unlike the camera, valves and nozzles for which plastic materials can be used.

To make a diaphragm pump take a container, I mean, a camera, cut a hole from three sides. Use drills. On both sides on the sides there will be water, where it is necessary to install valves and branch pipes. In the third hole, from above, install the membrane. A simple design will pump out water.

If in your summer-resort area light is often lost, and there is no possibility to use an electric pump, then the membrane version will be very useful. To manufacture a membrane pump, a minimum amount of materials should be used, thus spending little money. Do the pump yourself, and you can always have access to water.

Why do I need a water pump: I build my own body for the

pump. Sometimes there are situations when the electricity is turned off. In order for you to have water constantly in the house, you need to make a water pump. This is one of the main elements of a hand pump.

With your own hands, you can make a self-made manual and diaphragm piston pump. Winged, slide, drainage and wind pump is difficult to do by yourself. There is also the so-called Musho pump, which operates on solar energy. There is also a wave pump, the principle of which is the oscillation of waves.

To make the pumps you need to take a flask. This is an ordinary case, in which the piston is placed. It in turn has two holes: output and input. Do them so that you can lift the water. Close both openings with valves. Next, make a lever to drain the water.

Make the case for the pump you need from a durable material Make the housing for the pump necessary from a durable material

A thick pipe with a diameter of 3 centimeters is suitable for the lever.

Top in the barrel make holes, side one more under the tap. Mount the hose. Note that the hose must be of the same length that it can reach the water mirror inside the well.

The pump design includes:

  • Barrel made of metal for 150-200 liters;
  • The tap for the hole on the output;
  • Hose for water intake.

On one side, flatten the tube with a hammer, and in the second side make holes for the bolt. Use the brackets to secure the lever. When you put the pump, remember that under you can be a sewage system. Clarify these moments in advance with the drawings.

The pump can be made simple enough if all the necessary materials are already available. Follow the instructions and then you can make a qualitative and error-free whole pump design.

Summer cottons recommend: pear for pumping a liquid

A pear is needed for pumping a liquid, and also used for pumping gasoline. It is often used in the automotive sphere. Each hose has its own mini-pear. You can buy such a hose in stores. Or, to buy a separate hose and a separate pear.

Pear-roll is a cylindrical shape that narrows from the sides. This is necessary to connect the hose at both ends. In the area of ​​narrowing the pear attached metal rings. This helps the hose to gain a foothold on the pear.

The pear design is:

  • Rubber form:
  • Metal rings on the ends of the crash;
  • Additional hose for operation.

A pear for pumping a liquid is inexpensive, so everyone can afford it A pour for pumping a liquid is inexpensive, so every

can afford it. It's easy to use a hose with a pear. It is enough to take one end of the hose and lower it into a well or other container with water. To determine the direction of the hose, namely, which end is lowered into the water, it is necessary to look at the pear. On it is drawn a directing arrow.

Pay attention to the arrow that is shown on the pear.

The second end is directed to a container where the liquid will pour. Then click on the pear and the water swings.

Pear serves as the simplest device to pump liquids. It can be bought in a store at low prices, which causes demand from land owners. The mechanism is easy to use. It is enough to point the end of the hoses and press on the pear.

How to make a water pump with your own hands( video)

A water pump is required at each dacha. It allows you to quickly draw water from a well. The pump can be bought in the store, but you can do it yourself. To do this, it is sufficient to choose high-quality materials and apply wit. However, one can make only pumps with their own hands, which represent a simpler design. But they are also good at pumping water. So you get one pleasure to drink water on a sunny day. Therefore we wish good luck in manufacturing the pump by our own hands!