Installing automatic gates with your own hands: photos and videos

What are the automatic gates?

Gates operating on an automatic drive, conquer many practicality of use. You can activate them by simply pressing one button. The following varieties are distinguished:

  • swinging;
  • recoiling;
  • rolling;
  • sectional;
  • lifting-gate.

Automatic swing gates

Features of mounting the gate on sections

This type of construction is a separate section, connected by means of loops moving along the tires fixed in the opening area. This is a common form of mechanical gates today. The movement of the canvas occurs vertically, which in everyday operation is convenient. And all because for these automatic gates there is no need for space and before entering the car can be located directly in front of the gate.

In the garage for more convenience, sectional doors can be equipped with a built-in wicket or a side door. In addition to convenience, the additional design will minimize all possible heat losses, as well as increase the safety of the facility. In addition, you c

an limit access to the garage, pre-picking the latch, which can open the door only from the inside. Outside, install a bolt lock, equipped with a snap lock washer.

Automation of the gates on sections is characterized by ease of installation and a high level of convenience in the future use. Control of this design is possible by means of an electric drive operating on the console. When the electricity is turned off, the gate system automatically adjusts to manual control.

Special features of installing sliding gates

When assembling a recoiling structure, it is necessary to take into account the following points:

  • , before installing the sliding gates, you should lay the foundation, a kind of foundation that will be located on the side, and also in the opening;
  • you need to select a reliable frame and fasten it so that it demonstrates the maximum degree of wind resistance;
  • needs to equip the gate with a system against hacking;
  • , the retaining part should be installed.

Automatic gate mechanism

Sliding gates

Swing gates

This design is popular due to the affordable price, reliability of the system, and safety of the structure. In addition, they are functional and have an unlimited number of architectural solutions. Today, forged models equipped with an automatic system are quite in demand.

The gates of the swing type consist of such elements:

  • steel frame. When choosing the section of the frame, the dimensions of the future structure are taken into account, as well as the wind load;
  • of the inner frame, from which the decoration of the construction is carried out at the final stage. Among the elements of decoration: forged elements, corrugated board, wood or sandwich panels.

Swing gates with forged artistic elements

When choosing a type of swing gate, it should be noted that not all models are equipped with an electric drive. These restrictions are related to the weight dimensions of the structure and the width of the flaps. Be sure to note where the drive can be located, as it can be attached to the structural columns of the structure, the posts or the doors, and also outside the system.

Assembly of mechanical gates

When assembling a gate with a sliding mechanism, you should be patient and follow the guidelines described below. Observance of all the rules will help you in this difficult matter. First, there are three steps to be taken:

  • preparation of the foundation;
  • automation installation;
  • assembly of the sliding gate system and installation.

Laying of the foundation

Of concrete, the base is laid on the edge of the opening, that is, on the side of the gate pullback. This foundation should be equal to half the length of the passage, and width - at least half a meter. Carrying out calculations of the dimensions of the foundation, one should not forget about how the ground freezes up to 2 meters in winter.

Foundation for sliding gates

We make the power framework of the foundation of metal, while using the reinforcement "AE12" and the channel "18".By means of a welding seam we connect these elements. Thanks to the channel, the concrete base becomes stronger and more reliable. The length of the reinforcement is calculated so that the rods go to the ground exactly along the line of freezing. Strength of the frame is obtained by connecting horizontal bridges with vertical elements of this design. Now you can proceed to install the frame in the groove in the ground, prepared in advance. Before this, properly compact a layer of sand.

Before filling the base with a level check the horizontality of the power frame. In the base, you can immediately lay pipes for wiring under the automatic mechanism. To fill the foundation apply a solution of concrete from gravel, cement and sand. It takes about 120 hours to freeze the foundation, after which you will get a solid construction.

Sliding gate design

Assembling the automation

First, determine according to which path the gate will move. To do this, pull the cord from the ground at a level of two meters. Due to this, it is possible to align the beam, which serves as a support. We collect the roller mechanisms, and then install them in the support beam. Then we install the gate leaf with the already installed support mechanism on the stop channel, and put two poles in the planned points. Next we attach roller mechanisms to the channel. After this, we take the following actions:

  • remove the gates from roller bearings;
  • unscrew supports;
  • to the support channel we fix by means of a welding seam adjustable platforms;
  • on the platform we fix roller bearings;
  • we combine gates and supports;
  • close the gate;
  • is adjustable profile horizontally.

After this, we begin the adjustment of the movement of the gate, for which it is necessary to loosen the nut connection on the supports. We will try the mechanism - the supporting rollers should take the necessary position. Tighten all bolted connections.

Roller mechanism

Assembling the sliding gate system

We collect further the plugs and the roller end. Insert it into the tube in the form of a letter P on the outside of the structure, and then fix it all with bolts. The plug is fixed by means of a welding seam. We mount the upper guide bracket by loosening the bolt to which the rollers are connected. We adjust the correctness of the slope, tighten the bolts.

Automatic gate installation scheme

At the last stage of the work we collect the bottom trap. We loosen the bolts and close the gate. After we combine the trap with the gate, we make sure that the corners touch the upper catcher. We tighten the bolts.

Regarding the installation of an automatic system, it is mounted on a rack that will move the structure. Fastening of rails occurs on the profile, which is the support. After that, switches, electromechanical part, signal lamps and other elements are mounted. In order to simplify the work, you can watch the video.