Shower with my own hands: to make a summer cottage, to build a summer, a garden frame, homemade

Basic types of shower heads:

  • Stationary;
  • With flexible hose.

To make a stationary watering can with your own hands, it is enough to take a plastic material, for example, a sprayer. It is cheap, so it can be purchased at the store. Or do it yourself from plastic. The shape of the watering can be in the form of a circle or in the form of a rectangle. Basically do a rounded shape.

A shower can be made from any improvised means The shower head can be made from any tools

. When installing, first screw in the sprayer, and only then the shot of a certain length.

The holes on the plastic surface are cut out. Through them, water will pour on your body. You can make two or three holes of medium diameter, then you will have three jets. Or make a dozen small holes, as done in places where there is an ordinary shower.

The watering can is a very simple unit, which is made from improvised tools. Since the main material for plastic watering can, it can be found in almost any home. The self-manufacturing of the watering can make the distribution of water by means of holes to your liking.

We make a skeleton for a summer shower

To make a garden shower in the summer, we must first make its frame. Depending on what kind of shower you do, the frame material is selected. You can use both profile metal and wooden bars.

Most gardeners make skeleton for a summer shower made of wood. This is a cheap material that can easily be found in any dacha section.

Wood is an excellent and, most importantly, cheap material for a summer shower.

The frame for the summer duck can be made from both wood and metal The frame for the summer duck can be made from both wood and metal.

Often make a frame of wooden bars, which are additionally trimmed with a planed board.

How to make a wooden frame for a summer shower:

  1. Take boards;
  2. Create shower bases in the size meter per meter;
  3. Attach four side beams from wood - this is the base for the tank;
  4. Place the beams exactly in the grooves.
  5. Strengthen racks with angular braces so they do not rot.

So you get a stable frame that will stand firmly for many years.

Wooden frame for a summer shower is best placed on a solid ground in a ventilated space. So the wooden planks and the frame will dry faster in the wind. When installing the frame, also consider the earth wash that will occur after taking a shower.

Installing the shower with your own hands( video)

Summer shower in the villa area is easy to build with your own hands. Especially if you make it from wood. The shower frame is made in a couple of hours, the main part of the shower cabin also does not take a lot of time, and you can tighten the watering can in only 20 minutes.