Black, wooden and glass baths

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White, square, round, rectangular, angular - these five properties until recently were quite enough to describe almost all the baths. But, following the fashion trends, preference is given to more refined, original and luxurious baths of different colors and materials.

Although white bathtubs are still leading in the number of sales, interest in color and black baths is growing every year more. This year 's most popular steel baths are and baths of all dark shades of brown.

Black bathtubs

Black bath

Black color in the interior always looks exclusive and original, so it is used regardless of trends. He can both dominate and complement the interior with several details. So, if your bathroom is in black and white, it's absolutely individual and luxurious in it will accommodate a fashionable black bath.

Black white bath Photo

Black and white bath photo

On such a bath will not be visible dried water droplets or water stone, manufacturers tried to ensure that the black bath were not only beautiful, but also practical. The surface of the walls of the bath is subjected to special treatment, as a result of which the black bath remains smooth and clean.

Black baths photo

Black baths photo

Bathtub of black color

Bathtub black

Black Bathroom

Black bathroom

The second trend used in bathrooms is the use of wood. The most commonly used trees are walnut and exotic wenge and zebra. Most companies that produce exclusive wooden baths , most often use wood as an additional material, decorating them with panels around the walls of the bathtub, washbasins, toilet lids and other details.

Wooden bathtub

Wooden bath

Wood in the bathroom

Wood in the bathroom

Wood in the bathroom interior

Wood in the bathroom interior

But there are also brands that produce completely wooden baths .The price of such a bath can be compared with the cost of a small car. But if you want a modern bathroom with spectacular design delicacies, choose this one - a rare and refined bath from precious wood.

Wooden bathtub photo

Bath in a wooden photo

Bath wooden photo

Bath in a wooden photo

Using a wooden bath in the interior of the bathroom, concentrate on it. To do this, stick to the now so popular minimalism.

Wooden bathtubs

Wooden baths

Baths from a tree a photo

Baths of wood photo

The modern glass baths are distinguished by their luxury and imagination, which are made of heavy-duty double-layer glass specially tempered at a certain temperature. In addition to its aesthetic appearance, the glass baths are very reliable, resistant to shock and temperature changes. In addition, the glass bath is environmentally safe, and its value is close to the value of a wooden bath.

Glass Baths Photo

Glass baths photo

Although glass baths have recently been painted with patterns and give them different shades, transparent baths are still the most popular.

Glass for bathroom

Glass for the bathroom

The naturalness of the material makes glass baths very practical - they do not rust, scratch resistant and they do not form plaque. With careful care, the glass bath will last long enough, and its appearance while retaining its original freshness.

Glass baths can be placed in the middle of the bathroom or on the side, but with the wall they should not touch. The interior of the bathroom with such an exclusive and main part of it will look bold enough and unusual.

Glass photo bath

Bath glass photo

So, the choice is yours! Which bath do you prefer? Conservative white or yet luxurious black, refined wooden or bold bath of transparent glass?

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