Of gypsum cardboard construction: with their own hands how to assemble, photo angled, for editing, how to make complex

To date, the use of drywall is quite popular, because it allows you to build a structure of any shape To date, the use of gypsum board is quite popular, as it allows the construction of any form of . From such a universal and pliable material as plasterboard, today there are decorative and functional designs. Different partitions with doors and without, curved arches, multi-level ceilings and even furniture are assembled from this unique material. Any inimitable element of the interior can be collected by hand at home even a beginner master.

    Of the mouth with their own hands: types

    Gypsum plasterboard structures are a kind of box, lined with GKL sheets and decorated with decorative finishing. They are used to arrange interiors indoors. Let us consider in more detail their varieties.

    Drywall can be used for both ceilings and walls Drywall can be used for both ceilings and walls

    Types of gypsum board constructions:

    1. Ceilings. These designs are simple one-level ones, which are used for leveling the surface and complex multi-level with figured elements, backlighting, tensioning cloth, installation of various lighting systems, etc.
    2. Walls. A simple design is used to straighten the curves of the walls before the decorative finish. More complex - this, as a rule, decorative partitions for zoning rooms with all sorts of figurative elements. Also of plasterboard are built full walls to separate one room from another. They can be equipped with a door or a beautiful arch.
    3. Arches. In the form of openings, interior or decorative arches are classic( the most common type), romantic( with rectangular arches and rounded corners), as well as trapezoidal( with a vault in the form of a trapezoid).Arch-portal is rectangular in shape of the doorway, and modern - something between the portal and the classics, with a small radius of curvature. Arch ellipse - on the contrary, has a large radius of curvature, and half-arch is an asymmetric construction, one side of which is executed in the form of a portal, and the second one is any of the above varieties. Arches and semi-arches are mounted both for zoning and as a decoration.
    4. Furniture. Furniture designs from gypsum cardboard are often all kinds of shelving, shelves, niches in walls, etc. It is also possible from the GKL to build a mini-wall for a living room for a TV, a closet and a bar counter. The furniture from GKL is beautiful, original and fully functional: the frame of the construction provides for the installation of doors for niches and countertops. Moisture resistant plasterboard is great for use in the bathroom and in the kitchen. With the correct finish of it you can collect a niche for the washing machine, a stand under the sink in the bathroom and even a kitchen working area( table with a sink and storage sections).
    5. Decorative box. They are used to conceal all kinds of communications: wires, pipes, cables, etc. Plasterboard level the door and window slopes after the replacement of windows and doors, sew up the ventilation pipes when moving the kitchen and bathroom.
    6. Decor. Decorative partitions with geometric niches, curly constructions on walls and ceiling, false fireplaces and columns - all this is considered a decor.

    Drywall allows you to make an uncomplicated replanning of an apartment-studio or a separate room. Thanks to the technology of mounting this material, almost anywhere in the house can build a wall, a piece of furniture or decor.

    Decorative plasterboard structures: interior corner elements

    The corner structures of plasterboard are all kinds of decorative shelves and niches for decorating the interior or exterior corners, bar counters, portals for angled fireplaces, cabinets, mini-walls or racks. The technology of their installation is slightly different from the standard designs, but there is one important condition: the availability of a free angle in the room.

    Interesting and unusual in the interior will look creative gipsokartonnaya niche The creative gypsum board niche

    is interesting and unusual in the interior. Gypsum boards for internal and external corners have completely different specificity of the carcass installation. This is important to consider when drawing a drawing.

    Let's consider the device of an angular structure from gypsum cardboard on an example of a simple decorative shelf-niche or a rack.

    Before starting the design, it is important to determine the type of the design itself, which can be:

    • Wall( the frame is fixed directly to the wall, the floor and ceiling are not involved in this case);
    • With support on the floor( the construction is fixed to the floor, can have any height);
    • Fixed on the ceiling( in this case, the shelf-rack looks like pendant).

    It is also important to determine the functionality of this piece of furniture. If shelves or niches are planned for installation of an aquarium or similar heavy objects, there can be no talk of a hanging structure. It is much more reliable to build it with support on the floor. To accommodate books, photos, decorative dishes or other lighter interior decorations, any type of construction is perfectly suitable.

    Next, you need to measure the space allocated for the installation of the rack and draw a drawing. According to the project, the necessary materials( profile, fasteners and plasterboard itself) are counted, and their purchase.

    Preparation of materials and tools

    Any repair begins with the preparation of the necessary tools and materials. To create a simple angular structure, which is not provided for heavy interior items, you will need a minimum of effort.

    Before proceeding with the installation of gypsum plasterboard, it is necessary to prepare in advance the necessary materials and tools for work Before proceeding with installation of gypsum board construction, it is necessary to prepare the necessary materials and tools in advance for the work of

    . It is necessary to have the tool at hand:

    • Knife for gypsum board;
    • Screwdriver;
    • Impact drill;Plummet and building level;
    • Roulette, square and pencil;
    • Spatulas and construction mixer.

    In addition to the gypsum board itself, profiles and fasteners, you will need a tape to seal the joints( serpent), a perforated corner for decorating the outer corners and putty( for a further finish, it is sufficient to choose a universal option).

    Construction under gypsum board: where to start

    Any gypsum board product assumes the presence of a frame, which is further covered with sheets of gypsum board. Before starting the installation work, it is necessary to prepare the surface for the installation of the structure. If there is an old finish, it must be removed, as well as cleaning the walls of dirt and dust. The last thing you need to do in the preparation phase is to transfer the design drawing from paper to the wall using a pencil.

    In order to get a beautiful design, you need to first draw her plan and think through the design In order to get a beautiful design, you first need to draw its plan and think over the design of the

    . The device is designed for the following purposes:

    1. According to the marks, holes are drilled in the wall for further fixing the profile.
    2. To implement the corner shelf, we need two blanks from the guide profile. From the beginning of the profile we measure the length of the future shelf to the corner, make an incision, then measure the width and also cut. The procedure is repeated twice, so that as a result, when the profile is bent at the points of the cut, a rectangle is obtained.
    3. The workpiece is attached to the wall using dowels, the same is done with the second workpiece.

    For more reliable fixing and retaining the desired shape of the shelf, the bends of the profile are fixed with screws.

    Sheathing of the frame or how to assemble the structure from drywall

    Further actions assume fixing of plasterboard. To do this, in the beginning, a marking of the elements is made on the sheet of plasterboard, according to the drawing( upper and lower casing, as well as end parts).Using the level and the construction knife, we cut out the desired element, making a knife cut along the marking of one of the sides of the material, then bending the sheet at the place of the cut and slotting the cardboard from the back side.

    Install gipokartartnuyu design can be done by yourself, if you carefully read the instructions for installation It is possible to install the gypsum board structure yourself if you carefully read the installation instructions

    The upper part of the shelf is best cut with one element in order to achieve a perfectly smooth surface when further finishing.

    Next, the gypsum board is attached to the frame using self-tapping screws. At this stage, it is important to ensure that the screw caps are slightly recessed in the material. After completion of the upper plating, the lower skin is made, then the ends are lined. Next, at the joints of the drywall joints, a sickle is glued, and to the outer corners of the putty, a perforated plant is planted and a rough surface finish is made. After the putty is completely dried, it is possible to start decorating the shelf, which can be pasted with wallpaper, painted or trimmed in a combined way.

    How to assemble a plasterboard structure( video)

    Gypsum boards are a simple solution for replanning a home or renovating an interior. They can be purely decorative or fully functional. The complexity of manufacturing an element of the interior depends on the number of structural details and the presence of curly parts, as well as rounded corners. Do not be afraid to create something new, experiment and you will succeed!

    Examples of structures made of plasterboard( photo)