The rules of the landscape: how to make an alpine hill with your own hands?

Alpine hill design

Alpine hill is not a common accumulation of rocks. It is a definite structure with a phased stratification. Under the erection of such a landscape model, a special place is chosen, its parameters are accurately marked out, and a detailed plan is drawn up. At first glance, this hill has only difficulties in selecting and planting plants. In fact, the rock garden has many nuances in laying stones - their smooth transitions, the arrangement of zones( valleys, hills, plateaus, depressions, cliffs).Important is the highlight of the Alpine hill.

Zoning of the Alpine hill

Let's take a closer look at its components.
Practical execution of the alpine slide is preceded by its detailed design. To do this, you need to make an accurate drawing containing all the required design elements.
Landscaping project is transferred to the ground area. The choice of location should be based on the following criteria:

  • Elevated soil surface;
  • Good illumination of the territory;
  • Extra space for a hill( the
    plot is better to choose with a margin).

An additional elevation can be created with the help of stones

Before constructing a landscape alpine composition, it is worthwhile to perform a list of preparatory measures:

  1. Clear the area of ​​excess dirt
  2. Remove the top tier of the soil( 3 cm thick)
  3. Make a base of rocky rocks. You can use pieces of brick, gravel, waste slag
  4. The next tier should be a sand mound with large grains
  5. Each subsequent layer is filled with water
  6. The earth mortar is spread. It is made from soil, sand and ground peat fertilizer. Each constituent element is mixed in equal proportions. The mortar is spread on the drainage floor by a slide up to one meter. If desired, you can do and above the

The hill is created from the mound of the earth

Alpine hill with your own hands: laying stones

After completing the installation of the mortar slides it is worth waiting for it to dry completely. After that, they start putting decorative stones. The principle of their location - from large to small. On the edges of the site of the Alpine hill, large stones are laid out. At the top of the composition are fine gravel.
The strength of the structure and the absence of slides of the hump is possible if the stones are dug into the ground by less than half.
The choice of breeds depends solely on the preference of the stacker. Large rocks will create the effect of wildlife.

Alpine hill can have different heights of stones

When deciding to build a path from an alpine slide, it is important to make a deck of pebbles with a flat surface up. This will greatly facilitate the comfort of walking. When stacking material, it is recommended to check its quality and strength. In the interval between the paths you can make planting flowers, bushes or lawn grass.
The Alpine roller coaster drawing can assume different shapes. They can easily be transferred to the ground, having previously marked the necessary areas.

What plants plant on the Alpine hill?

Alpine hill can be decorated with several kinds of plantings: ornamental grass, flowers and even bushes. The different shape of the petals, shades of green and different plant heights will contrast the landscape composition.

Slides can be of different types

Designers recommend using the main categories of plants:

  1. Carpet plantings. Their meaning lies in the name itself. They are actively used to cover the desert sections of the hill. Carpet plants are actively growing and densely covering the soil. This group includes: yarrow, daisy, cornflower and others. Basically, they are lethargic and calmly tolerate atmospheric surprises
  2. Carpet planting slides

  3. Plants with a rosette planting principle. Their appearance is slightly rarer than the first option. Do not require special care. These include sprouts cuff, levises and other
  4. Levisia

  5. Plants growing from bulbs. Tuber plantations. This category is represented by flowers. For the alpine slide, noble flowers of crocuses, buds with white flowers


are excellent. Planting plants for the alpine hill begins in the fall. By the spring the composition will show itself with bright colors. If you want to "capture" landscape beauty for not one year, it is necessary to plant perennial flowers, bushes.

Alpine hill in the flowering period

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