Mosaic panel: on the wall Sicis, for a glass bath, artistic in the room, making by own hands

The mosaic panel from ancient times serves as an excellent decoration for any home Mosaic for a long time is the perfect decoration for any home Mosaic, no doubt, will be the main "highlight" of any interior. Such decor is widely popular in Asian countries, but in recent decades it has acquired a niche in the Russian consumer market. What is the difference between a mosaic panel and an ordinary ornament?First of all - an abundance of materials from which it is created. Manufacturers of finishing work are in step with the times and already now offer consumers a variety of panels, for example, textured glass, ceramics and even marble.

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panels made of mosaic as a decor

Mosaic - oneFrom the most complicated, and at the same time attractive decorative elements for decorating the interior. It consists of several elements that combine in a single overall picture. Such decor can decorate not only the wall, but also the floor, the ceiling, the facade of the house or even the decorative garden path. Areas of application are limited only by imagination.

Ceramic mosaic is considered the most common, however, there are other options for making mosaic panels Ceramic mosaic is considered the most common, but there are other options for the manufacture of mosaic panels

Conventionally, mosaic panels, which are used in interior decoration is divided into:

  • Ceramic;
  • Glass;
  • Stone;
  • Mirror;
  • Marble;
  • Metallic;
  • Combined.

Ceramic, glass and stone are the most common ones. And it is their manufacture that stands in the priority of the producers of building materials.

How to choose a mosaic bath: a few tips

considering variations mosaic panel for the bathroom, not difficult to guess that there is a priority - ceramics and glass. From the latter, by the way, you can create a full-fledged waterfall. Just decorate the wall, then add a small stream in the same place. Such systems are inexpensive and quite easy to install.

Ceramic mosaic panels will be a wonderful decoration of the bathroom, you should only take into account that its cost can be rather big Ceramic mosaic will be a wonderful decoration of the bathroom, you should only take into account that the cost can be rather big

Directly bath can offer the following variations of the mosaic panel:

  • Sicis;
  • Bisazza;
  • Mask.

These are manufacturers of panels that can offer a huge range of such decor, including huge sizes. Their only drawback is the rather high cost of the paintings. For example, the standard composition Ocean( for a bathroom - just right) will cost about 20 thousand rubles per square meter( or for installation).

How to choose the right panel?The size and the picture itself play a secondary role, and most importantly it is a combination of shades. For example, blue looks great with pink, brown with white and so on. In case of difficulties - you can consult with the designer.

Glass mosaic panel for the bathroom

What makes glass mosaics so convenient is the versatility in terms of combination. It looks beautiful in any interior, under any conditions. Whether it's a bathroom, living room, bedroom or even a hall - there's no doubt that it will become an original decoration. In this case, the panel is also divided into regular and textured. And you also need to understand that the glass itself can be one monolithic piece, or it can be divided like a puzzle.

So, in a bathroom the panel from a glass mosaic is convenient for using that it is a waterproofing material, and even for them it is easy to look after. The glass itself can be a variety of shades.

The panel of glass mosaic is perfect for a bathroom because of its moisture resistance and durability The glass mosaic panel is perfect for the bathroom due to its water resistance and durability.

When installing the glass panel, please make sure of the following:

  • The wall where the panel will be located is treated with pesticides;
  • Glass will not heat up to a temperature above 70 degrees( it is so quickly scratched);
  • Frescoes are laid after finishing.

Only in this case it is possible to talk about the compliance with the mounting algorithm.

Textile artistic mosaic panel

Decorative panel made of textiles, appeared relatively recently. Invented it by those who prefer to create different installations with their own hands, and who understands the cut, sewing.

In particular, the technique of creating panels was largely taken from patchwork - patchwork, which also implies the sewing of a mosaic product. Only in this case it is possible to make not only some abstract work, but also, for example, a matrix cloth of small pieces, which from afar looks like flowers.

Textile mosaic cloth is made of cloth shreds of various colors and textures Textile mosaic fabric is manufactured from cloth flakes of various colors and textures

When creating a textile panel, the following rules should be observed:

  • Use fabric of approximately the same texture;
  • You can paint after creating a composition;
  • You can fasten textiles to a wooden base( chipboard, fiberboard, QSB) with glue, and not stitch.

Panel made of glass mosaic for the ceiling: what you need to take into account

The floor mosaic panel is found everywhere. Is it possible to transfer it to the ceiling?Why not?Similarly, the representatives of Sicis also speculated, releasing a whole series of panels directly for the ceiling. It is made of ceramics, which is covered with glass from above. Why not varnish or some other material?Because it is the glass that makes it possible to create an interesting variation of the illumination, when the sconces are attached around the perimeter of the room, and thanks to the upwardly directed rays, they are reflected, making the room visually larger.

The mosaic panel for the ceiling is made of ceramics and is covered with glass The mosaic ceiling panel is made of ceramics and covered with glass

Mounting an art glass panel on the ceiling is taken into account:

  • The total weight of the structure is approximately 80 kilograms per square meter;
  • Installation is carried out on the capital ceiling, and not an additional suspension level;
  • Assembly of panels is better to do immediately on the floor, and then the tiles alternately transfer to the ceiling.

Artistic mosaic panel for the kitchen with your own hands

What kind of panel can you make with your own hands for the kitchen from the materials at hand?The simplest, and at the same time extremely attractive panel - from threads and needles( pins and nails).The composition is made on some wooden canvas, which initially creates a sketch of the drawing with the help of the same nails, and then through them the threads are stretched.

You can use standard PVC stickers on a transparent basis to create a sketch. This decoration is ideal for the kitchen, near the dining table.

Mosaic panels for the kitchen can be made from the available materials available The mosaic panel for the kitchen can be made from the available materials available

You can also easily create a panel:

  • From polyethylene film;
  • From sawdust( applied to glue);
  • Of glass fragments.

But there are no rules for creating a mosaic as such. You do not even need to make it symmetrical. The main thing is a pattern that consists of small pieces or parts, which together makes up the overall picture of the work.

Mosaic panel, manufacturing features( video)

Examples of mosaic panels( photo)