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Painting skirting boards: step by step instructions

Painting skirting boards will advantageously complement the design of the room in case it is right to choose the color. In this process, in addition to your own preferences, you should focus on the height of ceilings, the size of the room, the interior of the room and lighting. All the subtleties of the painting process will be described in this article.


  • Features of color choice
  • Painting of skirting boards made of foam
  • Painting of skirting boards
  • Polyurethane skirting boards: painting
  • Conclusion

Features of color choice

  1. Skirting can be painted in a color similar to the shade of the floor or ceiling. This method will give an opportunity to visually increase the room.
  2. In a room with low ceilings for skirting boards, it is recommended to choose a color that is similar in tone to the decoration of the walls.
  3. Modern design approach is the coloring of the baguette under the shade of doors or doorways.
  4. Recently, the tendency of painting ski
    rting boards in contrasting colors is also gaining popularity. This is a bold enough experiment, but with the right selection of shades, the interior of the room will acquire originality.
  5. For skaters of non-standard solutions skirtings of bright colors are suitable. But in this case, the interior should have elements of similar shades: cushions, images on battles, curtains. Also, this technique should be used in spacious rooms with good lighting, as bright skirting visually reduce the footage.


Painting skirting boards made of foam

Often, the expediency of painting these products is questionable. They are mainly produced in white color. And if you have a ceiling of a similar color, then a natural question arises: why bug at all? But there is a need for this. Polyfoam is a material with a loose structure. And on the baseboard, made of it, there will be small scratches, which are well visible under good lighting conditions.
In addition, after a certain period of time, the baguette will turn dark or yellow will appear on it. Painting will prevent these unpleasant moments, preserve the appearance and structure of the plinth, and also extend its service life. In addition, it is much easier to look after a colored baguette. To remove dirt from it, simply wipe the surface with a damp rag.
You can paint the plinth before and after installation. Each version has its own peculiarities:

  1. When painting before assembly, it is necessary to pre-cut the baguettes of the required size, then adjust them in the corner area. But after installation there will be a need for sealing joints. In this procedure, there is a risk of damage to the surface.
  2. Staining after installation is a more laborious process, but allows you to get a neat result. If the baguettes and the ceiling is planned to be painted in an identical color, experts recommend that it be performed simultaneously before the walls are finished. If necessary, in the processing of skirting with a primer, it is better to do this before installation.

The final result depends not only on the correct sequence of work, but also on the paint used. Plinths, made on the basis of polystyrene, should not come into contact with paint substances, which contain solvents. The paint should be selected exclusively on a water basis. In this case:

  • acrylic;
  • water-dispersive;
  • latex formulations.

If the painting is done before installation, then you can use a can. This will speed up the workflow and avoid divorce and streaks. If you failed to find the right paint for the desired color, you can add the colors of the desired shade to the white paint.
For coloring you will need:

  • colorful composition;
  • small brush;
  • capacity;
  • wide spatula.

The painting process is carried out in the following sequence:

  1. Before painting, fill in the joint area. To do this, a small amount of plaster is applied to the spatula, after which a joint is processed from the top to the bottom. Excess surfacers are removed using a damp sponge.
  2. When the compound dries, it is necessary to treat the joints with fine-grained sandpaper to remove unevenness.
  3. If the painting of ceiling skirting boards is carried out prior to their installation or on an unfinished surface, then a balloon can be used for work.
  4. In case the floor and walls are already covered with finishing material, along the baguettes, you need to paste the paint tape. This will help prevent paint from getting onto the finish coat.
  5. If the adhesive tape is glued on the wallpaper during the peeling process, the decorative surface may be damaged. To avoid this, another material should be used as a protective coating. For example, cardboard, which, when painted, must be applied to the area to be treated.
  6. Painting should be carried out in a room with a low level of humidity, which is not penetrated by drafts and direct sunlight. The area to be treated needs to be covered with paper.
  7. Staining is performed by light movements along the baguette. It must be ensured that no stains or marks from the brush remain on the surface.
  8. If a can is used for painting, keep it 30 cm from the baguette. If this requirement is not observed, it will not be possible to avoid streaks.
  9. After completion of work, it is necessary to wait for the complete drying of the paint composition. The time that is required for this is indicated on the package.


If the paint is applied to the skirting after its installation, the work is done in this order:

  1. The surface must be cleaned of dust and dirt before starting work.
  2. Next on both sides of the baguette sticking adhesive tape to protect the walls and ceiling from hitting the paint. As in the previous case, you can use cardboard for this purpose.
  3. First, one section of the baseboard is completely processed, then you can move on to another one.
  4. So colorful composition is applied to the entire surface of the baguette. Adhesive can be peeled off after the paint has dried.
  5. If joints are visible after the work is finished, another layer of the compound should be applied.


Painting of a floor plinth

Floor baguettes are made of MDF( plywood) and natural wood. The main advantage of these materials is environmental safety. MDF skirtings consist of plywood, which is the main layer in the product and dye-impregnated paper, which has a protective coating. Due to the presence of this surface layer, the baguette retains its color under the influence of sunlight. Skirting from this material does not need special care. In the sale of such products come in two colors: light gray and white.

For work you will need:

  • MDF baguettes;
  • primer;
  • paint;
  • rubber gloves;
  • paint brush;
  • rags;
  • polyethylene film;
  • capacity.

You can paint the baguette both before and after installation. If the paint is applied to the installed skirting board, the process has such features:

  1. The walls and the floor are pre-glued with sticky tape for painting works or covered with paper.
  2. Initially, the surface of the product should be ground, for this, it is treated with a fine grain emery paper.
  3. Next, a primer mix is ​​applied to the plinth in two layers.
  4. Between the application of layers it is necessary to take a break so that the primer will dry.
  5. Re-coating will ensure a smooth and perfectly smooth surface, which greatly simplifies the application of the paint composition.

The usual paint brush is suitable for work. When choosing its size, you should consider the width of the skirting board. Thin baguette is painted with a narrow brush, for a wide product you need to choose a larger brush. The MDF plinth is painted with colorful water-based compositions, since they do not have an unpleasant smell and quickly dry.


If you plan to paint an uninstalled baguette, the work is done as follows:

  1. Before the beginning of the working process, the floor surface is covered with a film.
  2. Apply a thin layer of paint to the outside of the product.
  3. There is no need to paint the baguette on the inside.
  4. After drying of the first layer, the skirting board is treated again with the color composition.
  5. If the paint gets on an unprotected surface, it should be immediately removed with a damp rag. For painting, a can also comes with a can. On the installed skirting the coloring composition is applied only with the help of a brush.

Painting of wooden skirting boards is carried out in several layers:

  1. Preliminary product is covered with a soil mixture.
  2. The brush should be placed parallel to the floor surface.
  3. If painting of the flooring and plinth is done simultaneously, the first thing to do is to paint the baguette.
  4. The dyeing compound is applied evenly thin layer, after its drying the procedure is repeated.
  5. Do not apply a thick layer, as it subsequently swells and deforms.

Wooden skirting board for floor painting can be covered with stain - a special liquid that will give the material the desired shade and emphasize its aesthetic qualities. Stains are divided into:

  • alcohol;
  • oil;
  • aqueous fluids.

Any kind is suitable for skirting. These substances are sold in powder form, they must be diluted with water before use. The amount of the powder determines the saturation of the hue.
Apply liquid by brush or spray. The stain is applied in two ways. During operation, excess fluid can be removed, but can be partially or completely left. Surplus funds are left in case if the plinth needs to be given a darker shade. The liquid is applied along the fibers. The drying time depends on the type of stain. Oily liquids dry during the day, funds based on solvent or water - for 2-3 hours.

Skirting paint

Polyurethane plinth: painting

Polyurethane is lightweight, but it is quite strong material. Due to its ecological safety it can be used indoors for any purpose. The life of this material is 30 years. Skirting made on its basis, have such advantages:

  1. Do not change with time appearance.
  2. Resistant to moisture, ultraviolet and temperature fluctuations.
  3. There are also no cracks on their surfaces.
  4. Due to the high elasticity of such baguettes, it is possible to form rounded surfaces.
  5. Another great advantage is the wide variety of patterns and colors.

Polyurethane baguettes are available for decoration of joints between walls and ceiling, between the floor and walls, and for the decoration of the ceiling surface. They are divided into two types:

  • patterned;
  • are smooth.

Products with a pattern are very similar to plaster moldings, so these baguettes are widely used for creating interiors in such styles as empire, rococo, modern and baroque. Baguettes are also divided into types by angle, which is formed after installation. It can be equal to 30 °, 45 ° or 60 °.

Due to the resistance of these products to moisture, they can be installed in rooms with a high level of humidity. Skirting in this case will help to solve not only a decorative task, but also will prevent occurrence of fungi and mold. Since polyurethane is impervious to low temperatures, it is possible to install skirting boards in unheated rooms. And the ability of the material to maintain its performance in high-temperature conditions allows the use of skirting made on its basis in the kitchen.

Different types of paint compositions are used for painting polyurethane baguettes. With the help of glazes( toning means), the product can be given a different texture. The treatment with these compounds makes it possible to achieve the effect of gold, metal, stone, and wood. Polyurethane foam material is also painted with water-based or acrylic paints.
In addition, there is a significant variety of decorative paint products available in aerosol packages. When applying them, the following rules should be observed:

  1. The skirting board should initially be treated with a dispersion waterproof paint.
  2. For finishing use a brush or spray.
  3. The painting should be started after 24 hours after installation.
  4. The color should be applied in several layers, each of which must be well dried and only then can work continue.



Painting skirting boards will give them a more aesthetic appearance, strengthen the structure and fit these products into the interior of the room. The dyeing process is fairly simple and does not require qualified preparation. But in order to obtain a qualitative result, during the performance of the work, it is necessary to observe a certain sequence of actions and rules for applying the paint composition.


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