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Rules for building a canopy of corrugated boarding

How to design a canopy?

Profiled sheeting is the most popular material for canopies. The material is made of galvanized steel with a polymer surface. The minimum thickness of the corrugated board is 0.5 millimeters. Profiled sheets are available in standard widths - 800-1000 centimeters. Laying the profile is done with an overlap, at this point it is worth paying attention.

The choice of corrugated board is largely argued by its attractive appearance, it can be sold in various color shades, facilitating design work. In its characteristics is different:

  • Strength;
  • Ability to withstand external damage;
  • Resistance even to the lowest temperatures;
  • Reliability to sunlight, lack of sensitivity to harmful emissions;
  • The nature of the constituent elements, ecological compatibility;
  • Absence of propensity to ignite;
  • Easy operation and maintenance.

Outline of the structure of the canopy

Sometimes the construction of awnings from the corrugated board reminds the principle of "Lego".Most construction compani

es sell almost finished canopies. The buyer remains only in accordance with the instructions to collect them. Canopies are produced in various shapes and sizes. Proceeding from this, it is easy to find an interesting variant of the canopy. In case of wrong location, it can be moved to a more comfortable place. Portability is the main quality of canopies made from corrugated board.

Skeleton base of the canopy

The bases of the construction are made of steel, aluminum, wooden beams with an antiseptic agent applied to the surface. Canopy canopy is made of profiled sheet coated with a polymer substance.
Profiled sheeting has a rich choice of colors. Everyone will be able to choose the shade of the material.

Profiled floor palette

Scheme of mounting the canopy from corrugated board

The construction of the overhang is a fairly simple process. It can be realized with your own hands in a very short time. It is enough to use an ordinary set of tools from:

  • Hammer;
  • Screwdrivers;
  • Electric drills;
  • The level for the surface;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Set of wrenches.

It is necessary to stock up all construction tools

It is important to carefully read the instructions of the hinged structure and strictly follow its points.
The existing frame is assembled and constructed on a prepared base. In the role of supporting structures are ferroconcrete foundations. Next, installers are engaged in fixing the visor from the corrugated board. Profiled sheets are fixed with steel screws.
The time to build the canopy is several hours. Among its advantages is the speed of dismantling. It is easily disassembled and can be carried to any part of the cottage area.

The structure of the canopy differs portability and mobility

One-sloping canopy construction with own hands

Single roof roof is the easiest in its installation. It does not require complex calculations of bends and scrupulous calculation of the area of ​​the rays.
Schematic of sequential actions:

  1. Cleaning and leveling of the canopy;
  2. Frame construction;Installation of a skeleton of a canopy
  3. Support profile pipes fixed with concrete solution. The cross-section of the pipes should correspond to the parameters of 4 by 6 centimeters;
  4. Set the pitch between the profile pipes in one meter;
  5. Fix the crossbeams to the posts, fixing the angle of inclination of the roof slope;
  6. Apply a primer to the surface of the frame structure;
  7. Painting skeletons;Frame construction
  8. Prepare canopy with profiled sheeting. Attach the sheet to the transverse beams with strong self-tapping screws, laying rubber washers for tightness. Their use is 1 square meter up to 7 screws;
  9. To fix profnastil it is necessary lapped.

Fix profiled sheets need to be overlapped

The look and arrangement of the canopy depends solely on personal preference. It can perform a variety of functions. The parameters of the structure are determined in many ways by the tasks of the landlord. If possible, it can be equipped for a car. This canopy will require additional structures and fixtures. The canopy should have a solid construction, its reliability can provide a quality frame of profiled pipes. Strengthening the supports, it is necessary not to spare money for the quality of the concreting base.

Finished canopy construction