The choice of the best means against cockroaches

Criteria for choosing an effective preparation

In each case, a special means of combating cockroaches, even given that most of them have already proven effective, will work.

Criteria for selecting an effective drug

The choice of an effective substance is that you have to consider the following criteria:

  1. Efficiency. This is the main criterion, because no matter how safe and quality the means were, if it is not effective, it will not be bought. In particular, electronic devices from insects are almost not effective, but they differ in absolute safety and ease of use.
  2. Another parameter is the speed of exposure to insects. This is not a key criterion, because someone needs to etch cockroaches in a day, and someone is not in a hurry.
  3. One of the most important criteria is the safety of use. Even the most qualitative means can not be used if you need to wear a special suit and gloves with a mask when working with it.
  4. Ease of use. When choosing a strong remedy against cockroaches, this plays an important role, si
    nce it is much easier to spray with aerosol than to track down the movement of insects around the apartment for a long time and determine the places of their accumulation.

Criteria for selecting an effective drug

The review of the best means from cockroaches

  1. Optimum variant are considered gels. Such means from cockroaches can be attributed to the best, as they are very effective, safe to use, harmless to tenants and have low cost. The composition of any gel includes an insecticide that has a very attractive odor for insects. On gels, insects run faster than food, which means that the poison quickly enters the digestive tract.
  2. Aerosols are also good. Their main advantage is high efficiency and speed of action. Aerosol in any case will get into the body of an insect. The disadvantage of aerosol is that for the time of its use the residents are better to evacuate, and after use - to ventilate the apartment and wash everything well. Even the strongest remedy for cockroaches for home use will not cause serious poisoning, but it is better to observe precautions.
  3. One of the best tools are traps. They are inexpensive, convenient to use and safe for humans and animals. Simpler traps are just a sticky tape on a board. The tape has an attractive scent, which cockroaches run into. The trap is an effective method, but only if the cockroaches constantly live in the apartment do not live, but come from neighbors from time to time.

Review of the best means from cockroaches

Home remedies for cockroaches and complete disinfection

If there are few insects, then the best means can be called boric acid, ammonia or borax. These substances are always freely available and allow you to quickly get rid of unwanted insects. With the help of flour and sugar powder, combining them with boric acid, you can get the best remedy for cockroaches.

Home remedies for cockroaches and complete disinfection

Answering the question, what means help from cockroaches, it is also impossible to say about complete disinfection of the room. It happens that purchased means from red cockroaches did not have any effect, in this case one has to resort to the help of professionals. They use inaccessible to ordinary people, the most poisons.