Gabion with my own hands

Construction of the gabion

The material is very simple in its construction. A strong and fairly spacious mesh is assembled from metal gratings, into which stones are uniformly laid. It is worthwhile to understand that it's impossible to just drop the cobblestones out of the bag: firstly, they will not be distributed right inside the cell, creating voids, and secondly, given the weight of natural stone through a couple of bags, exhausted, even the most hardy men will lose their hands.
After the cell is filled, it is closed and fixed.

Gabion cell

Materials for the gabion with their own hands

Any stone can be used to fill the nets. Use, mainly, granite or limestone, but in fact this is due to the availability and massiveness of such a stone. In fact, there are no restrictions on the choice of filler for the gabion.
And as for the metal mesh, then it's worth to be careful. Choose only a strong galvanized or stainless steel that will not spoil the appearance of your structure by corrosi

on and will not succumb to the time and destructive force of precipitation.

Gabion filler

How to build with your own hands gabion

The build process really does not present any complexity, if you know exactly what form a finished structure should get. So:

  1. Prepare a place to install the gabion. The land needs to be cleared of debris, stumps and weeds, ground align
  2. Prepare the foundation for the structure. It is necessary to understand that the design will turn out to be very heavy, therefore it is not necessary to hope that the earth will not unevenly sag and wash out
  3. After the installation of the box from a strong metal mesh. At the corners it is fixed with special steel rods for greater reliability. The joints between the sections of the grid are fixed with the help of a strong helical wire.
  4. Fastening of gabions

  5. Now it's time to fill the cage. First, a thick layer is laid out stones at 1/3 of the depth and the layer is fixed with a wire in a horizontal position. If necessary, further strengthen the cell walls with rods. After that, fill it to the top.
  6. Now you need to install the cover. A piece of grid is first fixed only in the corners, and afterwards - around the entire perimeter.

Please note! On the wire mesh and wire, you can save money if you mount gabions of simple shapes exactly on top of each other. Then the lid of the lower can serve as the bottom of the upper.

To see in detail how the gabion is made and stacked, it is possible on the video in the next tab.