How to make a beautiful decoration of a playground with your own hands?

Beginning of the design of the playground with their own hands

The first and most important is landscaping. It is unlikely that you will like it if children constantly stumble over any pothole in the ground, or, running up the hillock, stumble on a steep slope. Therefore, the design of the playground with their own hands, in winter or summer, begins with its alignment. If there are pits on the site, it is not enough to fill them with earth, it is desirable first to fill the gravel with the sand, to compact, and then to pour the soil on top and tamp down again. Even after this, no further improvements are done, we give time for natural shrinkage. If this happened, then the ramming was insufficient, we poured the earth.

Do not make a platform in the valley, after the rain the dampness is kept for the longest time, it is not worth doing on the elevation, where everything is blown by the winds.

As a result, we should have a perfectly flat terrain, but bare earth is unlikely to be liked by t

he kids, even if you dig into it the struts of the swings and the bases of the carousels. There are several options: coarse sand, tile or lawn .And the sand is also not always suitable, individual factions can easily get into the eyes of the children who have played. So, we stopped on the lawn and tiling. In the first case, you can simply purchase a roll option, and cover the entire lawn, and in the second - pay attention to the elastic sports cover( in case the child falls).

We form the landscape design of the playground

What do children like most of all? Remember yourself at a time when outdoor games were your favorite pastime. Most often before played hide-and-seek and catch-up, these amusements are popular today, which means that there must be a lot of different hiding places and obstacles on the site. And to create them best in a natural way - with the help of a hedge from a low bush. Moreover, it is possible to design the landscape design of the playground with a real vegetative maze.

To begin with, we do zoning, determining where we will have swings and carousels, and where is the sandbox. In one of the corners reserved territory for children it is not out of place to create a sports complex, though small, but well-equipped. Now we will update these areas with a curb, lay paths, and in turn we limit them with a hedge of green spaces. It is possible to adapt for this purpose and the discount, but there is a risk that the children playing will trample flowers.

A branchy tree or a group of trees can become the center of a site or one of the zones. In this way, the decoration of children's playgrounds is also achieved, and shading them. But in the middle of the labyrinth of hedgerows you can install a small house. It can be a ready-made plastic construction, there are many options for sale, but it's worth a lot of pleasure. You can make a wooden house on a tree, only beams or logs will serve as the basis for it, since it is barbaric to set a platform on a live barrel, which should not be taught to children.

We think how to design a playground for

So, a fairy-tale house in the center of the labyrinth. Tiled paths, so that even after the rain the guys could run to their favorite hideout. Smooth lawn in the entertainment zone, where there is a swing. Is all this enough? Not at all, so let's think about how to decorate a playground nicely. For example, you can make small flower beds together with the kids, or even a tiny vegetable garden near the tree house, you will see how diligently they will look after the plantings in the future. To be cognitive, make together with them and plates on which write the names of plants.

If possible, place ceramic garden figures on the playground. It can be gnomes or beasts, you can even choose options with flashlights, today even those are produced that are charged from their own solar panels. All this will give the game complex a certain charm. But on the achieved do not stop, we decorate the playground with our own hands and on. You can, for example, make a small pond, the depth of literally ankle toddler. Safely, and ships can be allowed. And do not forget about garlands of colored light bulbs, which you can outline the contour of the play area.