Landscape gardening or changing the world around you

Landscaping and landscape design to help nature

Sheeps occur where nature itself can not cope because of a lack of moisture or due to biological imbalances caused by a person's fault. Steppes and deserts are just gigantic vacant lots, and sometimes it's the fault of their growth that lies precisely in people, which means we need to get down to business and correct mistakes of humanity. You think, an impossible task. But if not we, then who? And you need to start with the realization of what landscape and gardening are.

The term "landscape" itself means a terrain, with all its irregularities evenly distributed over a fairly large area. However, in our case, the landscape is the territory of the land plot, which should be landscaped and pleasing to the eye( or better both eyes).Reaching care of the land through its landscaping and in the future support in the proper form is achieved. This is help to nature, when she can not cope. Landscaping and landscape design - two parts of one whole, two tool

s in the hands of the owner of the land plot.

How does landscape landscaping take place? First of all, it is determined how high the probability of over-saturation of the soil with water during the most abundant precipitation and after the melting of snow. Many plants do not like excessive amounts. If much water is expected, under the ground, deeper than the supposed location of the roots, we lay the drainage system to drain excess moisture. The same is done if the water table is too close to the surface. The first step to gardening is done.

Landscaping and landscaping with their own hands

What is landscape landscaping? Planting plants on the beds? This process is only an insignificant part of the greening works. Landscaping is a combination of all actions aimed at improving the overall ecology of the site, which means that this includes improving the fertile soil layer, creating an irrigation system, and increasing the number of artificial reservoirs. In other words, you become a creator, creating a small corner of nature, freed from the impact of civilization. Landscaping and landscaping: it is on them that the entire landscape design is based.

To protect the soil from erosion, we need a dense plexus of the rhizomes of herbaceous plants, which means that the surface of the earth can be covered with a sod brought in, or sown with varietal seeds of lawn grasses. Shrub on the site is necessary to divide the territory into certain sectors, as well as protect the soil and grass from strong winds. The entire ecosystem of the suburban area is protected from trees by insects, while at the same time pumping out excess moisture from the earth's mass. As you can see, everything in nature is closed in an inseparable chain. And everything should be taken into account when the landscape design is being executed - gardening is an integral part of it.

Therefore, for the improvement of the plot we plant live hedges, we sow lawns, we grow trees everywhere, and not only cultivated fruit, but also wild-growing, forest species. And do not forget about the ponds with waterfalls and streams, that is, the basis of air saturation with life-giving moisture. From the same source, from where the full-flowing creek begins on your land allotment, we start all over the site with artificial irrigation( it is unlikely that you will want to water every bush with buckets).To do this, over the drainage system, you can extend the second level of pipes, irrigation, with outlets to the surface for irrigation.

Landscaping - we plan a landscaped area of ​​

Before you begin landscaping, you need to clearly imagine what the site will look like after the improvement. Let's try to do the same thing with the example of a recently imagined( and not completely erased from memory) plot. What happens when the main stages of work are completed: landscape design, landscaping and further improvement. So, open an imaginary metal gate( forget that now there is just a gap in the mesh fence) and take the first step to your site. Before us is a neat, lined with tile of natural stone path, around the flowerbed, behind the even rows of bushes are visible beds in the depths of the garden. Beautiful, well-groomed landscape.

There are no weeds, they were replaced by bushes grown on the edges of an evergreen hedge( always neatly trimmed) and a variety of garden plants chud further from the evenly laid tiles. We move along the corridor from the plexus of twigs and leaves of a juicy green color and notice that the fence changes. Now along the path - the walls of trimmed rose bushes, strewn with bright colors. And then the alley ends and our view opens the house, drowning in greenery, aside from it the transformed hill of the scopa terraces, and over them the stream murmurs merrily, falling from the ledge to the ledge by small waterfalls. And in the end, the foaming wall of water collapses into a small pond, the first of a chain of the same artificial reservoirs into which unsightly ruts have turned.

Behind the house of the garden with various berry crops, the greenhouse is further visible, behind it is clearly a vegetable garden. Perfectly? Hardly anyone will say otherwise. But how can this be, because it was a completely wasteland! That's right, but there is a landscaping-bearing landscaping and landscaping landscaping. A well-designed plan, patience and work, a few fertilizers and seeds, more water and time, which flows like life-giving moisture, and here the territory around you is completely transformed. So, you have already changed a small piece of the world, and someone, taking from you an example, will do the same. And there, you see, the whole Earth will turn into a blooming garden.