Carpet for children: how to choose the right carpet for children

The children's room is the small world where the child spends most of the time playing with toys, creeps, tumbles. Many parents will confirm that it is on the floor that their child loves to play the most. Therefore, the choice of floor covering should be approached thoroughly. Let's see if the carpet for a child's is the best option?

Probably, there is absolutely perfect floor covering in the children's room. Linoleum practical, but cold, laminate is fragile, cork floor expensive. Is there a carpet? It is warm, cozy, with bright colors that can not only be chosen for the color of the interior, but also used as a playground for the child. But is it perfect?

First, let's define the positive qualities of a child's carpet.

First, it's soft. This is good, especially when the child "enters into a rage" and can inadvertently knock on the floor. This behavior is typical not only for toddlers of the first years of life, but also for younger students who like to play pranks and play mobile games in the

ir children's room.

Secondly, the carpet is warm. Imagine how supercooled the child is playing on the cold floor. And so you do not have to worry about the baby having a cold, because the carpet is able to keep heat, you can walk on it even with bare feet.

Thirdly, it is not slippery. On a "rough" floor, a child with all the desire can not slip, fall and be injured.

Fourth, the carpet for the children's is simply beautiful. Bright colorful print, thematic drawings - it is unlikely they can compete with a laminate with linoleum.

Of the minuses, it should be noted the rapid contamination and the ability to collect dust. But these shortcomings can be minimized by choosing the right carpet for your child's nursery.

How to choose a carpet for a child

How to choose a carpet for the children's room

By the way of production the carpet is divided into needle-piercing, needle-punched and woven.

Needle-piercing carpet looks like felt, it is lint-free and has a long service life. But, frankly, this type of carpet is more suitable for commercial premises with a high degree of patency, and not for the room in which the child lives.

In the woven method of fixing the pile is intertwined with the base - this coating is durable and wear-resistant. It is suitable for a children's room, but has a high cost.

A needle-cutting( tufting) method is that the pile bundles are pinned with needles at the base, and that they hold tightly, on the reverse side they are fixed with glue. This coating is often used for the children's room, it is wear-resistant, reliable and easily cleaned.

Often, tufted carpet is associated with carpet on an adhesive basis, but here it should be noted that the basis of such a coating can be not only glutinous, but also latex, or artificial latex jute can be used.

Next, you need to pay attention to the pile coating: it should not be long and fluffy. Carpet for home with short nap 2-3mm - that's what we need!

According to the type of pile carpeting is classified into: scroll, katlup, velor, frize, print. For the children's room, it is better to pay attention to the velvet pile with the print - during production, its upper part is fluffed, creating the effect of velor. It is soft and easy to clean. Only now it is better to buy such a carpet with a print, because on a monophonic coating the marks from the shoes and the fallen objects will be immediately noticeable.

Carpet cover for a child

Carpet for the children's room

What carpet in the nursery to choose: natural or artificial

Among the natural materials for carpet production, wool is most often used, but you will hardly find a 100% woolen "rug", the wool ratio can vary from 10% to 100%, andthe higher the percentage of wool, the more natural is the coating.

Till now disputes are conducted, what covering is better for putting in a children's room: natural or artificial kovrolin. On the one hand, it's nice for a child to crawl or step barefoot on a natural surface - and this is the main argument of those who favor "natural" carpet.

Their opponents cite another argument against natural coverage. It consists in the fact that in the natural carpet with time the fibers are stratified, dust and microbes appear on its surface. In addition, in the natural coating can start ticks. That's why it's better to pay attention to an artificial, but high-quality coating.

How to choose the right carpet in the nursery

How to choose the carpet in the nursery

How to choose the right carpet in the nursery

How to choose the carpet in the child's room

Drawing on the child's carpet

What to choose: carpet with a child's drawing or with abstraction? The design of the carpet also needs to be approached with caution: what you like, may not like your child at all. Color and pattern on the floor should be a continuation of the entire interior, and not stand alone. It can be abstract drawings, divorce, quaint ornament or cover can have a thematic drawing, for example, the image of the whole town.

Children's carpet "town" - this is the cover that will not leave any child indifferent. On the floor covering, a bright and colorful drawing of the whole city is made with all the attributes: road, houses, stream, football field and parking for cars. Such rugs released a whole collection, so that you can pick up suitable for your boy or girl. Agree, this game zone is simply obliged to intrigue the child.

Carpet of children

Kovrolin kindergarten photo

Carpet road for children

Kovrolin children's road

Carpet with children

Carpet with children's drawing

Carpet with children

Carpet with children's drawing town

How to look after carpet for the children's room

Carpet needs regular care, especially in the children's room or the room where the child spends the most time.

2-3 times a week, you need to vacuum the carpet. To cover a long time pleased with a beautiful appearance, newly appeared spots on it should be removed immediately, until the dirt is absorbed.

Depending on the type of carpet is different and its cleaning. How to properly clean your carpet, read the manufacturer's advice on the packaging, or when you purchase this information from the sellers.

The general rules for carpet care are as follows:

  • should be regularly cleaned with a vacuum cleaner;
  • detergent vacuum cleaner is not used for carpet on a jute basis, as well as for coatings with woolen and high pile;
  • once every 6 is desirable to do a deep chemical cleaning of the carpet.
Carpet for the children

Carpet for the children's room photo

As you can see, with the right approach to choose a carpet for the children's room is not difficult. Soft and warm cover with a bright print will surely please children, and a variety of drawings with cartoon characters, roads and entire towns will allow you to choose a carpet according to the individual preferences of the child.

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