Gazebo with own hands

Arbor: drawings, plan, materials

Wooden pavilions will be an excellent addition for your yard, and when selling a lot will significantly increase the value of all property.

Before making a gazebo with your own hands, it is worthwhile to study all the constructive recommendations, create a blueprint, your plan( square, octagonal, etc.), its style, design, purchase all the necessary materials - in a word, decide for yourself how you want to seethe final result.

Gazebo with own hands

How to build a wooden gazebo

Of course, it's no secret that there is also the possibility of buying a ready-made kit. It is very easy to assemble such a structure. But this option is expensive. And that's why in this article a step-by-step plan of works on the topic "How to make a gazebo with your own hands" is proposed. Thus, not only will you save a considerable amount of money, but also realize your creative ideas.

Part 1. Construction of walls

  • To build a garden gazebo with your own hands you will need 4 tim
    bers. They can be of absolutely different heights, the width between them is also at your discretion, but to create the most comfortable building it is recommended to purchase 4 beams( 4x4) each of 3.6 meters.

    In the selected area, measure the area of ​​2.4 x 2.4 m. Then, mark the corners where the beams will be placed and dig holes using a hand drill. Knees the fast-setting cement, install into the pits bars. After making sure that each of them is equal, fill them with a solution for 2/3.After its hardening, the rest can simply be covered with earth.
  • Take another 6 bars( length 2.4, volume 4x4 cm), set 2 on each of the three sides of a wooden pergola that was built by oneself. These beams are placed perpendicular to the already placed four beams.

    The distance between them will depend on the presence or absence of a window - what will be the height of the window, such will be the distance between the beams. Each beam is fixed with 4 bolts( 2 on one side, 2 on the other) between two beams. Do the same work with the next two walls. The fourth wall of the summerhouse remains free - this is the entrance.
  • Choose the windows you like( more suitable for a garden gazebo style).Using 4 laths 1x4 cm, use nails to connect them to the window. Do the same with two more windows. Install the finished structures in the center of each of the three walls. Fix the windows with joinery glue or some other plastic material.

    Gazebo with own hands

Part 2. Basis for the roof

In order for the gazebo to become more presentable, you need to install a foundation for the roof. Take another 4 bars of 2.6 m. At the two ends of each of them, cut out the squares 4.4 x 4.4 x 3.4( length x width x height).Such acronyms will be used as a puzzle, which joins together 4 beams. This is called "joining in half a tree" or "simple( direct) lock".Install the joists on top of the main four beams and fix them with bolts, starting from the top( the bolt must go through the "puzzle" and enter the bar).

Part 3. Building a roof

  • Take four beams 1.8 m long( 4 x 4 cm) and one be 2.6 m( 4 x 4).
  • On one side of all four beams, the cutoff angle should be 45 °.The second side should have the same puzzle as it was done before. Having secured puzzles, you should get two designs( each in the form of a gable roof).Between them( at the corners) arrange a beam length of 1.8 m, bolted on both sides.
  • This construction is placed on the base under the roof and in the four corners fix it with bolts.
  • If you want to add 2 miniature windows to the roof of your homemade gazebo, you need to attach another beam to each of the two triangles of the roof. Place the window on the existing base, and from above, set the desired beam size, which will serve as a support for the upper frame of the window.

Part 4. Final strokes

  • Optionally, the wood can be painted with a paint suitable for outdoor use. It will protect the tree, extend the life of the structure and create an original design.
  • As a roofing for the roof, corrugated aluminum or fiberglass can be used, which are fixed with nails. Also, taking into account changes in the weather, it is possible to install eaves( electric gates).

Now our gazebo is ready. It remains only to equip her and celebrate with her appearance!