Core warm floor: carbon, infrared mats, cable for tiles, heating, carbon fiber

Rods appeared in our country only a few years ago, but thanks to their reliability they won the hearts of many consumers Rod floors appeared in our country only a few years ago, but thanks to the reliability they have won the hearts of many consumers Infrared radiation is not only not harmful, in fact, it is believed that it has its therapeutic properties, it has a positive effect on the nervous system, Destroys unpleasant smells, moreover, it ionizes the air. And among the disadvantages that sex has, the most important is the high price.

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rod floor mats and infrared

Underlying structure - a rod, or rather the set of rods, which are connected in parallel about the flexible connectorWaters. Something they resemble a rope ladder. In these rods, a metal consisting of carbon, copper and silver. And when a current flows into the carbon, it emits heat energy.

The role of naghevatelnyh elements in the construction of the warm floor play flexible rods role nargevatelnyh elements in a floor construction play flexible rods

This floor has admirable quality of self. That is, the amount of heat that it emits depends on its temperature. If there is a local temperature increase, the floor releases less heat, and then the temperature becomes lower. And it happens, for example, if something is put on the floor. In this case, a thermoregulator such a system is still needed.

Otherwise, this set of rods is called infrared mats. Designate rod mats for laying in the screed, and with a flat base, you can immediately plant the tile directly on the glue, without resorting to an additional layer. In this case, the total thickness of the glue and the coating should not be less than 2 cm.

. Advantages of the carbon heated floor

. Do not minimize the healing characteristics of the warm floor. In fact, the increased amount of negatively charged ions acts like solar heat. It after all is analogous to the work of generators of aeroins, and they, in turn, are used in medicine. Accordingly, and at home such floors will be useful.

According to technical characteristics, the floor meets the highest operational requirements The technical characteristics of the floor meets the highest performance standards

Pros rod floor:

  • reduces stress levels( and this is proven);
  • The output of slag is accelerated;
  • Growth of cancer cells is suppressed;
  • The hepatitis virus is being destroyed;
  • Air is not only cleaned, but also deodorized;
  • Plants grow better;
  • This kind of sex has a positive effect on the health of those who suffer from psoriasis and diabetes.

That is, the body perceives this heat as its own, natural. So, a mildly healful effect. Improves and microcirculation of blood, and oxidation-reduction processes. So, you will be less tired, in general, you will feel better. This is more than a smart bonuses just to the warm floor where there is a certain heating element.

Kinds of carbon warm floors for tiles

It can be said that all heating carbon systems are light, sturdy, easy to install. Remarkably, they are resistant to corrosion. Flexible "rods" are connected in mats by means of a tendon wire. This stranded copper wire has a thickness of two and a half mm and a thick 3mm shell.

In the winter frosty days the warm floor in the apartment becomes a real salvation from the cold In winter cold days Heated floor apartment becomes a real escape from the cold

So Heated floor is water and electric:

  • electric field is sterzhenevoy, cable or film( used infrared film);
  • The rod floor is a heater in the form of rods, and film - in the form of a film with a carbon coating;
  • Both the system of rods, and the film system is capable of self-regulation.

This heating quite moderately consumes electricity, saving increases if special thermoregulators are installed. It's nice that it's easy to mount such a floor. And the layer of the screed will be very small, that is, you will not "steal" a lot of the height of the room.

Carbon Carbon Cable Features

This is a flooring heater. In the form of a conductor in this case is a conductive base, consisting of carbon fiber. And in the role of insulator Teflon, resistant to high temperatures. It should be noted that among the main advantages of the cable is economy.

Carbon cable for heating is used for domestic heating and production Carbon heating cable used for domestic heating and production

If you compare the carbon cable with analogs, it consumes 30% less electricity. And besides, he has more time. It is also gratifying that this fiber is compatible with almost all thermostats. The cable can be bent into any shape, the fiber will not break even with strong bends.

What is still good is the core carbon fiber

Elements of this floor are resistant to mechanical pressures and aggressive environments. Such a system can function up to 50 years!It features such a floor and light weight that this is important.

Rod infrared flooring is an intelligent heating system that has no analogues in the world Rod infrared flooring is an intelligent heating system that has no analogues in the world.

Also rod-like:

  • Parallel connection system, which means maintenance, even if the heating mat is damaged;
  • The room is heated quickly and evenly;
  • You can use this floor even in rooms with high humidity;
  • Fire safety.

A solid order, some pluses, is not it?No, you can find the minuses( however, conditional).For example, installation only with the condition of the presence of screed. The floor is immobile - you moved, and the floor stayed in the same place. Well, how not to mention the high cost, which is due to a complex high-tech system( each graphite rod in its place).

Installation of core warm floor( video)

Core heat floor is a modern, comfortable, long-lasting design. It has many advantages, it is convenient and even useful for health. So there is something to invest profitable.