Forged arbors - the elegance of metal with their own hands

Forged arbors - the art on your site

Similar kind of arbor can protect from bad weather and bright sun. The design in the garden will become an indispensable element in the decor. A light structure in a moment will decorate the territory;if you correctly approach the construction of the arbor, then it will serve you for many years and will please from year to year. There are many types of arbors: in the form of a pavilion with a wooden or brick bottom, with a roof or inserted windows.

Popular construction without foundation on some supports, as well as with a stretch top and a metal frame. But most of all, the taste of gazebos for giving a forged, which make the rest more enjoyable. Regardless of how the design chosen by you will look, the site will necessarily become a cozy place, every member of your family will love it.

Forged arbor - pluses and minuses

No one will argue that forging is truly beautiful. To see this, just look at the products. Like all objects, forging has

a number of advantages and disadvantages. Among the advantages are beauty, versatility and durability. In the design there is a large number of decorative elements, resulting in art forging arbor becomes a work of art.

Very beautiful lace products are created by masters, although everyone knows that this is metal. In addition, thanks to forging, the smallest and largest landscape architectural forms are created. After all, not only gazebos are popular, but also gates, fences, lattices for balconies, street lights and much more. Forged construction will last you a long time, because it has an anti-corrosion coating( powder or galvanizing), which allows you not to lose properties.

If we talk about the shortcomings of the material, then we can identify the price and time. In fact, if you assess the shortcomings of such products as a gazebo, forging in this case has very few of them. In support of this is the statistics of the popularity of the design.

Still, the main disadvantage is the price, because it is high, but fully justified. As a result, the owners of the villa or house receive a unique design that will last for a long time. Before creating a gazebo with your own hands, it is necessary to take into account that the process itself is quite long.

Pergolas for giving out forged ones - we build ourselves

Forged areas are ideal forged gazebos with barbecue, however, what is needed for their construction? In order to establish a structure, it is important first to create a solid foundation, as well as locate the construction site in such a way that the view opens up peaceful and picturesque. Before starting the installation, find an assistant, and also store certain tools.

You will need the details of a gazebo, a screwdriver for twisting sections, a furniture stapler or a hammer, a sharp knife and patience. Fit all the details to each other. Beautifully in the courtyard will look like a forged gazebo-coach, which has a fairly lightweight design. When it is erected, no expensive columnar or band foundations are required, because its weight will be about 300 kilograms.

At the first stage it will be necessary to prepare the site, level the place for the product, fill the level of slag, sand, gravel or some other solid ground. If you want a pergola forged to serve you as much as possible, then pay attention to each stage and do the work carefully.