Painting gypsum cardboard: is it possible to water-emulsion, which GCR with acrylic coating, properly water-repellent

Quickly transform the interior of the room will help drywall, which can easily be painted in the right color Quickly transform the interior of the room will help drywall, which can easily be painted in the right color Surface finish with plasterboard is a popular and affordable way to improve the walls and ceiling. After the installation of gypsum boards in front of the owners of houses and apartments there is a question of decorative surface finish. Painting gypsum cardboard is a rather popular way of covering the surface. To do the painting correctly, you need to carefully prepare the surface. All stages of the work must be performed consistently. Professionals can name several effective methods that will help make the surface ideal. Colored GKL looks stylish and beautiful.

    • Preparing the drywall to painting
    • How to paint drywall: ways
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Preparation of drywall for painting

The surface of drywall is smooth and smooth. That's why many people think that it's very easy to apply paint on it. However, it is important to take into account that the surface must be carefully prepared before painting.

Putty on the surface of plasterboard should be applied in several layers, not forgetting to put between them reinforcing mesh.

Before you start painting the drywall, it must be cleaned beforehand from contamination and plastered the surface Before proceeding with the painting of the drywall, it must be cleaned from contamination beforehand and plastered the surface

When machining the surface, attention must be paid to all joints. If the putty is not applied everywhere, the seams will be visible through the paint. After sealing the joints on the wall, it is necessary to apply a primer.

Preparatory stage:

  • Priming of joints;
  • Installation of reinforcing tape;
  • Application of the second layer of putty;
  • Primer;
  • Grinding.

It is necessary to sand the surface after it completely dries. Carry out grinding with careful circular motions. After grinding, an additional primer can be applied.

How to paint drywall: painting methods

Before painting the drywall you need to carefully read the sequence of actions and tools for painting. The main tool is a roller with a medium pile. Long and short pile will complicate the work.

You can paint the surface with several types of paints. With the type of coverage should be determined in advance.

Picking up paint for drywall in the store, experts recommend paying careful attention to its quality and characteristics When choosing the paint for drywall in the store, experts recommend paying careful attention to its quality and characteristics.

Depending on the type of paint, the surface can be coated immediately after the primer or wait until it dries. If you need to apply several layers of paint, it is important to perform the application of layers in strict sequence. The application of the paint may differ depending on whether the ceiling or walls are covered.

Ways of painting:

  • Water-based paint. It is applied to the wet finish in several layers. In case of a ceiling covering, the first layer should be applied across, the second one along the ceiling, the third one - again across.
  • Painting with enamel. It is applied in a zigzag pattern. Then finely spread over the surface. Then a second layer of strips is applied. Strips must be applied with an overlap.

Painting should be started from the corners. Places near the outlet and switches are painted with brushes. Before finishing, carefully mix the paint, if it is very thick - dilute with a solvent.

How to paint drywall: the choice of material

Usually gipsokartonnye surfaces are painted with water-based paints. Each type of paint has its own characteristics and advantages. For surface treatment in the bathroom and in the kitchen, water repellent paint is used.

To cover the cracks of medium depth, often use silicone paint - it forms a protective, moisture-resistant film.

The most popular to date is silicone paint, since it protects the surface well from moisture The most popular to date is silicone paint because it protects the surface well from moisture

The choice of paint depends on many factors. The most common colors for gypsum cardboard are water-emulsion and water-dispersive. The largest selection of colors provide water-based paints.

Types of paints:

  • Silicate;
  • Silicone;
  • Water-based emulsion;
  • Water dispersive.

Water-dispersion paints are not susceptible to moisture. Water-based paints have a wide color palette. When choosing paints, it is important to consider the type of surface to be coated. Drywall, painted with acrylic coating, looks original and beautiful, while it remains practical.

Whether it is possible to paint drywall without puttying

Despite the fact that the surface of gypsum board is flat, experts advise pre-coating it with several layers of putty and primer. Covering sheets without processing will not be of high quality. However, there are cases when there is simply no other option.

You can paint the plasterboard yourself, the main thing is to thoroughly clean the surface and apply the paint correctly You can paint the plasterboard yourself, the main thing is to thoroughly clean the surface and apply the paint correctly.

. Even if the gypsum boards are not covered with puttying, they should be prepared beforehand for painting.

A prerequisite for preparation is the priming of plasterboard. It protects the material from destruction, the formation of fungi and mold. The primer also reduces the absorbency of the drywall.

Step staining:

  • Clean the surface of dirt and dust.
  • Treat walls or ceiling with a primer
  • Seal joints with putty.

For the surface to be perfect, it must be plastered. The sheet joints must be sealed with a reinforcing mesh. After puttying, the surface must be polished, so that the paint is laid flat. All these procedures will strengthen the surface, protect it from destruction. The surface of drywall before painting should be treated with a finishing primer.

Methods of painting drywall( video)

Today, a common type of surface finish is the installation of sheets of plasterboard. It is a reliable material that is easy to assemble and serves for a long time under the condition of proper handling. The surface of drywall is smooth and even. Many of this is misleading about whether it is possible to cover gypsum plasterboard with beauty without prior preparation. Of course, you can paint the plasterboard simply on top, but to make the helmet lie beautifully and reliably, the surface should be carefully prepared. Then you can start painting silicone, silicate or water-based paint.