Disinfection of premises and apartments

Should I always contact the cockroach disinfection service?

Cockroaches are now quite common in any home, so people often discuss methods of getting rid of these insects. There are several basic ways:

  1. Using traditional home remedies.
  2. Application of a variety of chemicals that can get rid of insects.
  3. Complete disinfection of premises from cockroaches.

Do I always have to contact the cockroach disinfection service?

People rarely resort to the latter method, only in the most serious and neglected situations. At first, everyone tries to solve the problem in more simple and accessible ways, the popular means are very popular.

If you managed to solve the problem with gels, aerosols or folk methods - fine, however, in some cases, they are divorced in the house so much that conventional means simply can not cope. It is in this case that complete disinfection of the apartment and adjacent premises is necessary.

Do I always have to contact the cockroach disinfection service?

Disinfection from cockroaches in SPB - a real method for ever to get rid of insects

This problem is familiar to everyone, especially those who live in multi-storey houses. The average life of cockroaches is 16 months, and they only need 2-3 days to reproduce. If you leave this process unattended, it will be impossible to track the number of insects. If at the very beginning of their spread it is still possible to prevent this process, then after a while the real way of disposal can be only the disinfection of the apartment from cockroaches.

Disinfection from cockroaches in SPB - a real method for ever to get rid of insects

This procedure includes only cleaning of the premises from insects, but also a complete cleaning of the ventilation pipes and the adjoining rooms. Only complete disinfection can permanently rid you of this problem. No means, not domestic, not purchased, are not able to provide so effective cleaning of premises.

Disinfection of apartments is carried out by specialists, while using professional drugs that are not available to ordinary people.

How to disinfect from cockroaches in Moscow

Before starting to clean the premises, experts determine the place where the insects come from. It is from this place and you should start disinfection, since it is quite likely that the nest is there.

Complete disinfection of the premises consists of several stages:

  1. Preparation of the room.
  2. The defeat of the zones of congestion of cockroaches.
  3. Airing.

How is disinfection from cockroaches in Moscow?

During disinfection, only high-quality preparations are used that are harmless to the body. Currently, most commonly used methods of disinfection:

  1. Method of generation of cold and hot air. In the course of such processing, acrid smoke is released, which penetrates into all the cracks in the room. Carry out this procedure in a completely enclosed room, so that the fog does not spread.
  2. Chemical method. In this case, insecticides are used, which are sprayed with special aerosols. It is important that the substance does not get on the surface with which the person is in contact.
  3. The physical method. Means the use of ultraviolet radiation.

How is disinfection from cockroaches in Moscow?

How much does disinfection cost from cockroaches?

The price of disinfection depends on the area of ​​the room and the method of treatment. On average, for a one-room apartment treatment with cold and hot mist will cost 7,000 rubles, just a cold fog - 2,000 rubles. Two-room will cost 7,200 and 2 300 rubles respectively.