Dimensions gypsum cardboard: sheet thickness, GCR weight, how many standard, what is the area, the dimensions of the plate withstand

Drywall is a great material that is suitable for both ceiling and wall decoration Drywall is a great material that is suitable for both the ceiling and walls. What you will not do from a drywall is not only a suspended ceiling and walls, but also boxes, niches and interior partitions. There are a lot of options for what can be made from plasterboard, and to really make a plasterboard construction, you need to understand the types of material and its dimensions.

    • What is the size of the standard drywall sheet
    • What can be the size of the drywall sheet
    • Thickness of the plasterboard
    • Parameters: the width of the drywall
    • About how much the drywall sheet
    • is For what it is important to know the weight of the gypsum boardGypsum board
    • GKL: dimensions of the sheet for self-calculation of the material
    • Why drywall is so popular
    • Types and dimensions of drywall( video)

What is the size of the standard drywall sheet

? One can not single out one value. There are three common widths, three thicknesses and a length value. But it's not necessary that you need a standard sheet. Measure the required parameters with those that are on sale.

You can get acquainted with the main sizes of drywall in specialized stores You can get acquainted with the main dimensions of drywall in specialized stores

The most common sheet dimensions:

  • The width is 600 mm, and twice as much as 1200 mm;
  • Length or height - 2000 mm, and also 4000 mm;
  • Thickness of gypsum board - 6.5 millimeters, 8 millimeters, 9.5 millimeters, 12.5 millimeters, 14 millimeters, 16 millimeters, 18 millimeters, 18.5 millimeters, 24 millimeters and 29 millimeters.

This is something that you will definitely find on sale. If the work requires some special size, it can be ordered directly at the factory. Then in the pallet( pack) you will get what you need for specific jobs.

And if you want to calculate the parameters or find out the specific gravity of the same GCR, use the online services.

These are online calculators, where, for example, you enter the area of ​​work( the number of squares), some other values, and the calculator calculates how much material is worth buying.

What can be the size of a drywall sheet

The length of one standard sheet of gypsum board varies from 2 to 3 meters. And more precisely, there are three lengths - 2 m, 2.5 m and 3 m respectively. But there are manufacturers whose products you will find sheets of one and a half meters, 2,7 m, 3,3 m and 3,6 m

The size of plasterboard sheets should be selected taking into account the size and features of the room, where they will be installed The size of gypsum plasterboards should be selected in consideration of the size and features of the room where they will be installed.

. Well, if there is an opportunity for your order to cut gypsum boards directly at the factory. The length in this case will be the one that is optimal for your repair.

When wall covering the entire length of the wall, it makes sense to purchase long sheets. This is necessary in order to get less stitches. Jumper to put, too, do not have to.

But, for example, you have a ceiling height of 2.7 m, and the length of gypsum boards is 3 m, then you do not need to buy a drywall of this length. There will be a lot of waste, and even messing with plates that have such dimensions, are tortured. It is easier to buy GCR of the right size.

Thickness of drywall

The standard thickness of gypsum board is 6 mm, 9 mm and also 12.5 mm. You can also find a variant with thickness parameters of 6.5 mm and, respectively, 9.5 mm. Again, the order of plates in the pallet directly from the manufacturer can assume the thickness that you need.

Special attention is paid to the thickness of gypsum boards Special attention is recommended by specialists to the thickness of gypsum boards

Fire resistant and reinforced plates are available in thicknesses:

  • 15 mm;
  • 18 mm;
  • 25 mm.

The thickness of the plaster board is explained by the purpose of its application. For example, thin six-millimeter sheets are used to construct arches and similar projects. But if a large radius of bending is assumed, it is unprofitable to take such plates, flexible plasterboard is more expensive. Yes, and it will need more than twice, because the same arches make two-layered.

Sheets with a thickness of 9 mm are intended for ceilings, they do not deform in inter-profiled space. But for the walls they do not fit, not the strength. True, it is more reasonable for thick ceilings to choose thicker sheets, wall gypsum boards at twelve and a half millimeters. They are flexible enough and strong, convenient to install. I must say that this is the most demanded thickness of drywall.


drywall thickness This parameter can also be called standard - 1, 2 m. Because of this, the metal frame supports are in steps of either 0.4 or 0.6 m. However, today there are light, Convenient small sheets with half the standard sheet width. The length of such a sheet is 0,6 m - 1,5 / 2 m.

If you independently install drywall, then it is better to choose flexible plasterboard sheets If you install the drywall yourself, then it is better to choose flexible gypsum boards

These sheets are good because they are easy to place in the machine, And you can mount them alone, only applying on not very large planes. Otherwise, there will be a lot of stitching. Flexible types of drywall are also narrow. For example, the GKLD brand from Giprok can boast a width of 0.9 m.

About how much the drywall sheet weighs

The weight of the gypsum board depends on its thickness. The thickness, in turn, as already mentioned above, depends on the purpose of the GCR, on the type of drywall, its characteristics. The thickness of arched gypsum plasterboard is 6.5 mm, but the ceiling thickness is 9.5 mm.

When choosing gypsum boards it is important to consider their weight When choosing gypsum boards, it is important to consider their weight

So with a 6.5 mm thick gypsum board, the sheet weight will be 5 kg. The sheet with a thickness of 9.5 mm will weigh 7.5 kg. And the mass of the plate with a thickness of twelve and a half mm will be equal to 9.5 kg.

In accordance with GOST standard and moisture-resistant plasterboard should be with a mass of not more than 1 kg per millimeter of sheet thickness. The fireproof sheet of gypsum board will weigh about 0.8 - 1.6 kg / mm of sheet thickness. These are standard requirements.

Why it is important to know the weight of the drywall

Knowing how much the plaster board weighs will allow you to calculate both the forces expended for installation work and the ability of the construction to withstand a particular load. It is also important to know the weight that a gypsum board can withstand. This will avoid the collapse of the structure or other defects.

Knowing the weight of gypsum board, it is possible to correctly calculate the dimensions and installation options for gypsum board construction Knowing the weight of drywall, you can correctly calculate the dimensions and installation options for gypsum plasterboard

For this you need to calculate the potential load per square meter. Partitions or walls. If you want to hang something heavy, buy blank plasterboard sheets. They will withstand a load of up to 150 kg / sq. M. It is, for example, the construction, such as a wall under the sink, or a wall under the water heater( they they withstand).

GKL: dimensions of the sheet for self-calculation of the material

The size of the drywall you select only after all room measurements have been taken. Your task is to minimize the number of seams in the future gypsum plasterboard construction. And for this you need to find the right length, and also correctly place the sheets on the plane.

Before the start of the repair work, it is necessary to make a drawing of the future design Before starting repair work, it is absolutely necessary to draw a drawing of the future design

What you need to draw a surface map for:

  • If you are not a pro then do not neglect an intermediate, important job - first draw a map of surfaces;
  • Such a card can be drawn on a piece of paper in a box, the scale you choose yourself;
  • Placing sheets on this map, you will clearly see everything: how many sheets and what size you will need.

But if you really do not want to mess with the drawings, you can get a drywall from a simple principle - add about 15% of the stock to the surface area.

The stock must be taken into account. Those who are more experienced, can add only 10% of the stock, well, and beginners are "generous" for all 20%.

Again, I want to remind you that online services will quickly do all the work for you. And if you do not trust them very much, contact a good sales consultant: he will advise you how much it costs to take drywall. Well, if you do not trust this option, then for a small fee the specialist will make you a calculation. For the forest of confidence this will be enough.

Why drywall is so popular

This material has many advantages. Most importantly, what is available, how to work with it - everything is clear to everyone, at least in general terms. And, of course, it is taken into account that it is environmentally friendly material. Not industrial chemistry, not something with a long composition, but a real almost natural product.

Many people prefer to choose drywall because it is environmentally friendly and safe for health Many prefer to choose gypsum cardboard because it is environmentally friendly and safe for health

Advantages of drywall:

  • This material can support a certain microclimate;
  • It perfectly looks any kind of finish, it itself is suitable for any finish trim;
  • This is a material with excellent flexibility;
  • The spectrum of GCR application is extremely wide;
  • This is a non-flammable, fireproof material;
  • The acidity level is comparable to the acidity level of the human skin;
  • This is a non-toxic material;
  • It is worth it quite inexpensively;
  • The material is light;
  • The possibility of treatment with special compounds, due to which the GCR becomes even stronger, can become moisture-resistant or fire-resistant.

Attracts the buyer and the fact that it is possible to install luminaires inside the structure. The material has good sound insulation, and the radiation background is low. Finally, it's easy for him to work even for a beginner.

It is possible to fill cavities and openings from gypsum board, it is possible to create a relief, to repair ready-made structures.

You can erect whole architectural compositions - columns, arches, plinths, shelves. Gypsum cardboard can align walls, erect interior partitions, trim the ceiling. With the material you can work in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

Kinds and sizes of drywall( video)

Drywall material is called democratic. Skills, patience, strength, following the instructions, and you can make from it what exactly decorates your house.

Good luck in choosing!