How to choose electric warm floors: what is better for ceramic granite, film or cable, firm, water

Electric floor heating has a long service life and excellent performance properties Electric floor heating has a long life and excellent operational properties Residents of different countries and different continents have long stretched to where they could take shelter and keep warm. This has not changed since the appearance of man on the planet and up to the present time. All of us are also looking for coziness and warmth, building large warm houses and trying to improve them to their desires, making heating. Someone buys expensive high-quality building materials, someone installs additional elements of the heating network( batteries, pipes, etc.), someone insulates the apartment or house from the inside with additional materials, and some people install a warm floor in their home. Many have heard what a warm floor is, as it is convenient with it and half of those who heard about it, dream of installing such in their home. This is especially good for families with children. Warm floors will not let you worry that a small child will catch cold while playing on the floor.

    • Kinds of warm floors: which is better
    • Advantages of warm floors and how to choose them correctly
    • Firms producing the best warm floors
    • Which warm floor is better to choose for ceramic granite
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Kinds of warm floors: which is better

The choice of a suitable underfloor should be considered, because this is not a one-day purchase, butFor years to come. Before choosing which floor it will be better to fit in the apartment and meet all wishes and hopes, it is worth familiarizing with the existing in the market modern types of floor heating.

The warm floor can be both water and electric The warm floor can be both water and electric


  • Cable;
  • Thermometers;
  • Infrared;
  • Water;
  • Film.

Cable floor heating is a heating element, which is a special cable and sectional heating parts. The cable can be either single-core or double-core. Thermometers - a kind of cable floor. Infrared floor - one of the subspecies of electric warm floors for home and apartment. It works by the type of wave radiation of heat. Most often, the material is presented in the form of infrared films. Water warm floor - floor heating is due to the circulation of warm water, which is similar to the work of radiators in the classic heating of the house.

The plus of the water floor is the fact that it can be installed even in an already built house, that is, no matter how many people live in their apartment or in their home, at any time you can install a heated floor.

The film version with heating is a kind of electric floor. The floor is heated by a specially designed heating element made in the form of a film. Such a film material can easily be laid under the flooring without any additional manipulation. Only having figured out in more detail in what differences and nuances in each kind of a warm floor are, you can choose those that will be better than others for your home.

Advantages of warm floors and how to choose them

Many swear at the cost of a warm floor, but forget about what are the positive features of this type of heating the room in general, because the heat from the flooring will inexorably be distributed to the apartment. Therefore, it is also worthwhile to find out what additional convenience you will get by installing an electric type heating element under the floor.

When choosing a warm floor, it is worth considering the type of flooring When choosing a warm floor, it is worth considering the type of floor covering


  1. Actually, a uniform and optimal heat distribution in a heated space.
  2. As the heated floor is characterized by the presence of a heating element throughout the area, the heat emanating from it will also be distributed up the entire area.
  3. If we consider heating only due to central heating batteries, then in this case the heat will be mostly concentrated in the places closest to the battery, while in remote places the room will be much colder than near.

If there is no need for a full room heating, then by installing the heating elements in a certain way, it is possible to carry out heating by zones - the so-called sounding of heating the room.

When installing electric underfloor heating, there is no need for any special coordination with offices and utilities, and there is no need to create special projects.

Many residents of houses and apartments like to install a water-heated floor, but compared to it, the electric option will be much safer, at least you will not have to worry that you will flood your neighbors with unexpected damage. Thus, it can be noted that when choosing a floor, you should count on what can happen, and how to achieve the minimum consequences of the same breakdowns and repairs.

Firms producing the best warm floors

Many residents, when choosing a warm floor in their home or apartment, look at the floor of the production of what firms offer. As you know, every manufacturer has its own secret technologies for making heated floors. Some manufacturers can be more competent in the field of water-heated floors, while others produce a durable option, etc.

Before buying a warm floor from a particular manufacturer it is worth reading about it reviews on the Internet Before buying a warm floor from a manufacturer, it is worth reading about it on the Internet

Let's consider the companies engaged in the manufacture of heated floors:

  1. Unimat.
  2. Thermal Suite.
  3. Devi.
  4. Caleo is a South Korean company producing warm floors. Their skate is the infrared electric film heating material in the basis of the warm floor.
  5. Ensto - a company from Finland, has been positively recommending itself in the modern market of warm floors for apartments and houses.
  6. Rehau - German firm of warm floors for heating premises. It is distinguished by high quality of materials.
  7. Energy.
  8. National comfort is a Russian company, widely represented in the domestic market. Has positive feedback from customers.

Let's consider in more detail the domestic company Teplolux. In the arsenal of the company, such heating elements as cable, film, thermo-mat. Quality control is performed according to the type of step system. The company's products meet the quality requirements not only in our country, but also beyond its borders.

In addition, the company has its own specific barcodes, which are aimed at protecting buyers from substandard counterfeits.

For fans of foreign heating devices, there is also a large selection of manufacturing companies. It can be firms from Denmark, Germany, Italy and even South Korea. Especially, buyers give out warm floors of production of South Korea, noting the quality of materials used and a long warranty period, for example, a cable from the company Devi - up to 20 years.

Which warm floor is better to choose for ceramic granite

Ceramic granite is a floor covering material that can accumulate heat. That is why under such a floor material you can put certain heating elements.

Under the porcelain stoneware is suitable electric heated floor Under the porcelain tiles, the electric warm floor is well suited


  • Cable;
  • Thin thermo;
  • Infrared film;
  • Water heater.

A good solution is the warm floor under the ceramic granite for the bathroom, kitchen or a warm corridor. Just imagine how nice it will be, getting out of warm water, to stand on the warm floor in a heated bathroom. In addition, it will be an excellent solution if there are children.

Worth to know: which electric heated floor is better

So, let's draw a conclusion. When buying a warm floor for an apartment or a house, buyers look at the type of heating element - what are the types of heating elements, we already know.

The manufacturing company is also an important factor when buying a floor with heating. Price - many are looking for an economical option, especially if the warm floor is expected in all rooms of the home.

Electric warm floor is easier to lay than water Electrical warm floor is easier to lay than water

Regarding what gender will be the best, it is worth deciding, based on its capabilities and wishes, the nuances of your house or apartment, its layout.

But it's worth remembering that not always a cheap floor is worth the money saved. Sometimes, it is better to spend one time on a purchase, than to spend several times on repairs. In addition, each repair will require work on the dismantling of the floor followed by a reverse installation. This means that every time you have to disassemble and collect flooring. This will also require time and sometimes additional material and building materials.

Criteria: how to choose electric warm floors( video)

In general, buying a warm floor for an apartment or a house will be an excellent solution, which you will not regret, because acquiring a warm floor, you will be sure that the household will always be warm, Even those who like to walk on the floor barefoot and do not recognize home slippers in any way.