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Glazing will save you from dust and snow on the balcony, and with serious refinement will add a living space Glazing save you from dust and snow on the balcony, and when serious improvement will add living space In older homes built on their own people, or using wizards perform glazing of balconies and loggias. How to do it correctly - read below

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Quality OSTEKix balconies and loggias

Set glazed loggias and balconies is not too difficult, besides, the glazing allows you to keep the premises clean and dry. But, here's how to choose the glazing, which one is better, better, to understand is not so simple, as there are many criteria according to which the glazing is selected.

In each case, its glazing is selected taking into account the load that a concrete slab can withstand.

Most of this applies to balconies than loggias, since the loggia has more support points than the balcony. Glazing depends on the type of building( panel or brick), as well as whether it is required to warm this room. Loggia glazed and insulated is much easier, especially in a brick house than a balcony, since the loggia has only one open side unlike a balcony.

Companies engaged in glazing, make windows of any complexity and configuration Firms engaged glazed windows are made of any complexity and configuration

Glazing depends on the shape of a balcony or loggia, as there are a lot of architectural forms:

  • semicircular;
  • Trapezoidal;
  • Triangular;
  • L-shaped and so on.

Sami types of glazing are divided into plastic, and aluminum, depending on the type of glass it can be cold or warm. And also with various special heat and soundproof characteristics, or special glasses, etc. There is another kind of glazing using wooden frames, but recently this kind is used less and less, as the frames quickly fail, and their design looks neither fashionable nor modern.

What is cold balcony glazing

To date, there are several options for glazing balconies, one such option is the cold glazing of the balcony with an aluminum profile. When it is used, it turns out that the glazing is of a cold type, such glazing has several advantages. With this glazing, aluminum sliding structures are most often installed, which move apart, while saving space on the balcony.

In addition, such sliding balcony frames are of lower weight compared to multi-compartment double-glazed windows made of metal-plastic.

This glazing is cheaper than any other, especially if the whole structure is installed directly on the balcony fences. In this case, all the mechanisms will work quite reliably, and you can perform such installation even yourself. Another type of cold glazing of the balcony is its glazing with removal.

Aluminum frames are conveniently slid sideways, but do not hold heat Aluminum frames are conveniently slid sideways but do not hold heat

With cold glazing, note some drawbacks:

  • This is a poor soundproofing;
  • Not airtight;
  • And also the freezing of mechanisms in the winter, which makes it impossible to open the frames.

To the railing of the balcony from the outside, triangular brackets with a length of 20-30 cm are attached to which the supporting bars are installed, and all necessary elements of the structure are already fastened to them. The space between the frames and the fence of the balcony is closed with a window sill.

Types of glazing of balconies

At glazing of balconies and loggias, now different variants are used. Wooden frames are always environmentally friendly, the only thing that needs extra care. After installing all the structures, the tree is covered with linseed oil and, after it has dried, paint for outdoor work. In most cases, many people try to install plastic glazing, since it is practical, durable and has a number of advantages.

Plastic frames allow to install multi-compartment windows and are not demanding for maintenance.

In addition:

  • For plastic just take care;
  • It does not require any additional coatings and protection;
  • And it serves a long time.

Aluminum glazing allows you to protect the balcony from rain, improve sound insulation in the apartment, in addition, aluminum covers, with a single glass of 4-5 mm thick installed in them, have a small weight and can even be installed on a fairly dilapidated fence.

Panoramic sliding glazing - this option is suitable for lovers of a beautiful view that will not be obstructed by flights of frames.

Such frameless glazing looks unusually elegant, this design is a thick tempered glass, which is attached to the skids installed on the bottom and top of the concrete slab. They can also open in different directions on the pendulum principle or be swing open, both inside and out. The balcony in this case is completely glass, and the glass can be not only transparent, but also matte and even mirror.

Popular options for warm balconies

Many people want to make so that the additional square meters of the balcony can be used not only in the summer, like a photo gallery, for example, but in winter. And for this it is necessary to insulate it and glass it with special double-glazed windows.

To use the balcony or loggia all year round, you need not only to insulate the room, but also to carry out heating To use the balcony or loggia all year round, you need not only to heat the room, but also to conduct heating

The insulation of the balcony begins with the repair and insulation with special materials, with the installation of steam and moisture protection. After this, you can proceed directly to the installation of special frames and glazing. Usually, practical options are used for this.

Plastic profiles:

  • Made of PVC;
  • This design is represented by plastic frames and double-glazed windows;
  • Inside the frames there are air chambers;
  • Glasses themselves can be double-layered and even three-layered;
  • For the filling of air chambers, not only normal air can be used, but they can also be used for any inert gases.

The warm glazing of the balcony or loggia allows not only to protect the balcony from winter cold, but also the apartment, as it will be an additional obstacle from cold air and low temperature. This is especially important provided that the balcony is part of the living space and there is no traditional partition between it and the room.

It should be noted that despite the numerous advantages of this type of glazing and insulation, there are certain disadvantages - this is a large mass of the structure, therefore it can not be put on balconies in old houses, nor can they be used for remote installation on a balcony.

We are figuring out how to correctly glaze the balcony

Before glazing the balcony, including French, it is necessary to ask the question why glazing is needed, or just to protect it from precipitation, wind, or almost complete sealing and heat, for use inWinter period. Depending on the answer to the question posed, the balcony is glazed, and to make it right, it is necessary to take certain steps.

If the balcony fencing is a concern, then it must be strengthened.

Requires the use of the required profile and glazing, and the fixing of the profile must be reliable and durable. And the basis of fastening should be fixed to the concrete slab and the balcony fence as much as possible.

Carcass removal allows you to install a wider window sill Carcass removal allows to install a wider window sill

To install the entire glazing, both in an apartment and in a private house, first:

  • Preparatory repairs are in progress;
  • Warming as required;
  • After the installation of the entire structure.

For easy work, it is necessary to remove the double-glazed windows from the frames, and after their installation, the glass unit is put in place, and it is best to do all the work together.

Adherence of profiles to walls and fences is frosted with mounting foam for outdoor work, after it dries, it is necessary to seal with a special sealant. After the gap and joints are closed with plastic beads. When installing all the structures, if the balcony is warm, you should provide a sufficiently large number of openable flaps. In this case, the width of the leaflets should not be too large, since there is a possibility of sagging or deformation.

Tips: how to insulate the cold glazing of the loggia

It's quite possible to make a cold glazing of the loggia yourself, at the same time glazing can be made cheaply if it is made using aluminum structures. Such structures are sliding systems with insulating glass units inserted into the aluminum profile.

A balcony equipped with an aluminum profile can not be made fully warm The balcony equipped with an aluminum profile can not be made fully warm

Such constructions can be used not only on loggias, but also on balconies, including in panel houses.

The minus of such designs is that they poorly insulate the room of the loggia in order to warm them and remake the previously made construction, it is necessary to do a reconstruction. Need additional sealing joints on the entire perimeter, both from the outside and from the outside, the sealing can be done with a special sealant. Important additional insulation of the ceiling and floor with the use of any synthetic insulation, warming the walls of the loggia, you need to remove the decorative finish and paste on the walls of the slab of foam.

With the help of aerial platforms or industrial climbers, the glass is dismantled, after which the aluminum profile is installed and all insulated with special materials. Those frames that open completely change on a warm profile. After that, installation of thick double-glazed windows is made, then sealing and waterproofing of the whole structure is carried out.

Professional glazing of loggias( video)

Thus, using the methods, ideas and methods written above, you can get a quality glazed balcony or loggia. At the same time, you can do everything yourself using the help materials for repair and pictures as a sample.

glazing balconies Ideas( photo examples)