The main criteria for choosing an electrical panel

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The so-called "heart" of the electrical wiring in the house is an electric switchboard, in which all the circuit breakers, RCDs, diafi-automats and even an electric meter are installed. It is from the switchboard that the wiring is routed through the rooms, so you need to take a very serious approach to choosing a variety of this product. Next, we will tell you how to choose an electrical panel and which is better for an apartment, a house, a summer residence and even a garage.
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How to install

The first thing you need to decide on which design to choose is an outdoor unit or a built-in one. If you have plasterboard walls in an apartment or a house, it is better to choose a built-in electrical board, which does not spoil the interior of the room so much. However, if the walls are concrete and there is no way to make a niche, it is allowed to install an overhead electric flap.

At the dacha also need to look at the circumstances. For example, in a wooden house or in a bath it is better to put a safer overhead guard.

Shield in a wooden house Photo

As for the garage or the production room, you do not have to worry about installing a hinged switchboard on the wall, which is easier to mount on the order of an order.

Entering the garage

Material of manufacture

When choosing an electrical panel, special attention should be paid to the material from which it will be made - plastic or metal. Plastic shield is much more beautiful, therefore it is recommended to choose it for an apartment, a private house or an office.

Plastic case with transparent door

The metal case is more durable, sturdy and reliable. This version of the electrical panel is better to choose for a production room, garage or street.

Metal cabinet

We draw your attention to the fact that if you decide to choose a plastic electrical panel, be sure to purchase the product from a reliable manufacturer. Cheap Chinese electrofinders quickly turn yellow and are also famous for simply breaking down.

Number of

modules Another no less important criterion for choosing an electrical board is the number of modules. To properly choose the size of the shield, you must first draw up a wiring diagram in which to specify the exact number of automatic machines, RCDs, difa automats, and determine whether the meter will stand inside the switchboard. With the scheme drawn up, it is not difficult to choose the number of modules. Please note that the width of one module is 18 mm( width of a single-pole switch).To calculate correctly, use the following values ​​(the number of modules that occupies one device):

  1. Meter - 6 to 8.
  2. Three-phase RCD - 5.
  3. Single-phase RCD - 3.
  4. Three-phase circuit breaker - 3.
  5. Two-pole automatic device - 2.
  6. Single pole machine - 1.

Usually for an apartment, if the meter is installed on a landing, it is quite enough to select an electrical panel for 12-16 modules( it is better to take it with reserve, whether it is not enough, suddenly you will want to connect a voltage relay in the futureprotect the wiring).If the apartment is a three-room apartment and the meter is in your corridor, it is better to choose a housing for at least 16 seats.

In a private house, in fact, as well as in the country, there are more electricity consumers, therefore it is recommended to put an electric board on more modules - a minimum of 24. Though, again, everything will depend on the wiring scheme you have chosen. Perhaps, for lighting you will put only one machine, or maybe such that each room will serve its circuit breaker. In addition, you need to consider the voltage at the input - 220 or 380 Volts. For a three-phase electricity meter, an RCD and a machine, more space will be needed.

If you are at a loss with the procedure for selecting an electrical switchboard for your home, we recommend that you go to the store with the completed scheme and there, having consulted a specialist to find the appropriate size of the shield!


Well, the last criterion of choice is the manufacturer of the product. If you do not know which company to choose an electrical panel, we recommend that you give preference to the following manufacturers:

  • ABB;
  • IEK;
  • Makel.

These three shield companies are most often used in electrical work. The ABB electric switchboard is of the highest quality, IEK and Makel are slightly inferior to the competitor, but at a price they will be cheaper.

Assortment of ABB

If you want to choose a beautiful and at the same time reliable electrical switchboard for a house or apartment, give preference to the Greek manufacturer FOTKA.You can see the assortment of products in the example photo:

Manufacturer FOTKA

What else is important to know?

For an office in which only 2-3 circuit breakers will be installed, we recommend selecting not a power panel, but a compact plastic box, which will be smaller in size and, of course, price.

Box for vending machines in the office

Another important point is the electrical panel door. It is better that it was transparent, becausein which case you will not need to open an electrical shield to visually inspect the machines if the light goes out.

Video Product Review:

What are the flaps?
YouTube Trailer

That's all I wanted to tell you about how to choose an electrical panel and what is best for an apartment, a house, a summer residence. We hope you liked the article and now the issue of purchase is no complication, becausewe described the types and purposes of the products as much as possible!

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