A house on a hillside is not always a heap of problems!

What does the house plan on the slope depend on?

Solution of the questions about installing the building on the slope does not depend on whether we build a frame house on a mountainside or build a stone mansion on it - the problems that arise and the ways to solve them are the same in all cases. In practice, absolutely horizontal areas are very rare, and an area with a slope of up to 3% is considered conditionally even.

It is appropriate to note that there are practically no sites unsuitable for construction, but the steepness of the slope will depend on both the house plan on the slope and the size of the construction costs. Indeed, typical building designs are usually designed for flat sites, and the first significant costs will be associated with the order of the individual project. The next item of expenditure will be the fight against landslides. This problem is especially acute when the slope approaches 20%.

However, all these costs are non-recurrent and periodic investments do not

require. The award will be a non-standard design of the building and a magnificent landscape opening from the windows.

Another significant advantage is the negligible probability of flooding during spring floods. Also, the hilly landscape gives unlimited opportunities for equipping waterfalls, terraces, reservoirs at various levels. It should be borne in mind that the price of the site on the slope is always noticeably less than the price of the territory on an equal footing.

How to build a house on a slope - features of the

project The construction of a house on the slope depends largely on its steepness. Plots with a slight slope not exceeding 3% can be considered as level, and houses on them can be built according to standard projects. In addition, only small slopes should be equipped to drain water from the building. They are created by pouring soil with a small decrease in height from the house.

Similarly, for typical projects, houses can be built in areas with a small slope - up to 7%.True, they should be without basements, and, perhaps, from the side of the incline, it will be necessary to fill the soil to expand the terrace. It is advisable to construct the basement floors when the slope exceeds 8%.In this case, the special platform is not leveled, and a part of the land mass is cut to the basement.

This option is especially good if you can arrange a convenient access to the lower floor from the side of the slope. In this case, the equipment here in the garage would be an ideal solution. When this option is implemented, the waterproofing of walls in contact with the ground is absolutely necessary.

House on a steep slope - what can you boast about?

The house on a steep slope of 15-20% allows the construction of a multi-storey building with separate entrances to each level. For example, on one tier there will be rooms for guests, on the other - a kitchen, on the third - a garage and workshops. To build a building on a steep slope, the development site is converted into several level, terraced, leveled at different levels, connected by steps.

The house, built on such terraces, will have verandas, patios and balconies on different tiers. Here, on the terraces outside the house, you can arrange gazebos, recreation areas and playgrounds. Thus, at first glance, the apparent shortcomings of a steep slope turn into hard-to-appreciate virtues. But, of course, the construction of such a house will require the development of an individual project, if you do not have sufficient knowledge to compile it, it will have to be ordered from a specialist, and you have to start building a project yourself.