Preparation of drywall under the wallpaper: decoration and gluing on the walls, than to process, whether it is possible to glue immediately

An important stage in the repair work is the preparation of drywall under the wallpaper important step during the repair work is to prepare the drywall under the wallpaper When repairing most of the artists, both professionals and amateurs, faced with the need to work with plasterboard. This material is very practical as a wall decoration, ceiling coating, it is suitable for creating false walls and ceilings, artificial columns and other details of modern interior. But in itself, without finishing, drywall does not look spectacular, so it must be decorated. And the easiest way is to do it with wallpaper.

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How to start a drywall finishing

wallpaper wallpapering procedure is considered very simple, but in front of it The necessityto make preparations, otherwise all the efforts can go awry. This, in the first place, refers to plasterboard, a material whose surface, akin to many types of wallpaper is made from cellulose. If incorrect or inadequate surface preparation, plasterboard can absorb too much moisture, especially if it is an ordinary, nevlagostoykom GCR, bend, warp, or, on the contrary, does not acquire the necessary adhesive properties and then simply glued wallpaper.

In the preparatory stage of the work, it is necessary to include priming and plastering of the surfaces of plasterboard sheets In the preparatory stage of work necessarily includes primer and luting surfaces of gypsum boards

Prepare gypsum board is required not only for the traditional roll of wallpaper. Even such an innovative form of decor, as liquid wallpaper and glass walls, also require pre-treatment of the walls to get the best result.

As preparatory work for gypsum board walls, before gluing any type of wallpaper there are several successive surface treatment procedures.

Preparatory work before wallpapering Drywall:

  • of metal parts on the wall surface from rust;
  • Primer surface plasterboard;
  • Treatment of joints and their putty;
  • Putty on the wallpaper.

Preparation of gypsum cardboard walls for wallpaper is necessary with the selection of materials and tools. They need to be taken with all responsibility: high-quality materials will increase the life of the wallpaper and the design itself, and a good tool will make the work pleasant and easy even for the beginner in the repair business.

The first thing to do is to treat the heads of screws or staples, metal corners and other metal wall parts with an anti-corrosion agent. As such a means, one can use conventional oil-based paint or an acrylic primer applied in several layers.

How to prepare gypsum cardboard for wallpaper gluing: why primer is needed

Primer is an indispensable material when preparing gypsum cardboard for decorating wallpaper of any kind. This is the composition that is applied to the surface before any type of finishing work, from painting to facing with tiles, lining or stone. When gluing wallpaper, it is also needed, because after processing with a primer the sheets of drywall serve longer, retain their appearance and properties.

Primers for drywall are of different types. Masters-professionals and at all independently create a priming composition, proceeding from the preferences. However, the usual acrylic primer of good quality is suitable for finishing.

Primer allows you to keep the drywall surface longer without damage Primer allows you to keep the drywall surface longer without damage

Thanks to a primer, many problems can be solved with gypsum boards, including low resistance to moisture.

Properties of the primer for gypsum plasterboard:

  1. Quickly absorbed into the surface of the GCR;
  2. Increases the adhesive properties of gypsum board;
  3. Provides resistance to chemicals;
  4. Non-toxic;
  5. Allows to apply evenly the paint or putty;
  6. Reduces the consumption of putty, paint, glue;
  7. Resistant to moisture and high temperatures.

Primer is applied with a brush or plaster roller in several layers before and after finishing fine works, and also after coating with putty for better adhesion to wallpaper paste when wallpapering.

Drywall under wallpaper: fine finishing work

After the heads of the screws are coated with anti-corrosion material, and the wall is primed primed, it's time to correct the joints and surface defects of the drywall. For this purpose, a special reinforcing tape-serpants is glued along the seam line. It is a polymer fiber net with an adhesive coating.

Also, experts recommend paying attention to the correction of joints and joints between gipsokartonnymi sheets Also specialists recommend paying attention to the correction of joints and joints between drywall sheets

Some tools and materials will be needed for work with serpent:

  • Painter's knife;
  • Spatula;
  • Dry putty;
  • Water;
  • Solution dilution tank;
  • Construction mixer;
  • Sandpaper.

After the serpian is pasted, knead the putty and put a thin layer over the tape with a spatula. We wait when it dries, and then we clean it with sandpaper.

If the serpyanka does not stick to the seam, it can be "planted" on the PVA glue.

After grouting the joints, the surface needs to be opened with a primer again, and it is possible to decide whether to glue the wallpaper without first putting on the walls or still undergo a full cycle of preparation of the drywall for finishing works. The second option is preferable, especially if you are going to cover the walls with light thin wallpaper, which require a perfectly flat surface of light shade.

Preparation of walls from gypsum cardboard for wallpaper gluing: shpaklyuem correctly

Putty walls are needed not only to level the tone of the surface before wallpapering. Thanks to the putty the wall, even from such smooth material as plasterboard, will become perfectly even. In addition, the putty allows the glue to better adhere to the surface of the wall and wallpaper, while preserving the integrity of the cardboard web.

To plaster the plasterboard wall it is possible independently, the main thing is to prepare in advance necessary materials and tools The plasterboard wall can be plastered on its own, the main thing is to prepare the necessary materials and tools in advance

After the putty, the wallpaper will last longer on the walls, but if necessary they can be removed without any problems.

For correct processing of walls from gypsum board it is necessary to putty two fractions: larger( "Start") and small( "Finish").In addition, they need a small spatula and a large spatula, a construction mixer, a container for mixing the solution, sandpaper with different grain sizes.

The process of puttying the walls before wallpapering:

  • We prepare in the water the starting mixture to a thick consistency without lumps with the help of a construction mixer;
  • We collect on a small spatula a portion of putty and distribute it along the blade of a large;
  • With circular motion with a wide radius, put a putty layer on the wall with a spatula;
  • Remove the remains from the spatula with a small tool, and recruit a fresh portion;
  • When the "Start" layer is completely dry, it needs to be wiped with sandpaper with a large "grain";
  • After this, we carry out similarly the coating of the finishing layer;
  • We rub the dried shpaklevku fine nazhdachkoy.

After the puttying of the walls, two more primer layers must be applied. Do this not immediately, only after the final drying. The very primer dries quickly, it can be applied again after 45-50 minutes.

The thickness of the putty should not be more than a couple of millimeters. For uneven surfaces of such starting layers it is possible to apply a few, but for gypsum cardboard there will be enough one.

The process of preparing gypsum board for wallpaper( video)

After all the actions to prepare the drywall for wallpapering, the decorating process itself will pass quickly and will not cause any special problems, because the surface under the patch will be characterized by a smooth smooth texture, a uniform color and there will be no visible defects on it.