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How to choose a cork wallpaper

Cork wallpaper is a chic decoration material for the walls. Immediately it is worth to say that the prices for cork wallpapers are significantly higher than for similar materials, but their appearance and quality are noticeably more solid than classic wallpapers. This kind of material appeared on our market for a long time, but only now ordinary citizens began to look at it.


  • Features of the cork
  • Main advantages and disadvantages of the material
  • Specificity of the walling of the cork wallpaper
  • Care of the cork wallpaper
    • Basics of the selection of the cork wallpaper
      • The color arrangements of the cork
      • Housing arrangement of the cork
      • Pricing policy

Features of the cork material

Ten years ago,few people paid attention to the wallpaper. To glue them was incredibly difficult, and the result was often extremely terrible. In a variety of building stores, you can find cork wallpaper in rolls that have a paper base. In this case, their g

luing is done in the same way as the usual wallpaper.

The cork structure is based on a porous surface. To increase moisture resistance, such wallpaper is often impregnated with wax. Also, there are many varnishes that help improve some of the qualities of the material. All of them only positively influence the longevity of the wallpaper, so you should not worry.


The main advantages and disadvantages of

The most important advantage of cork wallpaper is their durability. Experience shows that the material can not change its appearance and properties for decades. At the base of the cork is the oak bark. Obviously, in this case we have really reliable material. It is also known that cork wallpapers are resistant to the effects of various types of household chemicals. Experts argue that cork wall wallpaper practically does not attract dust and perfectly maintain the optimal temperature in the house.

The environmental component of the material is its main advantage. Cork wallpaper positively affects the fire safety of the home, despite the woody basis. The antibacterial property of the wallpaper also has many positive aspects. Due to this factor, the material does not allow the spread of fungus and mold on the walls. Also, the material effectively absorbs odors.

Of course, the material is not devoid of unpleasant moments. It is important to understand that cork wallpaper is a specific material, to which during gluing it is necessary to pay much more attention than during other finishing works. Due to its structure, the cork material does not hide the unevenness of the walls. Therefore, during the decoration of the wall, before gluing the wallpaper, all the aspects should be taken into account.

One more negative side of the cork material can be exactly the same legendary longevity. When you want to change the cork wallpaper to some other - definitely there will be difficulties. Just paste new material over the old will not work. Also, you should not try to paint cork wallpaper, because the material and at all can come into disrepair.

Also lovers of pets should remember that cork wallpaper can easily be damaged. It is home pets that can scratch expensive materials that can not be restored.

cork wallpaper

Specificity of casing the walls with cork wallpaper

Before you think about buying cork, you should know the basics of its arrangement on the wall surface. For sale such wallpaper in the form of rolls and individual sheets. In some cases, the wallpaper may be deformed, so that before the pasting should give them time to lie down. After a couple of days they will look like new ones.

The main aspects of pasting walls with cork wallpaper has much in common with classic wallpaper. For gluing wallpaper to the wall, special glue for cork is used. In many cases, glue for paper wallpapers can also come up. About this issue should consult with specialists.

Before buying cork wallpaper, many people are wondering where it is better to apply glue before the pasting of the wall. Very often it is applied to the wall, and many experts say that it is best to apply glue to the material itself for durability. In order not to be mistaken, it is best to carefully read the instructions to the product and do it just like that.

The most important when curing walls with cork is accuracy. Any wrong joint can create a terrible appearance of the wall and the whole house. Also seriously it is necessary to apply to the pasting of corners. It is in this place that sheets or rolls of wallpaper should fit together. To get the same appearance of the home, as in many photos, to glue the cork wallpaper experts are advised to trust specialists. If you are sure that you will cope with all the tasks yourself, you should be as careful and unhurried as possible.


Care for cork wallpaper

There are many videos on which cork wallpaper give in to care. Experts advise only to clean the surface of the material with a vacuum cleaner and wipe with a damp sponge. Do not use chemical cleaners. To remove most of the contamination is quite enough standard means.


Basics of choosing a cork wallpaper

Unlike classic paper wallpapers, cork material does not have so much variety that would mislead shoppers. It is important to look at the overall quality of the material. If it contains obvious flaws, it is better not to purchase it even at a discount. The modern industry of building materials has acquired hundreds of cork wallpaper manufacturers. Many of this number are world-famous companies that even provide warranty service.

The thickness of the wallpaper can be small. It is best to make a choice in favor of this material. Wallpaper with a large width can be incredibly brittle. The cost of cork material does not allow you to experiment once again with the choice of certain materials.


Color plugs of the plug

It is a mistake to assume that the cork wallpaper has only one color style - light brown. Now in the assortment of many stores you can find 5-6 color compositions of the material. The most part of such assortment is precisely shades of brown color. However, it is often possible to find light shades that look really stylish and modern. The cost of the material from its color is practically independent. Sometimes it is best to choose the most common coloring, which in case of any damage can easily be replaced.

Housing arrangement with a cork

Those who are not sure of their abilities, connected with gluing the walls, can pay attention to self-adhesive wallpaper. For them to glue it is enough just to apply attentiveness. Also, this material is perfect if you want to trim cork with not only walls, but also a closet, bedside table or chest of drawers. The cost of this material is slightly higher than the usual cork wallpaper in rolls, but in some cases it can not be avoided.

Again, the specificity of the cork material does not allow many buyers to risk themselves to finish the walls. In such cases, one can always rely on the help of specialists who will carry out all necessary measures as soon as possible.


Price policy

As already mentioned, cork wallpaper is much more expensive than paper material. However, it is worthwhile to understand that the longevity of the cork is an ambiguous aspect. The vast majority of people in a few years make the decision to change the appearance of the room by buying other wallpapers. If you are sure that you want to enjoy the beauty of cork wallpaper for a decade, then this material will certainly be a chic choice.

For the money that will be spent on the purchase of cork wallpaper, you can purchase three times more solid paper wallpapers, so the price issue is clearly not on the side of buyers of chic cork.