Ceiling in the nursery: photo in the room, which is better to make a drawing, design with beveled and photo print, projector for combined, repair

Having installed a beautiful, cozy and colorful ceiling in the room, you will present the children with joy and a good mood Having installed a beautiful, cozy and colorful ceiling in the room, you will present the children with joy and good mood. The children's room is a small corner of joy and gentle carelessness that you want to fill with comfort, fun and beauty. The ceiling is a beautiful canvas for the scope of imagination. Modern technology allows you to make a ceiling with almost any pattern, any shape and any texture.

      • How to choose the ceiling design in the children's room
      • What ceiling is best to be done in the children's modern room
      • Photo printing on the ceiling in the children's room
      • How to make a drawing on the ceiling in the nursery with their own hands
      • Choosing a projectorOn the ceiling: a child's night light
      • Combined ceilings - a child's joy
      • Child with a beveled ceiling
      • Stretched ceiling in the children's room( video)
      • Ceiling in the children's room( photo)

    How to choose the ceiling design in the children's room

    The goods and services market can offer a wide variety of ceiling design options. However, if you understand the issue of design yourself, then to develop a concept for the ceiling for a child will not be difficult.

    First of all, let's figure out what to do when choosing an interior course:

    • In a baby room, pastel shades and soft light should predominate. You can move away from the stereotype of a blue color for a boy and pink for a girl. The shades of peach, gray, green, smoky pink and blue will look great in the toddler's bedroom of either sex. Think soft diffuse lighting: the presence of spots is good for children.
    • Room for the boy. If it is a question of decorating a ceiling in a room for a pre-school boy or the age of an elementary school, then you can already realize the bright and bold fantasies of the baby. Machines, paints, airplanes, space, the sea - everything that your baby likes can be represented in the decoration of the ceiling.
    • A room for a girl 3-9 years old is traditionally filled with tenderness and comfort. It will look good beautiful voluminous elements on the ceiling, emphasizing the taste and sophistication of the future lady.
    • The room of a schoolchild boy should already meet the needs of school life. A good idea is to zonate the room with a ceiling: the suspended structure can include spots for lighting individual areas above the bed or above the table.
    • The girl-school girl room should also emphasize the learning process. Ceilings help to highlight zones with light. Do not forget about the growing wardrobe of a teenage girl: it may be advisable to install a wall cabinet from floor to ceiling, which will affect the design of the ceiling.

    When choosing a ceiling in a children When choosing a ceiling in a nursery, consider the tastes and desires of your baby

    There are a lot of nuances in choosing ceilings depending on sex and age. One of the most important is that the stretch ceiling made of PVC should not be put in the room to the naughty baby. This material is unlikely to withstand the blows of the ball or any toy.

    What is the best ceiling in the children's modern room

    If we talk about the materials of the future ceiling in the nursery, then the main competitors for the place in the children's bedroom are plasterboard and stretch ceiling from PVC

    Both types of materials have advantages and disadvantages:

  1. Drywall is eco-friendly, durable, safe, it can make a beautiful design, but drywall is long and hard to install and handle.
  2. PVC film is installed for 1 day with an ideal result in the form of the desired pattern with all levels and skirting. But PVC does not breathe, and besides the stretch ceilings are very fragile and tender.

There is also always the option to make classic hand-made repairs: align and whitewash the ceiling, installing traditional lighting, without stealing a few cm of ceiling to the hanging level.

The ceiling in the children The ceiling in the children's room must be environmentally friendly and non-toxic

Choosing a ceiling, rely on financial opportunities, as well as the age of the child. For fans of balls, darts and machine guns it is better to install a gypsum plasterboard ceiling.

Photo printing on the ceiling in the children's room

Photo printing is usually done on a fabric stretch ceiling. It is an environmentally friendly material, durable and beautiful. And choose your drawing will help you your children!

Often for children choose:

  • cartoon-heroes;
  • the starry sky;
  • images of plants and animals;
  • abstract fantasy pictures;
  • ornament;
  • landscapes.

Be sure to discuss with the child what image he would like to see on his ceiling. Do not impose your will;Remember that this is primarily his room.

Photopic on the ceiling will make the children Photo printing on the ceiling will make the children's room original, bright and cozy

Be careful with the choice of cartoon characters. The taste for cartoons can change faster than the stretch ceiling.

How to make a drawing on the ceiling in the nursery with your own hands

To make the picture on the ceiling neat, warm and with a soul, you can probably make a drawing yourself. This can be done on almost any surface, but more often a smooth, primed drywall is used.

How to draw on the ceiling without having special artistic skills:

  1. Stencils. Decorating with stencils will allow you to make an image of flowers, animals, inscriptions, patterns, etc. Pay special attention to creating a stencil. The paint can be used water-based.
  2. A plain roller. With its help, it's easy to create a gentle repeating pattern across the entire ceiling or only in its individual parts.
  3. Stamps. Stamping is a fashionable, beautiful way to paint the ceiling. Stamps can be used even by children.
  4. Of course, you can paint the ceiling by hand. Make a detailed sketch and dare if you are confident enough in your abilities. Popular image of the sky and flowers.
  5. Draw with the projector. You can place the desired image directly on the ceiling with the projector, and then draw this picture by hand.

The image of the sun on the ceiling in the children The image of the sun on the ceiling in the children's room, made by oneself, is very popular

Drawing made by own hands is an excellent experience of family creativity. Decorate the ceiling will be happy with everything: from small to large. Children will be proud of the drawings for which they worked together with adults.

We choose the projector on the ceiling: a child's night light

The projector for the ceiling perfectly diversifies the life of the child, if you pick up the toy wisely. The advantages of choosing a high-quality projector is that with such a thing you do not need to invent a very intricate ceiling.

What are the different types of children's projectors on the market for children's products:

  • Simple inexpensive projectors for the youngest show a few small pictures on the ceiling, play melodies, have beautiful light bulbs. When choosing such a projector, do not save: cheap Chinese gizmos will quickly break down or will have very low quality images and sound.
  • Home planetarium is designed for older children. Such a projector has a program of images of images of space, individual space bodies and constellations.
  • Multimedia projectors. This option will allow you to watch movies, photos and any other images of the whole family.

A plain flat surface will serve as an excellent background for a children The plain flat surface will serve as an excellent background for the

child projector. Do not skimp on the projectors!Carefully study the future purchase, check its performance before making a purchase.

Combined ceilings - children's joy

Combined ceilings have long been included in our everyday life. Combines different levels, textures, colors, and more.

The objectives of such combinations can be varied:

  1. Zoning. Using a combination of different colors or textures, you can separate the baby bed from the playing area.
  2. Framing with an additional level. Beautifully looks an additional level, framing the picture on the ceiling or a beautiful chandelier.
  3. Embossed patterns can be made using reflective materials, when the entire ceiling remains frosted.
  4. Decorative combinations of colors and textures will create an unusual pattern on the ceiling.

Combined ceiling allows children to play in new colors The combined ceiling will allow the children's room to play in new colors

Combined ceilings are not only beautiful, but also very practical!Even in children's institutions use combined ceilings to create a cheerful favorable environment.

Child with beveled ceiling

The beveled ceiling in the children's bedroom is a space for the imagination of both parents and children. The attic atmosphere will give comfort and adventure to your children.

The ceiling features affect the entire room layout:

  • In a child's room with a bevelled ceiling, there should be enough windows for better light penetration.
  • Windows should have an enhanced security system.
  • It's better to make the light completely integrated, because the chandelier in combination with the sloping ceiling will not be practical and not beautiful.
  • Furniture in such a room should not take up much space.
  • The ceiling must be sufficiently accent and expressive.

Do not be afraid to make a nursery in a room with a bevelled ceiling: with the right approach, this room will become a favorite place for kids!

Stretch ceiling in child's room( video)

Even in children's establishments use ceiling decorations to create a cheerful, friendly atmosphere. Glossy stretch ceiling - the leader in creating a holiday atmosphere, but its installation is only possible in a room with high ceilings. The decoration of not very high ceilings can also be made first-class: the ideas are contained in the network, and the experience of other people will help to highlight those types of ceilings that would fit in your interior.

The ceiling in the children's room( photo)