Niche from gypsum cardboard with illumination: a box in the wall, photos, own shelves, LED ceiling, under the TV

Make the interior of the room more functional with a stylish niche made of plasterboard The interior of the room can be made more functional with the help of a stylish drywall. Cabinets and suspended racks have always been and remain relevant, but people who want to experiment in the design of their premises will be more likely to use a gypsum boardboard using a backlight. Its main advantage is a harmonious combination with the general interior of the room. In addition, the niche saves space, does not protrude into the interior, and does not create discomfort when moving people. And thanks to the built-in illumination, it is possible to highlight the significant items that will be in this niche.

    • How to start creating a niche in a gypsum board wall with a backlight
    • A little bit about backlighting for a niche
    • Advantages of a gypsum board for ceiling lighting
    • Why you need a gypsum board with a backlight
    • Examples of a niche

How to start creating a niche in a gypsum board wall with a backlight

If you have already made up your mind, What kind of design you want to make a niche from gypsum board, then before starting work, the first thing you need to decide on the materials.

The basic list of building materials is as follows:

  • Plasterboard sheets;
  • Metal profiles;
  • Self-adhesive for drywall sheets and quick installation;
  • Mounting adhesive;
  • Putty( for finishing works);
  • Paint or wallpaper( the final stage of the work).

Before you start installing a gypsum board niche, you should prepare all necessary materials and tools in advance Before proceeding with the installation of the gypsum board niche, you must prepare all necessary materials and tools in advance for the operation of the

. You will also need some tools, such as a screwdriver, drill, construction or clerical knife, spatula.

Tips for choosing materials

The most basic element of the niche is gypsum board and on its reliability depends on how much a niche can serve. There are no special requirements for it, except that it is desirable to use a waterproof type of drywall that is used in bathrooms and kitchens. Then do not be afraid of the effects of evaporation and high humidity.

An important factor is the reliability of the skeleton part, namely the fastenings of the profiles.

Especially if you plan to put on the shelves such heavy items as a TV, music center, sculpture and other dimensional things. There is no need to feel sorry for the material, and it's best to do it once more than to do it later, spending extra money, time and effort. To the niches that are mounted in the ceiling, the requirements for strength are slightly lower, because they do not experience a particular load. Therefore, it is sufficient to use 9 mm gypsum boards, and it is better to use 6 mm thick sheets to create wavy forms. If after the preliminary application of drywall on the profile, you doubt their exact location to screw the screw into it, you can use a small trick - to hold a magnet and "grope" for its location.

A little bit about backlighting for a niche

Creating a niche with your own hands, it is not superfluous to take care of suitable lighting. Especially due to the large internal space, it is not a problem to hide all the wires and power supplies without damaging the external aesthetic appearance.

There are many options for using fixtures. Each type differs in the external design, economy and durability of LED lighting.

If necessary, illuminate certain areas of the niche is ideal for spotlights or simple "eyes".The LED ribbon is very popular. Why do many choose the LED ribbon?

Make gypsum cardboard niche original and interesting to you will help high-quality lighting devices Make gypsum cardboard niche original and interesting you will help high-quality lighting

And everything is very simple, given the mass of its advantages:

  1. Compact;
  2. Quick and easy installation;
  3. Safety( food directly suitable for the tape itself is safe for humans);
  4. Tightness( options with a silicone shell);
  5. Durability;
  6. Efficiency( minuscule electricity consumption);
  7. Versatility( some versions have different modes of color and light illumination).

As you can see, there are plenty of pluses, and it is difficult to oppose them to negative qualities, provided that the LED tape is purchased from a quality manufacturer and will be used at its nominal parameters. I would like to add a few words about the security of the installation. The cable used for refreshing should be double insulated, and in those places where it passes through the metal profiles - a corrugated tube is additionally used, in order to avoid mechanical damage and possible fire.

Advantages of a gypsum board recess for ceiling lighting

Despite the fact that the niche in the ceiling does not have practical functions, like a wall design, it does not deprive it of popularity when creating a modern design. Many people who found Soviet times remember the same whitened ceilings with a hanging chandelier in the middle. But it is much more interesting to look at a more complex design through step transitions.

A beautiful niche of plasterboard on the ceiling will hide the main disadvantages and unevenness of the ceiling surface Beautiful niche of plasterboard on the ceiling will hide the main disadvantages and unevenness of the ceiling surface

And here it is worth noting the decisive factors of this approach:

  • The ability to hide the unevenness of ceilings;
  • Simplify the subsequent installation of spotlights;
  • Concealed ceiling electrical wiring;
  • The possibility of visual division of the room into spatial zones( rest area, work area, etc.)

To date, creating a niche in the bedroom is a popular design solution in any interior. Thanks to the installed LED backlighting, it can be used as a night lamp.

Why you need a gypsum cardboard with backlight

In addition to the basic lighting, it will not be superfluous to install an LED strip along the box. And he is going in such a way that in it under the ceiling a niche is formed in which LED lighting will be fixed. Thanks to this technique, there is a smooth scattered light, giving the ceiling mystery and at the same time the light source itself will not be visible from below. The best option is to create a three-color( RGB) tape with the attached controller and remote control, so that you can achieve any color by combining colors, depending on their brightness.

LED strip can easily become a beautiful decoration for gypsum plasterboard in the wall LED strip can easily become a beautiful decoration for gypsum cardboard niches in the wall

The most important thing when installing the box is the correct level marking and reliable frame construction, then it will not be difficult to gypsum cardboard it.

However, bright lights do not suit everyone - many are quite standard white. But here, some manufacturers have provided the possibility of adjusting for each one personally - adjusting the brightness and shade( warmer or colder).A gypsum board box is a universal design that, apart from decorative properties, can carry practical ones.

Among them:

  1. Concealed wires;
  2. Formation of a cavity for the subsequent comfortable installation of fixtures;
  3. Hiding ventilation pipes, as well as various unevennesses and defects in the ceiling;
  4. Additional noise insulation and thermal insulation( if you place appropriate materials under the plasterboard).

After such advantages, I would like to immediately take up the construction of a niche from gypsum board for lighting.

Examples of recessed gypsum board recesses( video)

Based on the above, it is worth adding that the use of structures of drywall - this is the right decision if necessary to make a quality and at the same time inexpensive repair. And the simplicity in the manufacture of niches and boxes will not impede the entire construction process. If you use high-quality materials and the correct installation technology - you will be able to achieve the best results and not think about the impending repair in the near future.

niche design of plasterboard with backlight( photo in the interior)