Wall-papers for a bathroom: what kinds will approach( photo)

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The most common finishing materials for the bathroom are tiles and plastic panels. However, looking through magazines with photographs of various interiors, it is not uncommon to notice that many designers prefer to decorate bathrooms with wallpaper. At first glance, this seems impractical, as, as you know, most wallpapers have a paper base that does not contact moisture well. But today there are special wallpapers for the bathroom, which by their characteristics are not inferior to the same ceramic tile or plastic, but give more space for design ideas. About what kind of wallpaper is suitable for finishing the bathroom, today offers to understand its readers "House of Dreams."

Wall-papers for bathroom

Bathroom wallpapers

What wallpapers are suitable for a bathroom

Bathroom is a room with high humidity, so it is very undesirable to glue in it usual wallpaper. Wallpaper created on paper basis, quickly absorb moisture, which leads to their deformation. In addition, paper wallpaper is applied to the walls with the help of glue, which has the property of swelling due to steam and moisture overabundance. Accordingly, wallpaper for the toilet and the bathroom should have increased moisture resistance.

Bathroom wallpapers

Bathroom wallpapers photo

Wallpapers in the bathroom Photo

Bathroom wallpapers photo

Stripes wallpaper in the bathroom

Striped wallpaper in the bathroom

Wall-papers for a bathroom in a flower

Bathroom wallpainting wallpapers

Today, there are several types of wallpapers on the building materials market that are ideal for decorating walls in the bathroom. These wallpapers include:

1. Liquid wallpaper

The appearance of this decorative coating does not remind us of the wallpaper that is familiar to us, rather, they look more like plaster, only their surface is more even and tidy.

Dry mix of liquid wallpaper consists of glue, acrylic dispersion, natural fibers and dye. A mixture diluted with water is applied to walls, as well as ordinary plaster. Liquid wallpaper in the bathroom is considered to be one of the most acceptable finishing materials. After application and drying, they become resistant to water and steam. In addition, the advantage of liquid wallpaper in front of any other materials is also that before they are applied there is no need for a thorough leveling of the walls. Also, this material has the ability to penetrate even the smallest cracks, so that the bathroom does not form fungus and mold.

Liquid wallpaper in the bathroom

Liquid wallpaper in the bathroom

Liquid wallpaper in the bathroom

Liquid wallpaper in the bathroom photo

2. Vinyl wallpaper

If you do not know what wallpaper can be glued in the bathroom, pay attention to the vinyl. This type of wallpaper consists of a non-woven base and a polymer vinyl coating that makes them extremely moisture resistant and dense. This coating does not deform and does not lose its color even with repeated direct contact with water. In addition, under the influence of steam, vinyl wallpaper does not emit harmful substances into the air.

What wallpaper can be glued in the bathroom

Which wallpaper can be glued in the bathroom

Vinyl wallpaper in bathroom photo

Vinyl wallpaper in the bathroom Photo

3. Self-adhesive wallpaper

Self-adhesive wallpaper for the bathroom is a decent budget alternative to vinyl coatings. Wallpaper of this type is already impregnated with glue, so for their application it is enough to simply moisten the material with water. These wallpapers are also quite water resistant and durable. However, do not put them, if the walls are even minor defects or roughness, they need perfectly flat walls.

Self-adhesive wallpaper for bathroom

Self-adhesive wallpaper for a bathroom

Which wallpapers are suitable for the bathroom

Which wallpaper is suitable for a bathroom

4. Washable wallpaper

In the structure of this type of wallpaper there are special particles that do not allow the penetration of moisture inside the material. Washable wallpaper for the bathroom does not swell and does not separate even after direct contact with water or hot steam. However, the main advantage of this finishing material is that it is very easy to take care of. Washable wallpaper can be washed and cleaned with almost any means, so that mold and fungus do not develop on their surface.

Combining wallpapers and tiles in the bathroom

Combination of wallpaper and tiles in the bathroom

What kind of wallpaper to choose for a bathroom

Which wallpaper to choose for a bathroom

5. Fiberglass wallpaper

Fiberglass waterproof wallpaper for a bathroom is created by joining a glass fiber and various natural ingredients. Wallpaper of this type completely does not absorb moisture, so they are ideal for bathrooms and toilets. Steklooboi sold in the form of rolls of different widths. Their appearance resembles conventional paper or fabric wallpaper, but a denser texture allows you to embody any interior design.

Another advantage of these wallpapers is their ecological cleanliness. Particles that are in glass walls, prevent the penetration and reproduction of microbes, respectively, you can forget about the mold and fungus, inevitably occurring in rooms with high humidity.

Waterproof wall paper for bathroom

Waterproof wall paper for the bathroom

Bathroom design wallpaper

Bathroom design wallpaper

Wallpapers in the bathroom interior: design ideas

In addition to excellent technical characteristics, moisture-resistant wallpaper for the bathroom will please you with its designer variety. In the range of materials of each type, you can find wallpaper with a variety of colors, patterns and even reliefs, which will decorate any interior style of the bathroom.

Traditionally, the bathroom and toilet for a long time were decorated with a one-color finish, but this rule has long been out of date. Depending on the interior orientation, you can choose suitable wallpapers in the bathroom, for example, with bright floral prints, ethnic ornaments, abstract patterns, geometric figures and any other drawings. In addition, if you can size the bathroom, you can successfully combine the wallpaper in different colors and different patterns.

Wallpaper with a picture for a bathroom

Wallpapers with a drawing for a bathroom

Wallpaper for toilet and bathroom

Wallpapers for a toilet and a bathroom

Moisture-resistant wallpaper for bathroom

Moisture-resistant wallpaper for a bathroom

Alternatively, you can use a partial wallpaper design in the bathroom. Very often you can see the interior of the bathroom, in which the lower part of the wall is decorated with plastic panels or tiles, and the top - with wallpaper. However, please note that the double version of the design looks harmonious and stylish only in large areas.

If you are still worried that the wallpaper will deform with time from moisture, decorate the areas around the tub, shower and wash basin with tiles, and cover the rest of the wallpaper with wallpaper. In this case, a combination in which tiles and wallpapers contrast with each other in color will look very beautiful.

Also very interesting and stylish design idea is the use in the bathroom of wallpaper with bright story images, as well as 3D photo wallpapers.

Bathroom wallpapers

Bathroom wallpapers photo

3D Bathroom Wall-paper Photo

3D bathroom wallpapers photo

3D wall-paper for a bathroom photo

3D wall paper for bathroom photo

Thus, the wallpaper for the bathroom is a very worthy and reliable material. In addition, in most cases they are much cheaper than any other finishing material. The main thing is that when selecting and installing them, take into account all the technical features.

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