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How to build a shed with your own hands

The barn is one of the most important and useful outbuildings. In this building you can store all kinds of garden accessories, braziers, tools for caring for the garden and the house, tools. With a strong desire in the barn, you can even arrange a toilet and a summer shower.

How to build a shed with your own hands

How to build a shed with your own hands

With proper preparation for the construction of the shed, it will not take much time and money. There are several varieties of such economic buildings. Beginners are encouraged to give preference to skeleton structures - they are the easiest to erect.

Instructions for the construction of a frame shed will be given below. Read the guidelines and get to work.

How to build a shed with your own hands

How to build a barn with your own hands

Choosing a barn for a shed

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    • 1 Choosing a barn for a shed
      • 1.1 Set for working
    • 2 Foundation
    • 3 Building a frame from wooden beams
    • 4 Arranging the roofing and wall covering
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When choosing a place for a barn, be guided by personal preferences. One owner likes it more when the barn is in some kind of a plot of land. The other is more convenient when the barn is located next to the house.

It is most rational to build a barn on the territory, the least suitable for growing garden and various kinds of crops. Almost anywhere you can find a similar place.

At the stage of choosing a place for the arrangement of the shed, consider the location of other areas of the land plot, take into account the dimensions of the erected building and its external data. Try to ensure that the barn fits well into the environment and harmoniously combined with nearby buildings.

Building our own shed

We build our own shed

Set for work

  1. Woodworking machine. You can do without the machine, but with it the work will be faster and easier.
  2. Electric fret saw.
  3. Hand held circular saw.
  4. Electric Planer.
  5. Screwdriver.
  6. Electric drill.
  7. Chain saw.
  8. Boards.
  9. Logs.
  10. Fibreboard.
  11. Ruberoid.
  12. Fasteners.
  13. Switches.
  14. Adhesive PVA.
  15. Sockets.
  16. Oilcloth.


Any building structure needs a reliable and solid foundation capable of withstanding its weight.

For the construction of the shed are suitable bases columnar, monolithic, belt and pile-screw type. The column foundation is suitable in most cases, therefore, experts recommend giving preference to this particular design.

Column foundation

Column foundation

Mark the platform for the foundation of the foundation. Any suitable pegs, cord and roulette will help you in this.

Tape Measure the sides of the figure and its diagonal. The length of the elements must be the same.

Dig along the perimeter of the marked area, in the corners, as well as at the points of intersection of the inner walls of the pit with a depth of 500-700 mm( sometimes deeper, depending on the freezing level of the ground) for the installation of poles. The optimal pitch of the pillars is 1,2-1,5 m.

How to make a columnar foundation

How to make the column foundation

Arrange supports from asbestos pipes filled with reinforcement and concrete, or brick poles - choose at your discretion.

Make sure that the poles are leveled using the building level, fill the pits around the supports in the pits with a sand-gravel mixture about 150 mm deep, and fill the rest with concrete.

Creating a foundation of asbestos pipes

Creating a foundation of asbestos pipes

The columnar foundation is reinforced

Armored column foundation

The columnar foundation is reinforced

Column foundation reinforced

Leave the foundation to gain strength for several days.

Before filling and concreting, you can process the supporting posts with a special mastic. It will help improve the waterproofing of the base and extend its life.

Assembling the frame from the wooden beams

Start assembling the frame of the future barn. Pre-soak all wooden elements with an antiseptic. The best option is impregnation with color. It is easier to use such a tool - unprocessed places will be clearly visible.

Place the beam support on a dried base. Dimensions of the bar select according to the dimensions of the erected shed.

Base - foundation and perimeter of timber

Base - foundation and perimeter of the timber

Assembling the frame of wooden beams

Assembling the frame from the wooden beams

Lay the beam on the support posts, previously covered with waterproofing material( roofing material).Bars fasten in any suitable way at your discretion.

Assembling the frame

Assembling the frame

Lay the wooden planks 3-4 cm thick on the frame. At this stage of the work, the main thing is to carefully cut out the parts of the boards near vertical racks.

Mount the boards to the floorboards in a "do it".

When determining the required number of supports, consider the presence of openings for installing insulating glass and doors, as well as the number of corners of the structure.

Assembling the frame

Assembling the frame

Uneven bars set strictly according to the building level. For leveling, use stick-slopes. They will allow you to provide temporary fixation of the bars in the required position. For temporary fastening of elements use nails. Clog them about half the length, so that later there are no difficulties with the dismantling of temporary supports.

Assembling the frame of wooden beams

Assembling the frame from the wooden beams

Attach the vertical support posts to the lower trim of the frame. Fix it with corners, screws, and pins coming out of the base.

The frame can also be built on brick supports. In this case, first, several rows of brickwork are arranged along the perimeter of the foundation, and then wooden vertical stands are installed on them.

On the established racks, the bars of the upper harness with the ready sockets

On the installed racks, the upper trim strips are fitted with the ready-made sockets

Carry out the processing of the three inner sides of the vertical beam with an electric plane. From the sides directed into the interior of the shed, remove the bevel. Without treatment leave only the sides, which will be later trimmed with external boards.

Roof and wall trim

Shed roof

Saddle roof

Attach the upper part of the barn frame to the exposed vertical support posts. Pre-prepare the cuts in the timber for the size of the racks. Fix the connections with corners and screws.

Traditionally, sheds are equipped with single-deck roofing structures. In this case, the length of the wooden posts on one side should exceed the length of the opposite supports.

Roof for laying a soft roof on the roof

Liner for laying a soft roof on the roof of the

This arrangement will further facilitate the effective removal of sedimentary moisture from the roof surface.

Arrange the roofing rafters of planks 4-5 cm thick. The length of the rafters should be approximately 50 cm longer than the length of the frame.

At the junction of the rafters with the beams, make a preliminary cut. Lay the rafters on the frame and secure with screws. Step installation rafters - 40-50 cm

Treat the frame with an antiseptic. Attach the boards to the skeleton. Optimum fit boards measuring 2.5x15 cm

Shed roof

Single-pitched roof

The roof of the boards requires the obligatory arrangement of the waterproofing layer. Traditionally, the roofing material is used for moisture insulation. If you plan to install a more beautiful finish coat, waterproofing equip with a polyethylene film.

Choose the finishing coat on your own. You can lay the metal tile, corrugated board, Euroshovel, etc.

Single-pitched roof installation

Single-pitched roof device

For lining the walls of the building, a lining can be used, it is also possible to fix chipboards, boards and other similar materials. First, cover the front side of the shed, and then perform the lining of the side and rear walls. Board fasten without gaps.

Single-pitched roof design

Sidewall construction option

If necessary, treat the outer side of the boards with an electric plane. Usually, this kind of treatment is needed only when the walls are planked with boards. Due to this the material will become more attractive externally, and the rain on a smooth surface will be delayed much less.

If you want, you can paint the walls of the shed. For painting such buildings, oil and water-based compounds are best suited.

Painting a barn

Painting the barn

Do it yourself at your discretion. If the building is intended for storing various kinds of tools and accessories, set convenient perimeter shelves and shelves. Racks allow you to make the most efficient use of available space and easily access the right things.

Shelves and shelves can be bought ready-made or made independently, for example, from boards, hardboard, furniture, etc.

The barn is ready for this. You just need to bring the wiring to it, if necessary, and install the required instruments.

Ready barn

Ready barn

Good work!

Video - How to build a barn yourself